Everything Means Something

Lesson 16 Every little part of your dreams and visions mean something. I am such a stickler for details. It can be overwhelming to really look at all the details of every vision. You will learn to tell which visions are really from God that you should pay attention to because God will have [...]

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Lesson 14 Another symbol that might be blocking the light is a curtain. As we were getting our own souls healed and ministering to other people, I kept seeing curtains, blinds, and shades and I kept hearing the word, “curtain”. I looked up “curtain”. One of the meanings in the dictionary is, “a hanging [...]

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Let It Rain

Lesson 12 After my visitation by the angel wearing the bright yellow rain slicker with a curved-looking fisherman’s hat, it literally began raining in our conferences. First it was rain that we felt on our arms, almost as if someone was spitting on us. People were looking around like, “Hey man, was that you?” [...]

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Carving Out A Realm

Lesson 11 As we began to get the revelation about the glory and the light being able to heal our temple, we were having dreams about houses, rooms, hallways, bathrooms, and closets. A closet is a small, private room, one especially used for prayer and meditation. All those symbols represented the temple. God was telling [...]

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Getting Over That Mountain

Lesson 9We are going to activate some of the dream symbols that we’ve been given, which are attached to the soul, so we can learn how all those dream symbols can help with soul healing. This is part of our anointing, so these symbols are now going to become very personal to everyone who is [...]

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Interpreting What God Is Saying

Lesson 8 There are two sources I rely on to give me insight into the symbols I receive in my dreams. The first source is the Bible. The second source is a dictionary. Whenever you have a symbol in your dream or vision, you should go to the Bible first. We may see symbols [...]

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Dreams and Symbols

Lesson 7 The way we begin unpacking our dreams and visions is by understanding the language that God uses in them. God uses symbols to communicate to us. In the Word we see many people having dreams and visions with symbols in them. Symbol: something used to represent something else. God uses symbols because [...]

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