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Thank you for your interest in sharing, “The Captivity Series, The Key to Your Expected End” with someone you love. We want to be a blessing to you in this way. To request a FREE copy of Katie’s book for someone presently incarcerated, please fill out the form below. If you cannot afford to purchase a book, you can request a free copy here. The “Requester Information” is NOT sent with books. This is only for our records. Due to the quantity of free books we send out each month, please allow a minimum of two to three weeks for the book to be delivered. Also, since each facility has different regulations, there are sometimes additional delays after the book arrives at the prison. Books shipped internationally are more costly than shipping within the US. Therefore, we ask that you contact us for special processing using our online Contact Form. There is a fifteen dollar shipping charge for any international request, which only offsets part of the cost to us. Overseas shipments take longer, so please be patient. Free copies are for current inmates. If you would like a book for yourself, order yours through our Store. God bless you for your love and concern for your friend. We pray he or she will be blessed and will find their unique expected end!

Total number of free books sent to inmates thanks to your dedicated support and faithful prayers!

2018 Inmate Book Fund
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“I have never read the bible but I did read your book and I absolutely loved it! Would you please send me a bible because now I would like to have one so I can start reading it.”
“I have never in my life been willing to change and turn my life over to the care of God but in reading you book “The Key to Your Expected End” I have decided to do just that!”
Ana, Texas State Prison
I just finished “The Key To Your Expected End” and it changed my life! This book touched me deeply. I picked up a bible and I am now living for Jesus. I was saved through your book!”
Henry, Iowa Federal Prison