I participated in an Expected End Ministries prison bible study, not as a participant, but as a teacher. What I didn’t expect was that by the end of the teaching, my life would be going in a totally different direction. Although I was only scheduled to teach every other week, I volunteered to assist every week. I wasn’t teaching in order to hear the entire series. As a direct result of Katie’s book, I had to quit volunteering as a prison ministry teacher a year ago–because I am now attending Bible College full time!! I am now one year away from a Bachelor of Arts degree in Ministry with a major in Counseling!! The teachings in this book are not only for those who are incarcerated, because let’s face it–most of us are trapped in a prison of some kind. Whether it be shame, disappointment, fear–you name it–we are held captive by the devil’s lies. Katie’s teachings helped me see that even at my age it is not too late to be what I might have been. God does have a plan for my life, and He has one for yours, too! Don’t be afraid to start today, and a great way to start is with The Captivity Series.  -A. M.

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