Speak Light Into Your Life

Lesson 22 Today we are going to activate into healing wounds that were created by trauma. Last week we talked about how trauma wounds our souls and causes all kinds of diseases (remember poor Job). We heal these wounds with the same two things we used to heal the wounds that were made by sin…the [...]

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Understanding Your Soul

Lesson 21 I know I said we would activate this week, but first I need to prove that sin and trauma wound the soul and that those wounds cause physical illness. In Job 1, raiders came and took Job's wealth by stealing his herds, camels, oxen, and sheep and by killing his servants. Then a [...]

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Activating Into Your Inheritance

Lesson 20 We have been studying the blood and the Dunamis power and I want to help you activate into your soul healing for bone issues using these amazing gifts that are part of our inheritance! Let's start with the blood. Let’s pray for our bones to become totally strong and healthy because our soul's [...]

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The Junk In Our Trunk

Lesson 18 I promised you that I would share some additional testimonies about peeps being healed simply by praying for healing in their souls. I love testimonies because I know they build faith. I spoke this word of knowledge at a meeting, “There is an anointing right now for people's legs to grow out, put [...]

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Infirmed No More

Lesson 17 Last time I told you the amazing story of the healing of my friend, Georgia, today I want to tell some other testimonies of how God’s healing manifests when soul wounds get healed by the blood of Christ and His resurrection power (Dunamis). Here is a woman’s testimony that received healing at one [...]

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