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Katie frequently speaks at healing conferences, church events, corporate gatherings and more, worldwide. She is a mainstay on Women on the Frontline events each year. Her presentations are full of energy, very personal anecdotes and humor. She brings insight to the Bible in a way few people can claim.  If you are interested in having her come to your city, we’d love to hear from you! Her calendar is typically booked up to a year in advance. Fill out the form located on this page.

To see if the date you have in mind is available, visit our Events Calendar for all Katie’s upcoming events, but keep in mind, she may have some dates blocked while her staff works out event details.


Katie Souza Ministries wants to partner with local churches and ministries in equipping the Body of Christ with tools to heal their souls, bodies, and minds. We are committed to advancing the Kingdom of GOD.  Katie prefers to trust the Holy Spirit to direct her host for her compensation. Each engagement is made with the interests of both the hosting church and KSM in mind. Here are a few requirements necessary to make the event successful:

•    The host is responsible for airfare and accommodations for Katie and her assistant. KSM books flights and hotel and forwards necessary information to contact person prior to the event.
•    The host supplies volunteers to assist with worship, prayer, ushering, resource table, etc.
•    The host provides airport pick-ups and drop-offs and transports the team to the sessions.
•    The host provides for the resource table in a visible, easy access location.

For reasons beyond our control, KSM may be forced to cancel a speaking engagement, with advance notice. While this is rare, sometimes it is unavoidable. In these instances, KSM will work hard to minimize any financial or injurious loss of any nature to the host, should it be necessary to cancel an engagement.


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