Lesson 22

The [Dunamis] Power of Christmas

Robert and I will celebrate Christmas this year. Our house has a beautiful Christmas tree, thanks to Roxy, one of the Generals in the ministry. She has a wonderful gift for decorating and she used ribbon and ornaments that perfectly match the decor of the house. Each time I look at the tree, I am in awe.

In prison, holidays are just days to endure, like all the others. For years after my release I did not celebrate any holiday. I didn’t celebrate my birthday. While incarcerated, I lost the joy of special days. But now, as I look at the beauty God made from the ashes of my life, I am joyful as I consider my blessings and the events that make this season meaningful.
Now, I’ve heard and read what people say about Christmas traditions, so don’t get legalistic on me. Don’t post on my Facebook page that Christmas trees are from Pagans or that Christmas used to be a celebration of winter solstice or whatever. I just said it took me years to begin to celebrate this season, so don’t kill my buzz.

Let’s agree on this, if we can. Jesus was born of a virgin. He was perfect. Not perfect like your cute little boy or girl or grandchild. He was PERFECT. He was the first human to be born perfect, as recorded in 1 Peter 1:19-20.

Think about this. In order for Jesus to be born perfect, the DNA he inherited from his parents had to be perfect. For God, this was not an issue, but Mary was human, of the house of Jesse (Isaiah 11:1) and David (Jesse’s youngest son). Now, we know David’s story which is that he was a true worshiper and his heart of worship pleased God. However, David sinned, just like all humans. His sins were recorded for everyone in history to read.

That means Mary, a human woman, had generational sin in her soul. In Psalm 51:5, her ancestor, David wrote, “Surely I was sinful at birth, sinful from the time my mother conceived me.”
Mary, even as a young woman had generational sin and we know sin causes soul wounds. Now, even though she had found favor with God, any child of hers would have generational sin in his soul upon birth, as David noted. So then, how could she give birth to a perfect child, one without a single soul wound?

The answer is recorded in Luke 1:34—38. Mary had just been informed by the angel Gabriel that God had chosen her to bear the Christ. Naturally, she was shocked to learn she was chosen for this incredible honor. Then, she asked a practical question, “How can this work, since I am a virgin and have never been intimate with a man?”
Gabriel answered her this way, “The Holy Spirit will come on you, and the power of the Most High will overshadow you [like a cloud]. So the holy [pure, sinless] one to be born will be called the Son of God.”

If Mary were perfect, she would have been the first perfect human, not Jesus. Therefore, we know she was not perfect and we also know she had soul wounds, from generational sin, if for no other reason. God had to perfect her in order for her to conceive and deliver the first perfect human, so “the word became flesh.” (John 1:14)
When God overshadowed Mary with His power [dunamis] He perfected her soul and she conceived. The DNA she passed to Jesus was perfect. None of the generational sins inherited by Mary was passed to her son, Jesus.

Does this mean Mary lived a perfect life after giving birth to Jesus? Given that she was human, I doubt it. Her soul very well became wounded again, from the trauma of watching her son’s horrible humiliation and execution on the cross. But, after Jesus was conceived, she was not able to pass along those generational sins to him. And, reading His life story, it was clear He was able to complete His mission without having His own soul sustain wounds.

We know God’s plan was to come to earth, fulfill the law and make a pathway for eternal fellowship with us. He proved, through Jesus, He would do what was necessary to accomplish this amazing demonstration of love. God used His power [dunamis] to give life to our perfect lamb, which used it to heal the sick that crossed his path. Ultimately, that power raised Jesus from death. All of this was done so that we could approach God the Father and live prosperous lives, by using the same power. (Romans 8:11)

As I write these words, I am overcome with thanksgiving. The genius and pure elegance of this plan always brings me to tears when I consider it.

I hope you will take time on Christmas Eve to gather your family around you and consider these things. You can open the gifts and laugh and feast and have a great time on Christmas day. Please take time to give honor to God on this, one of our most sacred holidays.

Have a blessed Merry Christmas, Katie