Lesson 8

We are discussing how Jacob was blessed because of a supernatural download he received from God. He needed help because Laban, his father-in-law, was cheating him!

One of the same angels that Jacob saw ascending and descending up and down the ladder at Bethel in Genesis 28:10-15, came to Jacob in another dream to release the promise from God that Jacob would be prospered in spite of Laban’s trickery. And we see that happened, in Genesis 30:43 it says that Jacob ‘became exceedingly prosperous.’ When I read that I thought, “Hmmm. There is a promise in the dream. That promise came to pass in a powerful way, but I don’t see anywhere in that first dream about how God told Jacob how to cause the promise to come to pass. He simply promised he would be prospered.”

In Genesis 30, we see how Jacob and Laban agreed that all the spotted, speckled sheep would be Jacob’s wages. How did Jacob know that when he peeled rods in front of the flocks when they were conceiving they would bring forth the streaked, speckled and spotted flocks? Did speckled and spotted sheep just appear out of thin air? No. Jacob received a heavenly strategy! We see later in the scripture where Jacob got this strategy from in Genesis 31:10-13. “And it happened, at the time when the flocks conceived, that I lifted my eyes and saw in a dream, and behold, the rams which leaped upon the flocks were streaked, speckled, and gray-spotted.  Then the Angel of God spoke to me in a dream, saying, ‘Jacob.’ And I said, ‘Here I am.’ And He said, ‘Lift your eyes now and see, all the rams which leap on the flocks are streaked, speckled, and gray-spotted; for I have seen all that Laban is doing to you.  I am the God of Bethel, where you anointed the pillar and where you made a vow to Me. Now arise, get out of this land, and return to the land of your family.’”

Wow! Jacob became exceedingly prosperous because of a heavenly strategy that was given to him. When the angel came the first time to tell him the promise of prosperity there was no instruction about peeling the branches and putting them in front of the water troughs where the flocks were mating. However, later in Genesis 31:10-13, we see that Jacob had been visited by an angel in another dream where he was given the instruction on how to breed the animals and prosper. The angel that was in Jacob’s dream was not just any angel. It was one of the angels at Bethel. We know that because in his dream the angel said to him, “I am the God of Bethel…where you vowed the vow.” Remember what those angels at Bethel were doing? God was at the top of the ladder speaking promises over Jacob. They were ascending up to Heaven to get what was needed to make those promises happen and then descending back down to Earth and giving it to Jacob. The same thing happened here.

The angel revealed what God was saying, “I am the God of Bethel; you will be prospered.” And then that angel did what angels do: it hearkened to that word of prosperity from the Lord. And then it ascended up into Heaven, got that heavenly strategy, brought it back down to Jacob. Jacob executed it and he became ‘exceedingly wealthy.’

Your dreams and visions are just the beginning of the matter. God will tell you what His intent is for your life by giving you a promise of prosperity in a dream or a vision. He is saying, “This is what I want to do in your life.” But then, He wants you to mature in Him, so you will understand how the things of the Kingdom work and happen. He wants you to come into partnership with Him, to cause that promise to happen. As you seek God for wisdom in how to partner with His promise, He in a dream, can even have angels ascend into heaven on your behalf and descend bringing you the wisdom that you need. Heaven always has all the answers and as we trust, God fulfills His promises. He will move heaven and angels to give us what we need to make that promise manifest here on Earth!

Go back in your journals and look for promises God has given you that have not yet come to pass. Then ascend into Heaven so God can give you those things. Then, you will finally see them begin to manifest!

Practice ascending this week and put your faith on receiving instructions like Jacob did. Next week I will share some of my own stories about ascending and will impart a blessing to you!

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  1. Cynette November 23, 2017 at 8:49 pm - Reply

    Thank U So much!! Happy and A Very Blessed Thanksgiving to U!! Love and Peace!!

  2. Nikki October 22, 2017 at 9:40 am - Reply

    Ohhhh wow, this has truly blessed me. About a month ago, I was telling my sister in law about this same passage. This is truly confirmation for me. Thank you Katie!!

  3. Mila October 22, 2017 at 4:26 am - Reply

    I read your book ” Healing the Wounded Soul” in 2 days. After decreeing some of the prayers, I slept through the night for the FIRST time since I can’t even remember when. I suffer from Insomnia, have nightmares and I was so well rested After that one night. However,;whatever has been interrupting my sleep came back with a Vengeance , so I’m praying the prayers and making the decrees Daily!
    Thank u 4 clearing up the meaning of the scripture from Mark and Matthew where the disciples ,being unable to bring deliverance to the boy suffering from what seemed to be Epilepsy/ Seizures. I always heard that the scripture meant that” type of Unbelief” can only be cast out with prayer and Fasting..in reality it is saying, as you so plainly pointed out..that type of spirit/ demon doesn’t go out except by fasting and prayer. The Spirit of God has been leading me down that road for months..that I need to FAST and now it’s clear to me, why I need to be obedient and FAST…I want Deliverance for my life and so does the Lord. I was so excited beyond words to read in your book that Satan was stripped of the power of death and has no legal right to bring death to me neither through tragedy nor sickness !!!! I knew it, but reading it like that, I finally Believed it!!!Thank you Katie .Next book I’m reading is your ” Soul Decrees”. God Bless You

  4. Bev Hearn October 19, 2017 at 8:15 pm - Reply

    Dear Katie. I recently was in a major battle for the business me and my husband are in. We had prophesying and visions over a number of years for it. A few months ago we needed money to buy out a partner and had tried for loans and asked investors. We were introduced to a prayer warrior and prophet who told us if I have been called in I know this will be the Lords victory. She introduced us to your 1000 fold blessings prayer. All of the natural remedies has fizzled. No investor, no banker and we stood on the promises and continued to pray. And we sowed into your ministry. After pulling in everything we had, we were 100k short. We sowed 100 a month to your ministry and in a few days our son in law said just forget trying to borrow and he said he could put in the last 100k. This had not even been discussed as a possibility! We are so stunned by the timing of someone telling us how to find you and use this supernatural means. The Lord is truly handing out blueprints on how He “does” things on our behalf. God bless your ministry. Next I am praying and seeking the secrets to bring my daughters into this realm of healing, redeeming lost time and prosperity in body and soul for them and their families.

  5. Lucia Marie Scola October 19, 2017 at 5:07 pm - Reply

    I love this revelation on ascending and descending and receiving a strategy from the Father and partnering with him rather than taking no action to our faith

  6. Teresa Barganier October 19, 2017 at 3:58 pm - Reply

    I received your DECREES FOR THE SOUL BOOK..
    yesterday, i picked it up and it opened to where you were. Quoting how JESUS had come into the world to be a LIGHT to the world….Luke 12:46
    Then, you wrote, WOW !!! We NEVER have to be CONTROLLED by DARKNESS AGAIN…IN
    “OUR INNER MAN”!!!!!!!!!! That was HUGE to me !!! I mean it !!! The rest of the day i spent DOING the “In the Midst” decrees and Repenting and forgiving in my INNER MAN !!! Decreeing, Declaring and PROPHECYING it all and LIGHT BE !!! In my INNER MAN !!!!
    Then i began speaking it to my “bunch” ….i’m telling you one day when the LORD turns our captivity !!! All our SOULS AND BLOOD AND BLOODLINES AND NOW INNER MANS ARE GONNA BE SO HEALED SO EXCELLENCE SO FULL OF LIGHT !! We “ARE” gonna be like THEM THAT DREAM !!! Our mouths filled with LAUGHTER!!! The scoffers are gonna scream !!! And you know how mercifull and kind our LORD IS ??? HE will turn “THE CURSE” into A BLESSING !!! While I on the other hand am praying turn it back on THEM LORD !!! HE SAID….”you are all ready to KILL !!!….I will come with a towel…..!” HE IS THE MOST HIGH GOD WRAPPED IN THE WORDS OF LIFE LIGHT AND TRUTH AS THE BODY CHOSEN TO TABERNACLE HIMSELF !!! …..and HE STILL COMES….TO SERVE!!!….WHO “IS” THIS KING OF GLORY…HUH ???!!!!….THIS AWESTRUCK WONDER ??!!….We’re ALL FATHERLESS APART FROM HIM !!!….oh do ya know HIM TODAY?? PLEASE DON’T TURN HIM AWAY !!!….this precious warrior of GOD, KATIE SOUZA….MET JESUS….IN A PRISON !!! I have a son in PRISON and this GOD OF LOVE….is MOVING…IN JORDAN !!!….we are also ALL IN A PRISON ….UNTIL WE GET OUR SOULS HEALED !!! I don’t care how long you’ve sat on the first row at your Church !!! Somebody…..HEAR MY CRY !!!!
    Thank for all eternity JESUS for this WILLING VESSEL TO HEAR YOUR VOICE AND OBEY !!! Awesome !!!

  7. Teresa Barganier October 19, 2017 at 3:27 pm - Reply

    Thank you for this WORD TODAY! Confirms !!

  8. Kathy Watts October 19, 2017 at 3:21 pm - Reply

    Katie I have been reading your new book. I am 71 years old and your book has opened my eyes to the Lord in ways I never knew. I did not think about my soul being wounded. I have always walked with the Lord and He has always been with me but have never experienced healing like now. I was very sick a month ago and I am on my way to being excellent of soul. It has been a process but a wonderful one. Thank you for being obedient to the Lord and sharing it has changed my life. I will walk in this teaching for the rest of my life. Blessings to you!!!!!

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