We pray you find these testimonies uplifting and encouraging. May the Lord use them to build you up and increase you in faith for your own miracle healing and victory! There is nothing more powerful than a miracle healing testimony! The bible encourages us to declare how much God has done for us (Luke 8:39) Sharing your own story with others helps build up their faith and is a great encouragement to all. We want to rejoice with you in what God is doing in your life. Visit our testify page, and share your story of God’s mighty wonders!

Share Your Story


It was around midday, Tuesday 15th January, 2019, while I was cleaning our home, located in Harare, Zimbabwe. I stopped everything and followed Katie’s teaching on Healing Your Soul on Faith TV Africa. I shall never forget the teaching on how past sin inflict wounds on our souls that open the door for the king of Babylon to put us under captivity. Since early 2009 I had struggled with demonic oppression from a monitoring spirit that harassed me at will, day and night. The spirit would come as a flying bird and land in the ceiling of our home, especially in the bedroom, right above my bed. I would then hear it move in the ceiling, just like the footsteps of a bird. Several times, I had climbed in the ceiling, challenged it, read aloud the bible, prayed and practically swept the whole ceiling with a broom. I sprinkled holy water and anointing oil, but to no avail. I did Esther fasts, posted several prayer requests for deliverance to several ministries, but nothing changed. The spirit would follow me as I moved from one room to the next, always in the ceiling. Sometimes it would make a sharp noise on the TV set, the wardrobe door or the headboard of our main bed. On 15 January 2019 I followed Katie’s teaching and wrote down the prayer at the end of the program in my prayer journal. 2 hours later, I went into the prayer closet and began to repent before the Lord of all my past sins that had wounded my soul and allowed the enemy to harass me and family for 10 years at will. The Holy Spirit revealed to me more clearly where I had wounded my soul. My mother and I, early 2009, had consulted a psychic and were made to perform strange actions around our property as a way to ward off evil spirits. As I repented before the Lord, I began to weep so deeply, asking for God’s mercy and forgiveness because of this rebellion. I then interceded for my mother who has deep emotional problems from being raped by her father while she was a teenager. I followed the prayer by Katie on binding the strongman and commanding him to come out at once in the name of Jesus. I thoroughly ransacked his house in the name of Jesus. I prayed for restoration of everything we had lost as a result of this captivity. That night as we slept, the house was so peaceful. No more noise in the ceiling. Something just lifted up from my life. The peace is indescribable. Alleluia! Praise be to the Lord: He is so faithful. Thank you Katie and Team. May the Lord bless you beyond measure, in Jesus mighty name. Amen. -W. M.

Received My Healing

I was having menstrual cramps, but after listening to your sermon on Faith TV, I received my healing. -I. L.

A Miracle Happened

I was so hungry for a deeper revelation of the scriptures. After praying about your ministry I felt completely safe to listen to your teachings (there is a lot of weird and impure doctrine out there, just saying). I purchased one teaching after another available in your store and I am enjoying coming into the presence of God and for the new revelations of the scriptures! I had a word about a sin that was not dealt with and through that word got a wound in my soul healed. I was able to cleanse my soul of bitterness and repent of being harsh. I thought I had been healed, but there was still some layers not being dealt with from my past. Then A MIRACLE HAPPENED! I was listening to Holy Spirit & applying dunamis power while listening to your teachings. A few days before that I felt an anointing for some physical wounds that I had from using needles as a substances abuser. I had three big holes in my arms, and God said to me just pray for the holes to close up and be healed. Suddenly I felt God’s power for healing. After praying, God showed me a memory of an instance when I had resisted arrest, which I also needed to repent of, and so I applied the blood to the sin and the resurrection power to heal that wound. Then God said; there you have it. The power of God came across my arm into my wounded veins. The white lines that could be seen on my arm were only there a short time, and now the wounds are almost gone, they are no longer deep holes, but are small marks on the surface of the skin. I continue to be contending for more of the anointing to heal scars and also for tattoos to fall of.  Thank you so much!  -M. E.

What the Church is Missing

Hello Katie and Team, I had recently asked for prayer on December 27th on your website. I have been doing your soaks for about two and a half months now. For the past three years I had worked in a horrible elementary school that was highly stressful. I started off without problems, but slowly that stress and wounds caused by parents, students, and administrators began to affect me. I became sick with allergies, leaky gut syndrome,chronic sinus infections, histamine intolerance symptoms, bad headaches, mysterious swelling from my neck to my calves, itching and swelling in my intestines, allergy induced asthma problems like an elephant was on my chest and my back pressing on me. I had the H1N1 Flu (Swine Flu, isn’t that ironic) in March of 2017 that I had caught from a students whose parent sent him back to school a day after he had been sent home by the school nurse. I had a virus in 2018 that had me violently vomiting along with diarrhea that I ended up in the hospital emergency room. I could not lift my own body-weight. My functional health practitioner did not know what to do to fix my issues. My menstrual cycle had went from 3 to no periods. I had allergy testing, paid for allergy shots that made me sicker so I had to stop. I had been a sunny personality most of my life, but as the illness kept going on, I started becoming traumatized by the whole host of issues and the scary realization that doctors could not help me. The problems with histamine and allergies would make me itch to the point of feeling like someone scratched me hard internally and to numbness at times. My digestion was affected. It was frightening. My central nervous system was being affected to the point that I would be depressed or have an over-the-top mania and anxiety, my mind would not shut off at night from voices of chatter so it made sleeping difficult at times. I felt tortured. I had been looking at Katie’s programs on Youtube. I began to do the prayers with her and by faith received her decrees over me. I also took notes, wrote down the Bible verses to learn all I could ( I am still doing this). I have been saved since I was eight years old. At first it did not seem like there were any changes on up until I asked KSM for prayer on December 27th 2018. I would do the soaks, but a team member of KSM asked me if I was casting out the demons. After hearing Katie teach about Legion, I believed that was my attacker. I was not consistently doing that. Since she emailed me (I am eternally grateful for the response personally), there has been a HALLELUJAH change in me (today is January 10th 2019). I have been soaking everyday, and I remember to cast the demon(s) out in the name of Jesus after doing the soaking prayers. I feel like, if they are going to torture me, then I am going to be steadfast and torture them. I have a smart T.V. that I can access Youtube and play your videos all night as I sleep and it is still playing when I wake up. I watch multiple episodes and do the activation prayers. EVERYTHING that I wrote above has changed for the better!!! I do not itch, the elephant and pressure on my chest all the way to my back (asthma like) lifted. I feel lighter. The chatter has stopped in my head, the extreme depression lows are gone! My sinus issues have ceased. I have not been having body reactions after I eat; nor anymore mysterious itching and swelling in my gut/intestines. My digestion has improved. My menstrual cycle has become regular (I am 46). I feel an inner excitement about God and life that I had not had in a long time. It has really elevated my faith to a higher level, and my gratefulness is higher for what God has done for me. Katie has made me see the Bible in a different way. I feel like the Holy Spirit is helping me decode the Bible like never before. I cannot wait to see what God is going to do next for me, through me, and how He will use me. I did the activation from the XP service you did at Shiloh where you told the audience to ask God for a word related to an issue, my issue was about my health. In a small voice, Psalm 112 was given to me with no specific verse. I declared that chapter over me. At the time I did not understand, but I received what the chapter talks about. I am on a mission to help my family get set free by watching Katie’s videos!! I praise the Lord for giving you what the church is missing!!!! I listened to a well-intentioned church member lead a corporate prayer for healing last Sunday, and she did not mention or ask God to heal the soul wounds of the sick that she was praying for. I know why it is because she and the whole church does not know about what Katie has been teaching in relation to healing soul wounds. You are needed for such a time as this!! Thank you Katie! I joined the Facebook 10 day challenge. I left my testimony there under your post for others to see.  I am soooo grateful! Please tell your team thank you again for the tips. Love and Blessings. -R. H.


As I listened to and watched your youtube video on exousia and dunamis power and authority, I commanded and decreed several things over my life. In about 10 minutes or so after I had done that, I received a phone call, and the gentleman on the other end of the line was telling me that I had received an inheritance from his aunt, who passed away, almost two weeks ago. I was NOT really expecting that but I KNOW that God has done this. He is amazing and so are the teachings that you have given. May He RICHLY bless you and yours. I pray that I have an opportunity to visit one or more of your events someday. Thank you so very much…keep it going!!! -C. K.

A Little Prophet

I was watching Katie’s program one afternoon on Faith USA Africa. I actually caught it at the end. She was speaking of how she once healed her mom and her father and then she said to her viewers that they should stretch forth their hands and believe like the disciples to receive the spirit of healing. I stretched out my hands with faith (and some doubt mixed in) but in my heart it was like I received it in the name of Jesus. Fast forward…I was sleeping and suddenly I got this massive headache on the right side of my face like a migraine. I can’t even explain what it was like because I never experienced such pain like that before. I just started praying for myself and I kept on saying Lord with the power of healing you gave me I declare healing over myself, renounce this headache in the name of Jesus and within a few seconds the headache subsided. I feel like a little prophet right now but as soon as I finished praying it was like wait a minute this is God letting me know that when I was praying with Katie I actually received the spirit of healing and I pray that I will be able to carry and build my faith. -M. K.

More Than Able

I thought I’d share this because I’m grateful every day for what God has done, and He used Katie’s teachings to help bring deliverance to my husband and I. A little over a year ago, we were over $50,000 in debt with mostly student loans. Although my husband and I were doing everything we could to get extra work on top of our full time jobs, working barely above minimum wage made the situation feel hopeless. In my hopelessness and desperation, I began applying Katie’s principles. Since I worked alone I would pray “FIRE ON THAT DEBT IN JESUS’ NAME!”. I could feel fire within my being as I prayed and my faith tank became refueled. Doors began opening that weren’t possible before. Among other things, the Lord made a way for us to move to my great-grandparents house that had been abandoned for 7 years. It was a leap of faith since the house was 2,000 miles away in Idaho. Since I hadn’t seen it in nearly a decade, I was unsure of the condition. Even so, moving here enabled us to pay huge chunks of the debt down. Now, 15 months later, 47,000 has been paid off and God is leading us into a new season to fully embrace all that He has for us without the shackles of debt. This journey taught me just how much God cares for us on an individual level. In trying to figure things out myself, I only became depressed and filled with anxiety; but as I released this burden to the Lord and commanded the fire on our finances and resources, breakthroughs I could never fathom or dream of began to spring forth. He is more than able to provide and meet every need… Physically. Mentally. Spiritually. And yes, even financially. 🙂 -B. B.

He Answers

I requested prayer for some pain that I was experiencing in two places for several days and pain in another place for several months. I prayed for a Christmas Miracle that the pain would be gone and I would be healed. I woke up today, Christmas morning and the pain was gone in both places! Praise God! He answers. Thank you for your prayers and support! -V. R.

The Condensed Version

I was the 2nd child, had an older brother and a Mother who was left by my father when I was 2. When I was 13 my mother remarried My older was drafted and was serving in Vietnam war stationed in Hawaii. My stepfather not wanting to deal with my teenage shenanigans gave my mom an ultimatum, me or him. I was given up to a foster home after trying to commit suicide and being released from the mental ward of the local hospital. The foster home I was sent to had 5 other girls there all being raped by our foster father. I ran away got into drugs and eventually ended up in the home of the Vice President of the Hells Angels in Daly City. After about a year there I had another short relationship with a vet and when that didn’t work out I ended up with a drug dealer. We were being investigated by 2 undercover agents and had a secret grand jury indictment against us and were picked up one afternoon. After a years worth of court appearances I received a 5 to life. I got out after 2.5 years went to a halfway house for another 6 months and then went back home to the Bay Area. I ran into a woman who had protected me when I landed in county jail and oh did I mention I was just 18 when I got busted and 19 when I went to prison. I was looking for a room when I ran into this woman she offered a spare room she had, I moved in and she ended up holding me captive for a year. I escaped almost barely and moved here to Oregon. Where many years later I found Jesus. I wish someone would have told me about Jesus sooner! This is the condensed version of my story. If god pursued someone like me you can believe he’s pursuing you ! I know he was because I would not be here otherwise. Thank you. -P. O.

Guidance in Struggles

Hello, Praise the Lord!  I’ve been going through a tremendous transition and healing. Last Wednesday by what I thought was chance turned out to be God directing me randomly to your Twitter feed and post on Leviathan from a random comment on a page of someone I don’t even follow. I watched your video on Leviathan and prayed because Leviathan has been jumping around in my life for a long time; I could see them jump through people against me for a long time but I didn’t understand it even though I kept praying against it, there it is again in another person in another job. The next day at work one of Leviathans subjects who I’ve been praying for and her teammate (for some reason this spirit has been attacking me in twos – I thought it was Jezebel and Ahab) anyway they got me trapped (so I thought) in a scenario where management had to be involved; glory to God the Holy Spirit gave me the words to work it out however not without me taking Thursday afternoon off, Friday through the weekend where I watched more of your videos. I struggled with how, as a Christian, I was tricked into betraying God but turns out it was generational – prayed against it this weekend, and Python speaking to me like God but isn’t God, prayed again just now and turns out I had snakes on my body, my legs and my hands. Got rid of them! Praise the Lord! Victory is Jesus however I wanted to thank you for your ministry because I’ve been praying and delivering myself from all this for a year, literally every day and night. As you mentioned in your video, I was also at my limit of being tired but I kept on praying saying to go I’m tired but not weary I will keep praying. The incident at work was traumatic but I see it was orchestrated as only God can to show and give me space to pray more. I’m so thankful he guided me to your ministry because there is very little out there that provides guidance in these struggles. Thank you! Hugs! Smiles! Glory to God! -A. W.

Power Love and Sound Minds

Katie and family! I have so accelerated in my soul healing since I first heard you on Sid Roth mid-year 2013. I immediately ordered The Glory Light of Jesus Heals Your Soul. And started! Well, it is the end of 2018 and I have about all your teachings and soaks. I have the ‘Katie Souza’ library and I lend your soaks and teachings to my friends down here in sw Florida. I saw you in Tampa August 2017 and went to your partner meeting November 2017 in Az. I was the one who about screamed my head off from all the trauma, pain, and grief coming out of me when you were teaching after lunch and Priscilla just gently laid her hand on my right shoulder, that was it! I had had searing pain in my right shoulder and it just started unraveling. I understand this all is a process just like the Myofascial work I do as a massage therapist. Trauma unwinds out of fascia and it is layer by layer but we don’t always know the order. I simply trust the clients process as I facilitate the work. My journey of years of being mentally and emotionally and relationally and financially and all else unstable are my yesteryears. The cutting edge Biblical revelatory material Katie receives and studies out and shares has changed my life!!! I have so much greater peace internally and externally. I can withstand Satan’s storms and stay in the rest of God bc I actually know what’s going on now! I have cultivated a practice of soaking into my daily life and it shows in every sphere of my existence!!! Dunamis power can flow out of my spirit man into my soul and body with So much more ease now!!! The debris in my soul is getting less and less. Now I help those around me and my clients. I use the soul-healing principles in my massage practice bc the soul is so entwined w the body that you always work on both. I have soaks w my friends and healing happens!!! Power love and sound minds here in SW Florida in Jesus Name!!! So my alignment is in order. I am aligned w Glory of Zion and Chuck Pierce is my spiritual Dad, I am aligned with you and Kat Kerr here in Florida. We are family and the covenant ties are strong with those God has aligned me with. When I went to Glory of Zion earlier this month, I was sharing you with my friends there! I am so excited to move to Texas next year and Glory ON!!!! Love you Katie BIG TIME and all the family at KSM!!! -M. K.

Knees Of My Youth

Hey Katie. I live in the suburbs of Nairobi Kenya. I love Jesus Christ as my Lord & savior. On Monday afternoon (Kenyan time) the 26th of November I happened to bump into your program on Faith TV. I prayed with you for healing & restoration of my soul. My knees have been hurting every time I run for the past 2 to 3 years & I had completely stopped running which has been my favorite hobby since I was in my early 30’s. I used to do marathons then but I had completely given up on this. After we prayed together in my bedroom you asked that I do what I could not do before. Since I couldn’t go out & run immediately I postponed it but I still believed.. This morning I went out walking as I had begun doing due to the pain (also still a little fearful). Halfway through the walk I decided to check on my healing & guess what….. I’ve just completed a full kilometer without any pain whatsoever in my knees! The knees of my youth are back & I can enjoy my morning run again. Thank you JESUS. -K. N.