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We pray you find these testimonials uplifting and encouraging. May the Lord use them to build you up and increase you in faith for your own miracle healing and victory! There is nothing more powerful than a miracle healing testimony! The bible encourages us to declare how much God has done for us! (Luke 8:39) Sharing your own story with other believers helps build up their faith and is a great encouragement to all.  We want to rejoice with you in what God is doing in your life. Visit our testify page, and leave a testimony to the mighty wonders of our God!


Pressing In

My daughter and I have been pressing into your broadcasts and watching one each night to get our souls healed and standing in the gap for our family restoration. Sunday night we watched one of the episodes and did the prayer together for Legion. I’m unsure which exact episode, it was in a string when you talk through your moms story. Something happened to me as I began crying (not a usual occurance). The next day my daughter came to see me and told me her nose was dripping all day with water and kept on dropping thru the whole next day and she had no cold symptoms or anything else that could explain it! She was so excited as she has health issues with her skin pretty badly even after medical and natural treatments that she still struggles with. Still awaiting for the manifestation of her skin healing but we know something happened! We just watched the communion episode last night and will implement that daily for her healing as well as healing of our family and my husbands salvation/marriage. Thank you for your obedience and teachings, they have uplifted me so much since I found you only about a month ago. Praise God! -N. N.

A Great Work

Dear Katie, I have been watching your TV broadcasts through your website a couple of weeks now and watched a couple of your webcasts. God has been doing a great work healing my soul. I even had a couple of dreams showing me what was wrong. Today I watched your miracle testimony video on healing bones and my back was healed. I have had slight discomfort in my lower back for many years and God healed it when  you prayed, thank you. You are such a blessing. -C. B.

House Call

Thursday I was on the telephone prayer call with Katie Souza Ministries team for their 2 o’clock conference call with KSM partners praying for me. Think about it. I am in severe pain with two broken teeth and cannot get out of bed. Question? How is it even possible to see a dentist and fix my teeth and get rid of this horrible pain? God is our only hope with the mightily power of the Holy Spirit intervening! The forgiving Blood of Our Lord and Savior the Messiah Jesus! So, Friday morning a team of dentists came to my house to fix my teeth. It is just unbelievable that a person could find a dentist in any city, including San Francisco. In God’s providence a famous dentist office is now practicing in a geographical location in proximity to me! Thank You Jesus for your Love and Care. The dentist fixed my teeth and relieved my pain greater than I had ever expected! -J. G.

Excited To See What God Will Do

Hi! Just wanted to share~ today my husband and I watched Katie speaking on the 1000x increase at Shiloh. About 3/4 of the way through the program we received a text from a friend who said he just remembered that he owed my husband some money and could he stop by our home tonight. We were just so amazed at that! Right during the program! When Katie asked viewers to listen to the Holy Spirit at the end, my husband knew he was to immediately sow that money! We accepted the mantle and are excited to see what God will do!! Thank you for your teaching!! It is changing our lives. We have both been Christians for a long time but wondered where the abundant life is. We are working everyday on getting our soul wounds healed. We so appreciate all of Katie’s programs on YouTube. Thank you! Thank you! -M. F.

What Goes Around

I worked the registration table for the recent Katie Souza conference at BridgeWay Church in Denver, CO along with my wife Carol and two other women. Carol and I have been attending Gateway on Mount Zion Church (GoMZ) on Lookout Mountain above Golden, CO for about a year and a half. A friend of ours named Joseph who has been attending GoMZ for seven years or so had purchased online two tickets for the conference shortly after learning about it. Not long after doing so, however, his wife informed him that she wouldn’t be attending due to a prior commitment. He thus asked me if he could give her ticket to someone else—the first person to claim it. I subsequently asked Janet Freiberg and Stephanie Schureman if the ticket could be transferred. They didn’t know for sure, but didn’t think there would be a problem in doing so.

Carol asked a friend named Kimberly if she would be interested in the ticket and she was, not being able to attend otherwise due to long-term financial difficulties. That Kimberly would end up testifying Friday evening of the conference after experiencing relief from pain relative to hip replacement surgeries. Katie might recall Kimberly wearing a blue and white patterned dress and while walking up to the stage, saying, “Wow”, prompting Katie to ask why she said, “Wow” and Kimberly saying she has a weak left hip that compels her to seek support for that side when going up stairs, but that she didn’t need any support in going up to the stage that night. Katie might also recall Kimberly saying that she took pain meds that typically last about four hours, but that it had already been about six hours since her last pain meds and she wasn’t experiencing any pain. Katie then had her walk down and back up to the stage before giving her a hug. Kimberly also attends GoMZ and yesterday was reportedly jumping during worship–something she hasn’t been able to do in a long time. As for Joseph, he told me during the service that he had been freed from Leviathan (because of the conference). He was so happy. In exchange for his kindness of having given Kimberly the extra ticket, I gave him the 2-CD set on “Communion” I had received for volunteering at the conference. He was so thankful. Yeah, what goes around. Thanks. -D. V.

Healed Knee

Hi Katie
I just finished attending your Denver Visit at Bridgeway Church and thank you for coming. During the last night of your visit…during worship my left knee started to swell and become painful and hot to touch. I had injured my knee one year ago and it has been weak and clicked and popped when I walked and climbed stairs. Anyway, during the evening my knee started the be painful and I had several people around me pray to put “fire” on it and to remove any snake that might be in the knee. I also felt heat that could be felt through me jeans. Anyway, I had to limp for some of the night but as I got home after the weekend was finished my knee started to feel better. The next day..Sunday, I awoke to no knee pain, no swelling and I am now able to walk around with my knee feeling strong and without any popping or clicking. The first time in a year. Thanks to Jesus for healing my knee and thanks to you for coming to help guide us in deliverance and healing. I am enjoying walking around and climbing stairs now with 2 strong knees again. Blessings, -T. N.

The Little Things

Oh my!! I just have to share this story. First of all, I’ve only been listening to Katie Souza for little over a month since God showed me that this was the way to get healed. I had been praying and God had been healing me. I had received so much healing. He took away my chest pain and weakness. He is such a faithful God. My prayers were about being healed and having my illnesses never return and I think it is for that reason that He showed me about the soul and about Katie Souza because as she says, “This is how we stay healed.” There were some things I was battling for a long time and I just kept asking God, “How do I get healed and stay healed from this (insert affliction). Slowly the Holy Spirit has been showing me different areas in my life that needed correction. It’s been amazing! I know I have more healing to go, but I’ve been so content and at peace. But today I am writing this to give a praise for something that might seem so small, but was so BIG for my husband and I. We have both been getting our soul healed. We’ve been needing a new slipcover for our couch but it had long been discontinued. We kept patching it up so as not to be wasteful. I’d look at new couches and think to myself that it be wasteful to buy a new couch when ours is still going strong it just needs a new slipcover. I very much did not want to be wasteful. I had randomly throughout the past months looked at eBay to see if I would find something, but it never showed up. Many months ago I did buy a new slipcover for the chair, but I never could find one for the couch. So, we’ve been getting our soul healed right -getting rid of snakes and all sorts of things. So today all I said as I saw a new hole on our slipcover, “God we really need a new slipcover.” I then went to eBay to look one more time and there it was!! Not only the correct slipcover for my sofa, but the color I had wanted too!!! I hadn’t even been that specific in my prayer. I had only asked for a new one, but God already knows what we need! He already knows! This might seem so small and as I said above I’ve received bigger miracles too with healing and correction. I love being corrected because I keep feeling that peace as I make amends and repent and get healed with dunamis. I just had to give praise for this because we know how God says He takes care of His birds and flowers and if He does so much for them how much more would He do for us and I am just so ecstatic because we serve a God who delights in giving us even the little things which to me seems so BIG because I know it was God! -S. M.


I’ve been applying the prayers you spoke at the Supernatural Weight Loss Webinar held a few months back and have lost weight! I’m already thin which is quite funny but I’m sure God will bless me with the right amount of fat my body should have. I’ve also been applying the prayers to different areas of my life and am transformed! Every other teaching & email I’ve received from you transforms me too! To God be the glory forever! May God bless you & your ministry as ya’ll walk in obedience & seek a deeper relationship with Him. -R. E.

Healed and Free

The Holy Spirit led me to start a study on the soul about 2 years ago. For whatever reason, I set it aside and moved on to other things, but I knew the Father wanted to give me revelation on it. At the beginning of the year I was watching some old Sid Roth videos on YouTube and found a recording of Katie Souza ministering on the soul. I filed it away. One day, I was searching YouTube for supernatural weight loss and there you were again. I decided that maybe there was something to this. I found the Healing Your Soul program and began watching it every morning while getting ready for work. I felt I had finally made the connection. This is where the Lord was taking me…healing my soul. There are 2 miraculous things that have happened to me as a result that I’d like to share.
The first event happened one Saturday morning in May after having listened to HYS for weeks. I was lying in bed and decided that I would watch a movie. It was a really sweet movie. There was a scene with a couple that had been married for 50 years and you could see their affection for each other. They had never had a real wedding and were planning it. As they embraced, I said out of my mouth: “I’m never going to have that.” I was overwhelmed with the feelings of grief and I began to weep. I heard the Holy Spirit say and continue to say, “I want to talk to you about this.” I told Him that I didn’t want to talk to Him about it because it was too painful. You see, I have been divorced for most of my life – more than 22 years. My ex-husband and I were in the ministry and he left me for another woman. It was messy and painful and my son and I were casualties of a lot of hurt and wounds. I forgave my ex-husband and taught my son to do the same.

As a minister of the gospel, I believed that God was calling me to be single. I had embraced that lifestyle. However, over time I would have deep longings to be married again. I would struggle through it and get back on an even keel believing that I was fighting a fleshly desire. Sometime last year, I began to ask the Lord about being single and if it was truly His will for me or was there something else going on. He never really answered…or so I thought. Now, here I was lying in bed on a Saturday weeping like I’d lost my best friend and God was wanting to talk to me about it and I just couldn’t. I turned over on my side and told the Lord I was going to sleep and didn’t want to talk about it. Throughout the day I heard Him in my heart say, “I want to talk to you about this.”
That next week, I had to drive to Rochester, NY to see my twin sister. I said, “Ok, Lord. I’ve got 14 hours of time. I’m ready.” I began listening to the soul series I had recorded on my phone. After a few hours of listening and walking through the process, the Lord took me back to my first relationship – my first love. A lot happened with that and there isn’t enough room to tell it. Suffice it to say, we were in love, but he cheated. Although, I know he deeply regretted it, it took me years to actually forgive it. The Lord began to show me that the pain I experienced through that relationship (that although it wasn’t physical) it was something that deeply wounded my soul. I judged all other men by it. I drew a man who was not faithful to me in marriage. I realized that I even after I had forgiven my first love, there was still a gaping wound in my soul. The Lord showed me that in the 22 years that I had been divorced I had hidden behind Him, the call of God and the work of ministry. How noble to hide behind something that appeared to be spiritual. My wounded soul was “protecting me” from trusting a man. I gained weight to hide from being hurt again. As I applied the blood and released God’s power (the dunamis, wonder-working power of God) into the wound, I wept and wept and wept like I was being released from prison. I prayed in the Spirit for about an hour as I drove. All of a sudden, I felt that I had to stop and use the restroom. It was immediate and I knew that if I didn’t go, I would have an accident. (This is going to get a little graphic, but this is what happened.) I pulled over and nearly jumped out of my car and ran to the bathroom. I nearly fell over backwards. The first thing that I do when going to a public bathroom is check the seat and look for a toilet cover. There was nothing on the seat and there were no toilet covers. So, I knew I would be squatting. After urinating, I turned around and there on the toilet seat was a white oblong mass that had dropped out of me. It is difficult to describe, but I knew it came out of me because there was nothing there before. I do not know what it was. I felt in my spirit that it may have been the removal of a yeast infection. I haven’t been to the doctor in a while, but the last time I went the doctor told me that I was a bit “yeasty”. All I know is after this came out of me, I jumped back in my car and said, “Ok God! What’s next?” I was so freaked out about what happened that I called a friend of mine and was telling her the testimony. She was telling me that she had been praying for me for years that God would send me a godly man and that it was His promise to me. At this point, the sun was going down and I was in New York. As she said that it was God’s promise to give me a godly man who would love me, I looked up and there was the most beautiful rainbow I had ever seen. I have never seen a rainbow at nightfall. I looked it up and they are actually called moon bows and are quite rare. Not only are they rare, but they are often quite pale and hard to really see. This rainbow was brilliant and beautiful! When I saw it I exclaimed to my friend what I was seeing and she began to say, “Wanda, it’s God’s promise!” I cannot thank you enough for your teaching on the soul! It is the connection that I needed to walk in freedom in not only this area, but other areas of my life.

The 2nd testimony happened just last week. I have been eating ice like crazy for over a year now. I just could not stop. Although I would only eat it at work, it began to cause me great concern. Doctors say that this is a sign of low iron or a B12 deficiency. I have suffered with both. I tried to stop so many times, but I couldn’t. I would actually go to the ice machine at work and fill up 3-4 coffee cup sized cups and refill them though-out the day. I would eat about 6-8 cups at lunch time and sometimes I would even skip lunch and just eat ice. I have been doing this for so long that it just became second nature. I could NOT stop! I suffered with pain in my mouth and I was getting concerned about the effects of eating the ice, but it was like a compulsion. I asked the Lord for help. Well, I was listening to the CD series Living Free last week and I went through the process of repenting for bitterness. There have been some things going on here at work and generally I am a person who keeps a good attitude and I kind of keep to myself. I don’t get into a bunch of stuff. Because of the strife that has been going on here and some ongoing issues with the teams, I was letting things get to me. Besides that, there was the Atlanta traffic. I was bitter and I didn’t even realize it. Well, I repented – applied the blood and the dunamis. I did this in my car on the way to work. When I got to work, as always, I went into the kitchen and loaded up my 3 coffee cups of ice. It was just the right texture and consistency that I love. It was perfect and I knew it was going to be a great day! I sat down to eat it and it tasted terrible. I mean nauseatingly terrible. The only way that I can describe is that it tasted salty – like someone had taken sea salt and poured it into the water. It was so nasty that I took it to the kitchen and dumped it out and filled up 3 more cups thinking it was just a bad batch. The same thing! Yuck! It was awful! I sent an email to the tech who checks our ice machines here and told him there was something wrong with the machine. (Hey! I needed my ice fix!) In the interim, I went down to another floor and grabbed 3 cups from that ice machine. Same taste. It was the worst thing I had ever tasted. Not only that, I had no real desire to eat it. I threw it out! I shared this with a co-worker and she mentioned that she had just had a cup of ice and there was nothing wrong with it! Praise God! That was last Thursday. I tried it again this morning and it still tastes like salt to me! I have not eaten ice since! God healed me of whatever deficiency that was going on in my body. I have NO desire to eat ice at all. This is a miracle, because I could not make it through the day without eating ice. Hallelujah! I am healed and free. I know that there is more for God to do in my soul, but I am so thankful that I found this teaching and that God is so faithful! It’s a journey and I am going to continue to allow the Holy Spirit to reveal any hidden wounds that are in my soul. Thank you. -W. K.

PTSD Healing

Thank you so much for your ministry, I am a Vietnam Veteran suffering with PTSD and your teaching is bringing me relief. i pray your anointing will increase in Jesus name. -W.K.


My son, Joshua, is in jail in Oregon. He called me recently & told me he was reading “The Key to Your Expected End”. I got a call from him today. He got saved!!!!! I don’t have anyone to tell & get to rejoice with me, so please help me to rejoice and thank God properly!!! Thank God for Katie & her book!!! I know some say a lot of inmates get “jailhouse religion” but I believe he is saved for real & forever!!!! He’s facing a lot, but I know God will help us!!!! There really is NOTHING impossible with God & NOTHING is too hard for him!!! Thank you, thank you & God bless you all!! -D. H.

Too Many Coincidences

I had student loans totalling $35K years ago. Had to withdraw from college due to my daughter with critical diabetes out of control etc… was too much to attend to her needs as a single mom and school. My loans have been sold- fees added – now about $100,000.00 and growing!!! I have been sowing $111.11 every week since hearing the Deuteronomy 1:11 sermon of Katie’s. I listened at work and everywhere else I went – the next several checks were 111 1111 0111 etc… looked at the clock 1:11 too many coincidences then the next check MY B’DAY!!! 04051964! I thought is this You God? I started sowing everywhere – God caused my husband’s credit report to jump 100 points and we were approved for an FHA low interest loan. I just got one notice from the student loan manager- $0 payments due for a year! Waiting on the other. I am in faith believing that theses are going to also GO IN JESUS’ NAME! -S. K.