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Katie launched Healing Your Soul; Real Keys to the Miraculous in the fall of 2013 on just a few television networks. Today, the program is broadcast weekly on airwaves around the world and has developed a faithful following of people eager for the supernatural in their lives and for the blessed transformation of a healthy soul. All of the television shows are available for viewing at any time, here on our website and absolutely free of charge!

Please join us in prayer for the time, talent and treasure it takes to continue this ministry. The funding we receive through the broadcasts is typically less than half of what it requires to make the show available.

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WJYS-TV 62 (Chicago) > Monday – 9:00am (CT)
Verde Valley TV (Cottonwood AZ) > Sun 10:00am and 8:00pm
KPAZ-TV TBN 20 (Phoenix) > Saturdays – 1:30pm
DAYSTAR US & CAN > Saturdays 11:30pm (CT)
Dish Channel 263 & DirecTV Channel 369

Flow TV (UK) > Tuesdays 15h30 and Saturdays 22h30 Sky Channel 595
FlowTV (Africa) > Saturday and Sunday – 23h00 Kwesé Channel 825
FBN-TV 341 (Faith Africa) > Tuesdays 15h30 and Saturdays 22h30
Faith USA > Tuesday – Thursday 8:30am (EST) Dish Channel 269
Faith USA Tuesday – Thursday 9:30pm (EST) Dish Channel 269
GEB America > Saturdays 10:00pm CT & Sundays 1:30 pm CT
DIRECTV Channel 363, KGEB TV 53 Cox Ch. 23 Tulsa, OK;
KAXT 1.2 Bay Area, CA; KUGB 28.1 Houston, TX & WACX 55.3 Orlando, FL. 

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