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We pray you find these testimonials uplifting and encouraging. May the Lord use them to build you up and increase you in faith for your own miracle healing and victory! There is nothing more powerful than a miracle healing testimony! The bible encourages us to declare how much God has done for us! (Luke 8:39) Sharing your own story with other believers helps build up their faith and is a great encouragement to all.  We want to rejoice with you in what God is doing in your life. Visit our testify page, and leave a testimony to the mighty wonders of our God!


Tax Time

On Friday night in Norwalk (Greater Los Angeles area), April 21, I received a call while I was waiting for the meeting to begin from my tax accountant that my tax form was rejected by the IRS. So that not only would I not receive a $697 tax refund, but I will be owing $4000-$5000 depending on the interpretation of my deductions. This was a bombshell. My husband and I argue about money all the time. We argue about the tithe all the time. We have never been released from debt or from a stranglehold on our accounts. Then I heard the Deut 1:11 teaching. I put everything I had into the offering (except coins since I just grabbed the bills and walked up). On Saturday, I held the change I still had and a few more dollars from some money in the car. Everything I had! I sent the python over our finances to the abyss and to burn and never return. I was screaming it!! When I got home on Sat eve my husband had been with the tax accountant and we redid our taxes and our sons. The outcome was – we will receive $4,000. Then when I opened a credit card bill, I saw that I had a $319 credit instead of a payment which is impossible because I knew what I owed at the beginning of the month. I am now praying for my soul to prosper over me, my husband and my children. -J. H.

Supernatural Weight Loss

I listened to Katie’s teaching on supernatural weight loss and I can’t begin to say how amazing I feel. I LOST 2 LBS OVERNIGHT AND THIS IS NO JOKE! I always thought it was a spirit because I am very sensitive in the spirit realm. But I had no idea how to get rid of it, even after having ALL of her teachings and being a student of Katie’s for over 5 years now. I am ashamed to say I should have thought of it sooner, but Katie your amazing as always I can’t tell you how many times your ministry has helped me combat the demonic realm which are always after me because of the book I wrote that exposes them all. So thank you again. I listened only to the 1st mp.3 recording, I was fasting for about 12 hours prior to that and then I took communion asking God to bless it. I had a headache all day that day from a spiritual attack I could not break free from and sure enough I received an email called supernatural weight loss so I listen to it and not only did my headache lift off of me after hearing the entire message, but when I woke up this morning to pray like I usually do I was down to 193lbs from 195 in just 12 hours prior to this.. THIS IS SO REAL.. Those wanting to lose weight and have tried everything… You have to give this a try. Thanks again Katie you totally rock! -M. P.

Watering and Planting

I just watched your most recent teachings on the spirit of legion, dwelling among the tombs. I believe that I can learn from that teaching. I have been taught all of my life to know who my ancestors were in great detail, and have taken up offenses that they suffered, especially the Cherokee and Choctaw nations. I have stories of some things my ancestors suffered from other members of my families. I realize that if I was crucified to the old woman I used to be and am now adopted into the family of Jesus I am no longer a member of that family spiritually that was offended. I am a new woman and have been since 1964. Thank you for watering what others had planted through the years and teaching about making my soul whole and healthy. -E. M.

Soul Restoration

I have to give to Abba God all the Glory for all that he is doing in my soul!!! I acknowledge Katie Souza Ministries and especially Sharlene Beck, Soak Host. This was my 3rd soaking I attended in Alva, Florida. I literally could not function for the dunamis power of the Holy Spirit hit me really hard and boy did I need it. I ministered the next day, Sunday, in the Fort Myers jail. Wow, there was an overflow in attendance! Dorm 1 and 2 will never be the same! I am coming to a understanding about our soul restoration (healing). It is affecting all those around me. Those 28 women had a taste of true freedom! Eternally grateful for this ministry, and wanting more of all Jesus has for me! Thank you again. -D. L.


I’ve been suffering from sore throat on and off, even had Throat-tonsillitis when I was about 12/13 years old. But it continued on and off almost every month. I thought this is it, I just have to live with this problem. But God said otherwise, and during the services as you were praying it happened in that same day and I had not have any Sore Throat since. It feels really good Praise God for ever and evermore. Amen God bless you and your ministry Katie, you are doing a great job. -M. C.

Not Guilty

July 2016 changed my life forever. I was charged with the accidental death of my brother and was incarcerated. I was distraught, broken, lost and alone. I spent several days on the mental health unit of the Allegheny County Jail where i was then forced to population. I made a decision to put my life in God’s unchanging hand and once i entered population, began to study and read the bible. Around November 2016 I came across your book “The Key To Your Expected End” and i must say that it changed my attitude, outlook and life. I stopped being defiant with the guards, and soon after was given a “pod worker” position. I began to fellowship with other inmates and held bible studies on the pod. I followed the steps in your book all the while studying and reading my bible. I trusted God and His promises. I had the opportunity to hire a well known, high paid lawyer, but I decided to go with the court appointed lawyer who I believe was sent to me by God and on January 19, 2017 I was found NOT GUILTY of criminal homicide. I was released on January 24, 2017. The transition has been hard. Especially since my family will never be the same. But I have an amazing support system, I have a great job, car and was baptized on March 12, 2017. I will not go back to the life of idols, which is why my brother was killed (alcohol and anger) and why I was incarcerated. God delivered me. And now I live for Him. I told myself while I was inside that I would contact your ministry if I was giving freedom and as I sit here and type this, I’m emotional. God is GOOD!! Thank you for using your story to help others, especially myself. -M. B.

To God Be The Glory

I thank God for proving His word true. I sowed a thousand fold seed in January 2017 and within two months the Lord has blessed my husband with a new job which will help increase our monthly income by about $800. We are grateful for the much needed increase. To God be the glory for honoring His Word in our lives. Amen! -l. A.

Good Seed

Recently, I listened to your incredible teaching on the 1000 fold blessing and decided to put God to the test 🙂  I sowed a seed of 11.11 on February 28th because God confirmed the mantle you prayed over everyone at the end of one of your teaching sessions. I love to pray for people on Facebook and one day as I was scrolling, I seen one of those “fun” name tests games to let you know how old you will be when you pass away…the one I saw was 111 years, hello!! Two days later, I receive a check for over 9800.00 from my father’s estate EARLY which will now help me find a place of my own to live as I was his caregiver for over 11 yrs. and lived with him and my mom, who just passed this last August……GOD IS FAITHFUL…..God’s word is true and He loves to give good gifts to his children! Amen! I am going to continue to sow into your ministry, as instructed by the Holy Spirit, so I can become more financially stable HAVING MORE THAN ENOUGH to also help others! God bless you and your ministry….it’s an honor to sow good seed! Jeremiah 29:11 -J. S.

Junk Email

I was checking my junk email one day and for some reason the Lord told me to open a name that I thought I knew and low and behold your ministry popped up. I said to my husband, “hey we should listen to this message and I remembered it from listening when you were on Patricia King so for the last 6 days we listened and prayed all of the segments and we had so much release from the “Demonic Kings” I was healed from the chatter in my head, also arthritis pain, and my husband’s eyes are clear, partial circulation in his legs. We really need to press in more because after the 7th day we got a serious attack in our relationship with fighting but we are strong and realized it was an attack. I need a full healing from rheumatoid arthritis and my husband from diabetes. I would like to know more about scorpions because one time the attack felt like a sting and paralyzed me. It left but it was nasty. We also have started to minister on the reservations First Nations people close to home. This is such a useful tool for our people. We are called to build bridges with the First Nations spiritual tradition and to the Native Christians. We really need your prayers as we go into regions because last time we really got slaughtered by a gang of drug demons that are present over all reservations in Saskatchewan at this time. Love you keep doing Kingdom work, you are a blessing to the Body of Christ. Yeshua loves you!  -R. B.


Greetings in the Mighty Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I am privileged to share my testimony to the Glory of God. It was just yesterday when I watched getting De-snakified on YouTube and I was in fasting. I then went on to listen to Soaking Part 1. I felt such a presence of the Holy Ghost, the Blood of Jesus Christ cleansing every part of my soul. I then went to rest around 7. I must tell you I have been plagued by a spiritual husband for a long time. This evil creature tried it’s luck again while I was sleeping, this time I heard myself while sleeping saying to it ‘not this time buster’ then I went back to sleep. I had another dream that there was this serpent trying by all means to get to where I was, when I changed direction it would look to see where I was and pursue me, then all of a sudden something struck it so hard against the wall that it became as dead as a banana peel, then I heard a “Voice” saying the very same snake has bitten it’s owner, the color of it was very peculiar, it was red and silver stripes going horizontal around it’s body. Then another dream followed soon after with snakes again. These seemed to be from the waters, 2 of them were pulled out by a force, and I saw them coming out of my bedroom cast into the sea. I stood at the banks of the sea watching, there were people there going in and out of the water as though enjoying themselves but were not aware of what I was seeing. There was a “woman on a horse” and she said, don’t they see these snakes and how badly they will affect them? I then woke up from the dream. I have so much peace today in my soul and spirit and I know that the Lord has done a Mighty thing in my life, I also know that as I continue to pray with the woman of God Katie Souza there will be even more testimony to the Glory of God. Thank you Lord Jesus for healing my soul and giving Divine Deliverance. I bless the Lord Christ Jesus for the Ministry of Katie Souza. Yours faithfully in Christ Jesus. -J. M.

A Restoring God

For many years I have suffered severe rejection, defamation and slander. I have been a Christian since I was age six but just could not get a breakthrough from this bondage. On Feb 9 2017, I listened to your You-tube clips on Leviathan spirit. You took us through a 3-part prayer. At first, I did not want to pray the prayer of repentance for a prideful spirit and to forgive those who have severely wrongfully treated me in the past 3 years. However, the Lord told me that my breakthrough was tired to that and some of the wrongful things I have suffered were as a result of the leviathan spirit. I went back and prayed those prayers with you. There was an immediate reaction in the heavens. For a longtime I had been talking to the principal of my daughter’s elementary school to move her from a classroom where she has suffered so much spiritual and emotional abuse. The principal was not listening she was controlled by the people who were abusing the child. But yesterday God moved on her so strongly shortly after I had prayed that prayer and she sent me an email asking to meet with me regarding moving my daughter to the classroom we had requested for in Oct 2016. She also mentioned that she could not sleep we were on her mind heavily and she felt that it was time to honor that request. She also apologized for some things that had happened that were not favorable. I am so excited at what God is going to restore in my life as I walk free from the bondage of leviathan. Than you Katie for being bold enough to address spiritual matters. -C. B.

Personal Praise Report

I would first like to say thank you to Katie Souza Ministries for praying for my daughter and grandson at my request a few months back. After 15 years of drug use my daughter has truly been set free from drugs and was released from jail just in time to hear Katie speak at the Breakthrough Conference in Sandy Utah. Today she went on a prayer walk with Jesus implementing the soul healing words and scriptures she learned at the conference. She said if I learned one thing from Katie it is to forgive. She totally identified with Katie’s past. My personal praise report is I gave an offering (Holy Spirit told me what to give) The very next day I reaped 1000 fold/ percent. I did not even have the 1000 percent blessing in mind when I gave the offering. Better yet I was able to give the whole financial blessing to my oldest daughter. I have never heard this teaching on God’s blessing. Thank you! -C. H.