The Landing Strip in Your Soul

Lesson 1 We start a new series today! I am still on the subject of soul-healing, but I intend to show you another aspect. I am convinced almost every problem we encounter traces back to our souls. Our souls are damaged by sin and trauma and, in fact, they are frequently damaged not just by [...]

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Soul Under Construction

Lesson 16 Bible Truth – Sickness and Disease This week is an important one for you in the process of soul healing. Don’t be surprised, as you are going through these steps, if you have thoughts of discouragement! Satan doesn’t want your soul healed. The Bible says in 3 John 1 that we will be [...]

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Commanding Breakthrough

Lesson 14 In last week’s message, I gave you decrees and activations to heal your soul and free you from the wounds controlling you. That was the beginning of the process. Say, "Lord Jesus, I repent for thinking wrong thoughts in my mind, making wrong decisions with my will, and coming into agreement with negative, [...]

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