We pray you find these testimonials uplifting and encouraging. May the Lord use them to build you up and increase you in faith for your own miracle healing and victory! There is nothing more powerful than a miracle healing testimony! The bible encourages us to declare how much God has done for us! (Luke 8:39) Sharing your own story with other believers helps build up their faith and is a great encouragement to all.  We want to rejoice with you in what God is doing in your life. Visit our testify page, and leave a testimony to the mighty wonders of our God!



Greetings in the Mighty Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I am privileged to share my testimony to the Glory of God. It was just yesterday when I watched getting De-snakified on YouTube and I was in fasting. I then went on to listen to Soaking Part 1. I felt such a presence of the Holy Ghost, the Blood of Jesus Christ cleansing every part of my soul. I then went to rest around 7. I must tell you I have been plagued by a spiritual husband for a long time. This evil creature tried it’s luck again while I was sleeping, this time I heard myself while sleeping saying to it ‘not this time buster’ then I went back to sleep. I had another dream that there was this serpent trying by all means to get to where I was, when I changed direction it would look to see where I was and pursue me, then all of a sudden something struck it so hard against the wall that it became as dead as a banana peel, then I heard a “Voice” saying the very same snake has bitten it’s owner, the color of it was very peculiar, it was red and silver stripes going horizontal around it’s body. Then another dream followed soon after with snakes again. These seemed to be from the waters, 2 of them were pulled out by a force, and I saw them coming out of my bedroom cast into the sea. I stood at the banks of the sea watching, there were people there going in and out of the water as though enjoying themselves but were not aware of what I was seeing. There was a “woman on a horse” and she said, don’t they see these snakes and how badly they will affect them? I then woke up from the dream. I have so much peace today in my soul and spirit and I know that the Lord has done a Mighty thing in my life, I also know that as I continue to pray with the woman of God Katie Souza there will be even more testimony to the Glory of God. Thank you Lord Jesus for healing my soul and giving Divine Deliverance. I bless the Lord Christ Jesus for the Ministry of Katie Souza. Yours faithfully in Christ Jesus. -J. M.

A Restoring God

For many years I have suffered severe rejection, defamation and slander. I have been a Christian since I was age six but just could not get a breakthrough from this bondage. On Feb 9 2017, I listened to your You-tube clips on Leviathan spirit. You took us through a 3-part prayer. At first, I did not want to pray the prayer of repentance for a prideful spirit and to forgive those who have severely wrongfully treated me in the past 3 years. However, the Lord told me that my breakthrough was tired to that and some of the wrongful things I have suffered were as a result of the leviathan spirit. I went back and prayed those prayers with you. There was an immediate reaction in the heavens. For a longtime I had been talking to the principal of my daughter’s elementary school to move her from a classroom where she has suffered so much spiritual and emotional abuse. The principal was not listening she was controlled by the people who were abusing the child. But yesterday God moved on her so strongly shortly after I had prayed that prayer and she sent me an email asking to meet with me regarding moving my daughter to the classroom we had requested for in Oct 2016. She also mentioned that she could not sleep we were on her mind heavily and she felt that it was time to honor that request. She also apologized for some things that had happened that were not favorable. I am so excited at what God is going to restore in my life as I walk free from the bondage of leviathan. Than you Katie for being bold enough to address spiritual matters. -C. B.

Personal Praise Report

I would first like to say thank you to Katie Souza Ministries for praying for my daughter and grandson at my request a few months back. After 15 years of drug use my daughter has truly been set free from drugs and was released from jail just in time to hear Katie speak at the Breakthrough Conference in Sandy Utah. Today she went on a prayer walk with Jesus implementing the soul healing words and scriptures she learned at the conference. She said if I learned one thing from Katie it is to forgive. She totally identified with Katie’s past. My personal praise report is I gave an offering (Holy Spirit told me what to give) The very next day I reaped 1000 fold/ percent. I did not even have the 1000 percent blessing in mind when I gave the offering. Better yet I was able to give the whole financial blessing to my oldest daughter. I have never heard this teaching on God’s blessing. Thank you! -C. H.

Widow’s Mite

I have not been paid from my job for my earned commissions for 7 months. The promises and lies have broken my heart. This was a time for me to start over with my life. God has been so faithful that my basic bills and living quarters have been met. Now I am faced with having to move in 3 days with no money to put gas in my car, pay car insurance etc. I listened to Katie’s message on the 1000 fold return a few days ago along with the message on soul wounds. For years I have been asking the Lord to make me whole especially after the death of my husband. After listening to the message and receiving the pray from Katie I sowed the last in my account which was $2.15 believing God for a 1000 fold return. I was kind of embarrassed to even sow so little but it was all I had. Today I looked at my account balance and there was $20.00 in it! I looked to see where the deposit came from and there was no documentation except the balance. Praise God it wasn’t 1000 fold but it was enough to get gas in my car so I could go forward with my move. The Lord assured me that that $20 was just part of the 1000 fold return. Also today the furnace in the house I’m living in has been broken for 2 weeks, I felt led this morning to turn it on and Praise God heat came on!!! It continues… my daughter who lives with me phone was off due to not being able to make a full payment, well her phone is on today. No payment was made but Our Father turned it back on!! I will take the 1000 fold what ever way the Lord gives it. I am in full expectation that by the end of the week before I have to move that I will receive the balance of the 1000 fold return. It was important to me to sow more seed into your ministry but the Lord instructed me to put the $20 in my gas tank. The Holy Spirit reminded me that I had $3.00 left on my Paypal card, so with gratefulness to our Lord Jesus Christ and to Katie Souza Ministries I sow this little amount in confidence for not only the 1000 fold return but much more seed to sow into the gospel. Thank you so much for being obedient to teach the truth. Warmest Regards  -K. M.

Marriage Restored

I testified a few months ago that Jesus healed me of a 29 year sugar addiction through Katie’s soul healing teaching but what I didn’t realise at the time I also got healed from bitterness and offence in my soul that was causing me to be extremely angry towards my husband. I was so focused on my weight loss testimony that it took me a while to realise what else Jesus had done. Because of the bitterness and offence I had stored in my soul it would cause me to fight alot with my husband and I was never satisfied in our marriage. After Jesus healed me I have been able to recieve God’s love in amazing ways and love my husband with God’s love instead of expecting my husband to fulfill all of my love needs. This has not only freed my husband to be who he was created to be instead of who I expected him to be but it has brought us closer together than ever before. We appreciate it other now and are always building each other up instead of tearing each other down. This has truly been a miracle breakthrough for us because we didn’t think we were going to make it and every thing esle we tried wasn’t working. Bless you guys so much thank you not only for leading me into being healed from addictions and weight issues but restoring my relationship with my husband. My soul is prospering thanks to Jesus and the fruit around me is starting to show. I like to wait until I testify to see the fruit before I jump in and say something and this has been going on now for over 5 months and our relationship is only getting stronger. Praise Jesus!!!!!! I am so happy and content now and at peace in my soul!!!! Go Jesus Go Jesus Go Jesus Go!  -S. J.

Miracles Abound Grace Surrounds

I have known about your Ministry for years. I have watched a friends life and marriage change through your teaching and soaking resources. She would tell me about them all the time. I even tried it once but didn’t get it anywhere. Then I had a dream after watching your communion stream on YouTube. I dreamed you were on stage and and I was in your audience. I had my hands raised and the Holy Spirit flooded me with his presence just as you were saying in the dream as clear as day that God is right now healing mental disorders and depression. A couple of days later I seen a new video of yours and decided to watch it. At first I was not finding myself interested but you kept talking about seeing the numbers 111 …I wanted to turn you off…but right then I looked down to see how much time I had before work and it was 1:11. I was like OK God you have my attention. I was delivered that day from wounds I had in common with Legion. I felt the Holy Spirit all over me and then just as in the dream it was just like I was there…you said God is healing mental disorders, anxiety and depression. I was crying and instantly delivered. I never felt my soul so quiet …never experienced a quiet soul like now. I have battled with these wounds all my life to the point of taking medication. I am getting my soul healed like crazy and I now feel so close to Jesus. Closer then ever!!! Miracles abound…Grace surrounds…God Bless you for what you do and how you minister to prisoners it melts my heart. I want to help too. I’m soaking everyone lol. I am digging deeper…going to spend 5 months focusing on Jesus as you suggested. I am praying to God for more healing. Thank you! -A. B.

Standing in the Gap

I recently sent in a request with regards to my husband and his recently being released from prison. Your prayers and your advice on soaking him and standing in the gap for him without his knowledge has turned out to be very powerful and is working! Thank you for your encouragement and helping me with this. I am forever grateful for your ministry! May God bless you and continue the things He is doing through you. -T. G.

Great and Mighty Things

Hello 🙂 I was listening to the teaching “Soul Food” and one of the first points you touch on is giving – I asked the Lord what to give and wrote out my check so I could actively participate and either mail it in or give online when the message was finished. OK —- everything is complete and I gave my offering of $400. When I checked out the meaning of the number 4 in the Hebrew Lexicon it means — food – food supply – mealtime. I am expecting the extra weight I carry to be gone now that the giving is complete! I wanted to share this with others who get it! Thank you Katie – May God continue to show us all, “Great and mighty things that we do not know” (Jeremiah 33:3)!  -R. B.

The Journey

Morning blessings! I pray for you and your ministry. Dear Sister/Mrs. Souza, This may be somewhat lengthy, but will do my utmost to keep it short, I have so much to share. I started to attend church January 2012, I never was a fan of church, nor any of the doctrine, but always believed in The Father, the Son and Holy Spirit. I got baptized to my great surprise in July 2012. In August 2012, I started a deliverance process, which I was clueless about. I would just return every Sunday, service after service, but today I understand it was the Holy Spirit, taking me back. Thank God. I left my first church for personal reasons, in March 2013. Then, end of March 2013, I found my spiritual mother at another church. I am obviously leaving the background of my life and the transition to this other church. During that time, I was still going through a deliverance process, yes for all those months, I had no clue what was going on, just that I was manifesting (which I understand today) not then. When I met my spiritual mother, she introduced me to Katie Souza teachings, and I embraced the teachings, and received so many great revelations on the healing of the soul. Wow! I understood like a lightening hit me, about the importance of healing of the soul. As my journey continued, I had to change church again, since, I was not able to get to the end of these crazy manifestations. My spiritual mother and I which we now both attend a church that understands this side of deliverance. Through it all, I did understand that God is my deliverer, and trusted in Him for this journey. In late 2014, the Lord delivered me finally from (for me) what was a painful and long journey. But, today, I am so thankful for what I went through, because had it not been for that, I am not sure how far I would be. Today, in November 2016, I started back to listen to Katie’s teachings. Bitterness – I want to specify that I had already gone through this deep process of forgiveness, family, broken relationships, being sexually abused in a relationship, abortions, daddy issues, mommy issues, anger, violence, fighting, sexual perversion and dominance, etc…and the list continues. Now, that I am doing the bitterness, the Lord literally delivered me at home, and some of the same issues I had dealt with, some came back, and give me a much deeper revelation. I mean a real deeper revelation and was delivered. I ‘ve been listening to Bitterness for at least two weeks, almost every morning. What a journey! Now I am on the serpent teachings. And this morning as I am listening to disc 4, I literally started to cry, because I had bought the necessary items to do communion, but I have not started. As much as the serpent teachings are altogether powerful and insightful, the communion broke me down in tears and just a state of gratitude. Yes, I knew of people of being healed during communion and understood its’ purpose to some extent, but this CD words cannot explain other than even as I write I tears running down my cheeks. I realize I believe in Jesus, that He delivered me from so much, and His love for me and others is so incredible, but this somehow, as penetrating my soul. Mrs. Souza, I want to really thank you for sharing your experiences, your knowledge and your heart with us. I really look forward to my new year to start. Because of these teachings I myself will surely share the teachings. Though I have already when I do minister to people, the importance of healing the soul. Next week Wednesday, my pastor has given me the privilege to teach bible studies, and guess what is the subject: Bitterness. I could write so much more, but I will refrain. Again, I thank you, I thank you, I thank you, I will for sure attend one of your conferences when you are close in the area. However, I know that my spiritual mother has contacted your ministry to visit Canada. We are praying for that clearance and that she can invite you here, in Montreal, Canada. In closing, I still tear, because of these deep revelations, that continue to transform me. Also, thank you for sharing with the world, your testimony. I pray that the Lord continue to use you in His boldness and courage. It is Women of God like yourself and my spiritual mother that inspire to want to serve the Lord in truth and in spirit, for His glory and see people lives transform. I am a new woman in Christ, a new ID, new standards that can only be of Christ. I myself am working on the baby steps of my own ministry. I owe it to God. Love conquers all – Love without borders. Love you, and God bless. You are in my prayers. Whoa! tears.. -M. P.

Healed Of Legion

Dear Katie and Ministry team, I was suffering from so much mental chatter in my brain, and even after I was born again and baptized I was still not finding peace, but when I watched the episode on Legion and prayed the prayer, I was finally able to have the mental chatter stop and the mental attacks in my mind go away after the prayer activation, praise God he is so good. God Bless, -A. A.

Healed By Reading

My badly broken ribs were healed by READING Katie Souza’s Soul Time Letter! They were crushed in and VERY uncomfortable for 6 months. My MD stated that it was permanent. I was flipping thru old letters and came upon Katie’s rib healing testimony. I immediately felt chest pressure subside and my ribs were TOTALLY NORMAL by the next day!! I can even sleep on my side now which I was unable to do before.  Ive had MANY healings in my 5 yrs of soaking by your CD but NEVER by a written word!!!! -L. L.

The God Who Saved Me

I want to start by saying that the enemy does not want this powerful testimony to go forth. I typed it and had gotten to the high point and the computer erased everything. I am not discouraged and can type again. All honor and glory go to my Savior Jesus Christ. Thank you Jesus. The God who saved my life. Katie, please don’t use my name . I have to obey authority and give to Ceaser what is his. I was raised a Catholic. But I always felt the power of the Holy Spirit and a deep love for Jesus. However , I was empty. I had soul wounds. I felt rejected . I felt a need to be recognized. Combined with that I also wanted to serve God and do something for His Kingdom. Not knowing that I had to ask for His will to be done. I made many mistakes. The biggest one was meeting a group of men on Craigslist who said they could make my project a reality. God spoke to me and told me they were frauds. I didn’t listen. Of course God was right. When I found out , I was afraid of man and lied to cover it up. But in the midst of this mess, God led me to a Christian Church and I was saved and baptized. Soon after I ended up doing four years in federal prison. However, God used me. On the first night of my arrest God gave me a number in a dream. I saw that number for three years and finally met a young woman whom I had the honor of leading to Christ. God used me prophetically in her life and she received a miracle. Those numbers turned out to be her birth date…a few months before this, someone gave me your book, “The Key To Your Expected End.” It was through your book that I began to see my accountability and surrender to God. It was then that I repented and God gave me two promises which manifested. The best part is that I am delivered. God gave me two beautiful spiritual daughters. God gave one a miracle. The other has an anointing. God has told me she has the anointing of Jael . That she will be a powerful woman of the tent. She is still fighting the surrender but God is working in her. I am so thankful to Katie for showing me my disobedience. Well, for being the vessel of the true and living God. God is great ladies. This testimony has many prophetic details, I am waiting for HIM to provide an arena at His appointed time. Be blessed,  -L. T.