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Angels and Ascending

Lesson 8 We are discussing how Jacob was blessed because of a supernatural download he received from God. He needed help because Laban, his father-in-law, was cheating him! One of the same angels that Jacob [...]

Accelerate Your Promise

Lesson 7 Remember last week God had shown me two witches, so I took that revelation and that I had laid down and said, "OK, Lord - You told me to go up, so now [...]

Provision and Protection of God

Lesson 3 I originally thought I could get these lessons done in eight weeks, but that isn’t going to happen! I have a lot to tell you about the amazing, superhero tool called ascending! So, [...]

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Can Human Beings Ascend into Heaven?

Lesson 2 Can we as human beings ascend into heaven? Yes! Here are the Biblical proofs; the most important example of a man ascending into heaven is Jesus Christ Himself. Jesus Christ came to earth [...]

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The Supernatural Tool of Ascending

Lesson 1 For the next 8 weeks, I am going to teach you about a supernatural tool that I use every day that has brought acceleration into my personal life and ministry. It has enabled [...]