Lesson 21

At a meeting in Ohio once, there was a woman who had been offended at her friend. And, like most people, she spoke about it. She expressed her offense through her mouth. Guess what. She lost a filling from her tooth, exposing a big craggy hole.

In the morning meeting, a powerful anointing came on for enamel. Yes, enamel.

I spoke it out. “Enamel is growing back in people’s teeth. Enamel is growing back in people’s teeth right now.” I felt the power release and then something happened to the woman. She felt an excruciating pain right in the damaged tooth. Suddenly the pain stopped.

She checked her tooth, feeling for the hole with her tongue. The hole was gone. She ran into the bathroom and tried to check the tooth in a mirror but she couldn’t get a good look. She went back and found some friends. She asked them, “Will you look at my tooth and see if I still have a hole?”

Now, this small group in the hallway tried to see the tooth with the hole. One said, “I don’t see it, I don’t see it. Open your mouth wider. No, I still don’t see it.”

The lady still can’t believe God supernaturally healed her tooth. Since the friends couldn’t confirm it, she headed back to the bathroom again. She contorted herself in front of a mirror, trying to see the tooth. She still could not find it. She ran back out to find her friends. Finally she gave up. She came up to testify. She said, “I am just shocked. I am shocked. Enamel just grew back in my tooth. I don’t have a hole there anymore. And it was that easy.”

Bam, just like that! She had brand-new enamel where she had once had a big hole.

Another time, a woman sent me a message through Facebook. On Healing Your Soul; Real Keys to the Miraculous, she heard the message about dunamis. So, she followed along and prayed the activations as she was led. She asked Jesus to forgive her, covered her soul wound with the blood of Jesus and released dunamis into her soul. She had suffered with a horrible gum disease. Her gums were terribly receded and bled easily.

She recited the prayer as she was led. She didn’t feel anything at the time. Later, that night, she prepared to sleep. As she brushed her teeth, she noticed her gums were not bleeding. She leaned close to the mirror and could not believe what she saw. Her gums had grown back, shiny pink.

A woman from Australia came to one of our meetings. She had a serious infection as well.
Her doctor prescribed an antibiotic and she took it, as directed. She felt better for a while, but as soon as she ended the meds, the infection came right back.

She went through the same process several times. Every time, as soon as the meds ran out, the infection returned. She was offended. And, because of that, the wound in her soul kept her sick. She could have taken all the pills in the world and her problem would still be there, making her sick. The wound gave the disease the legal right to be there.

On her way across the ocean, she realized she might not have enough meds for the trip. She checked her supply and realized, “Oh, no, I’m gonna run out. What am I going to do?” The Lord spoke to her, “You have this because you’ve allowed yourself to be offended. That’s why you have a chronic infection.” He continued, “While you are in America I will tell you what to do.”

She walked into our meeting, heard the message and during the activation she was instantly healed.

Over this series, I gave instruction for healing, using the blood of the cross and dunamis power. I gave activations and prayers which are anointed to bring healing by faith. I believe I have demonstrated, using scripture, how sickness and disease are brought on by the soul wounds caused by the sin of offense.

As I end this teaching, I am giving you one more prayer. As you can tell from the above examples, it does not take much faith for God to perform a miracle. In the first example, the woman whose tooth was miraculously repaired shows how difficult it was for her to believe it actually happened.

I hope you realize, you have to watch yourself night and day. It is incredibly easy to become offended. If you speak out your offense, you can end up really sick.

Here’s the prayer. “Lord Jesus, I am sorry for speaking offended words and criticizing and judging people. The Bible says the words of a whisper or slander are like deadly wounds. I have wounded myself with my words and I’ve wounded other people with my words. I repent. Wash me clean, Lord. I need your forgiveness. I apply the power of the blood. Right now, Jesus, wash my soul of every sin of offense. Wash my mouth of every word I spoke in offense. I plead the blood over every word. I repent for every word. Wash my words in your blood. Remove the stain of sin. I forgive anyone who spoke offended words at me. Wash their sin, Lord. Remove the sin of offense from their mouth, in the name of Jesus.

Now put dunamis on those deadly wounds. The words of a slander and whisper are like deadly wounds. They went down to your innermost part of your soul. Put dunamis on those deadly wounds that came from your mouth.

“Right now, Lord, in the name of Jesus, I decree that every deadly wound that I put on my soul from my mouth by speaking evil about people is being healed. I am grateful for the power of the Resurrection, for the dunamis power that makes me excellent in our soul. I decree dunamis is what heals my deadly wounds. I release the oil of the anointing of dunamis.

“James 5 says when I am sick, I go to the elders and they anoint me with oil and the prayer of faith will heal me. I release the oil of the anointing of dunamis right now upon myself to get healed of those deadly wounds. I am healed of every time I spoke against anyone, Lord.

“I am excellent of soul, excellent of soul.”

Big Love, Katie