We pray you find these testimonies uplifting and encouraging. May the Lord use them to build you up and increase you in faith for your own miracle healing and victory! There is nothing more powerful than a miracle healing testimony! The bible encourages us to declare how much God has done for us (Luke 8:39) Sharing your own story with others helps build up their faith and is a great encouragement to all. We want to rejoice with you in what God is doing in your life. Visit our testify page, and share your story of God’s mighty wonders!

Share Your Story

Perfect Love

Dear Kate, I just finished your book on Soul Decrees. It has greatly impacted my life and walk with God as He continues to heal my soul. I’ve walked with the Lord for 45 years and love His Word. I can’t do without Him. I was saved at 10 years old but having been raised Catholic, never learned how to have a relationship with Him although I always desired to growing up. Learning to trust His Love for me was my greatest challenge in life so as I did all the repentance and cleansing of my bloodline from the beginning and the decrees, which I actually felt taking place, He showed me something so simple again but sooooo profound. What the Lord showed me from Soul Decrees is …”as Jesus is, so am I in this world.” “Perfect love cast out fear. His Love is not perfect in the person who fears! = Faith…to trust, wait, hope, believe, see…thus, from glory to glory! …we are changed/transformed into His likeness in this world. I can relax, “Perfect Love” lives in me! His perfect Love IS DUNAMIS! (My ongoing fear has been lack of personal significance and provision for me at a very deep level of my soul.) I’ve had faith in who He is, His Godhood, since I was a child but understanding His Dunamis Love inside me to release to myself and others was not grasped until now! Thank you for your love and faithfulness, and many blessings. Christ Follower, Yeshua is His name!  -A. R.

Babysit Your Soul

Hi, Katie. So I think it is about time I shared what has been happening. For many years I have had an on-off relationship with God. Last year I started walking with God. I started watching God TV. We bought a house and my already rocky marriage turned into and earthquake. So I started looking for a church very bitter. November I asked God to help me find out why I am stuck in life and why no matter how I try I just can’t get ahead in life. So God lead me to your channel on YouTube. I started watching your show and applying what you taught. I then got my mum who visited on to your teaching and she got my dad onto it as well. There is so much that happened. But here is the short version of it. I am now the church intercessor. I also preach twice this year. But the most amazing thing that happened was we were attacked by an intruder. My dad was stabbed multiple times. He sustained 14 stab wounds in the flesh while his clothes and bruising told a much different story. Even though we went through this ordeal my mum, dad and I sustained no trauma to our soul it was like we were observers. My husband had a severely cracked hand and lives in fear (guess who has not been doing your teachings). My mum and dad has been on your teachings for two weeks prior to the attack. The police could not believe we didn’t hate our attacker, but felt sorry for him. Here is what I have learned. I have learned that you really need to babysit your soul and that when you soul is healed no matter what happens it does not affect you. I also apply your teaching to the people at church and I am seeing some great results. I love your mentorship program and just had a miracle praying 2 Timothy 2: 25 – 26 yesterday for my hubbies boss who was persecuting my husband. So for anyone that doubt if this works. My dad, mum and I are living proof that when you heal your soul, no matter what the enemy throws at you it cannot affect you. It will be like water running off a ducks back. I hope my testimony helps others to start healing their soul.

PS: My dad still wears the clothes he was attacked in and he, my mum and I sleep soundly at night. After the attack, I cleaned all the blood from the walls and floors, washed the bedding and clothes and I still have no trauma. 🙂 Get your souls healed people. It is so worth it!   -M. D.

The Extraordinary Power in Communion

I was listening to Katie one day and she was sharing the power of communion. The importance to take it at times we feel we could become offended. To prevent an offense landing on us and to prevent snakes landing on us.
So I thought, this is a beautiful idea …I’m gonna try this on my mother in law …before i go in her room and get offended (she lives with us) I thought what a great thing…I’ll take communion and stay offense free. So I take communion and I go walking in her room. She greets me w a couple “Good morning sweet peas”! Starts telling me how efficient I am and how I must make a wonderful wife (for her son) So now I’m thinking “wow! That was extraordinaire ..I had incredible favor just after taking communion!” It was sweet! I left the room with no offenses …only a huge smile upon my heart and face ! It was a beautiful moment and definitely made me see the extraordinary power in communion even in simple but very important day to day issues with people. Praise God! -A. B.

A Defeated Foe

Hi Katie. I put in my prayer request twice on your Facebook Mentoring page. I had burning at the bottom of my right foot & then started having numbing up to my calf. It was also happening on my left foot but not as bad. the first request it got better, but a few days latter it started back. so, I decided I’m not going to allow this to continue. So I put in the 2nd prayer request. It was slow, but I was determined I was not going to give this ground to the devil. Now I have no numbness or swelling in either lower extremity. Praise God. Waiting for the next series of teaching on leviathan. He is a defeated foe in my life.  -B.A.

Storing up Treasures in Heaven

Hi Ministry Team! My husband and I have been watching Katie’s you tube episodes every night for the last week and will continue until we watch all of them! Something crazy keeps happening EVERY TIME we watch one of her messages. My husband or myself or both of us…. falls asleep. It’s like the glory of the Lord rests upon us while she is preaching and we pass out. The tangible presence of God can be felt resting on us. We are trying so hard to learn from her teachings but we keep falling asleep during them!!!! I think God is healing our souls by doing this. For the teachings we have managed to stay awake during, we have received major amounts of soul healing from bitterness & unforgiveness from people who have hurt us, specifically for me, from my old business partner. (I owned a high end women’s boutique, then sold for a profit, thank God) My husband and I are entrepreneurs and we have had financial success in our lives. We are a young couple, 35 and 37, we have a young son and we are passionate about giving and building His kingdom. I am so thankful for this ministry. We gave a one time donation today and I am so excited for the soil we just seeded into.

Katie – Girlfriend, you are a freaking rockstar. Keep preaching, teaching and bringing the truth to this generation so Jesus can fulfill the God given destiny he has planned for his children . Thank you for being so real, so raw and pouring out your heart so that people like me can be set free and soar into all that God has planned. I hope one day we meet, but until then, I will keep building and sowing because lets face it, this life is temporary and it’s all about storing up treasures in heaven. Sending you much love and gratitude. -S. P.

Jehovah Rapha

God healed my back pain of many years due to accidents and he threw in the healing of my knees and forearm. Thanks be to God, He is still in the business of miracles. Hallelujah! He is Jehovah Rapha my healer.  -S. F.

Cleansed Bloodline

I’ve been listening to your teaching and soakers for about a year. I have most of your teachings & all of the soakers. I listen to them every night. Sometimes I listen to your teachings on Facebook at night & leave your soakers going too. Katie in stereo. I get your books so I can give them away. I use smile for amazon to give back to the ministry. I am a partner & on the mentoring also. I have had problems forgiving myself. I made a bad choice with a man in my early 20s just before I got born again. He brought the wrath of leviathan & legion in my life & family plus witchcraft. This man is dead (1999), but we had a child & now 2 grandchildren from him. The youngest of the grandchildren, Cody I have raised for 12 years. Cody, 15 is born again & speaks in tongues. I fell Feb 2017 at work & received a closed head injury. While at home recouping I saw a post from you that said, “Is leviathan kicking your butt!” This was my first knowledge of you & the awesome revelation God has given you. I was so cautious of the Nephilim virus teaching. I checked out a great teacher like Perry Stone. I was concerned I would be lead into bad teaching with my confusion, but my spirit was jumping for joy. I read the book of Noah. then came back to your teachings. While on 1/3 of my pay I found money to buy your CD’s. Bent 1 was the first one. the man I married confessed to having sex with a female spirit ect. I had found Gen 6 years after we divorced. Still the main stream churches didn’t teach any of this. I have been praying for my soul wounds to be healed for myself & Cody. I am in a better place with God/Word-Jesus/Holy Spirit than I ever have been. Cody was given a word “God has cleansed his bloodline from him forward they will serve God.” This works! Thank you!!!!!! I thank God for the seed of your Mom that we are a branch of. Love you, -B.A.

The Woman God Called Me To Be

I have suffered much lost and trauma in my life including the lost of my 10 year old son. I became a pastor but never understood why I couldn’t move forward in my ministry. After many years of toiling without results I got to the place of wanting to just quit and throw in the towel. Just this morning, I cried, screamed and begged God to show me why I could not move forward! Why I kept having dreams about my past and immediately I got a text from a sister telling me to listen to this message on an unhealed Soul . I listened and immediately brought the book. I am listening now and I am more excited than I have ever been. I am now on a journey to get my soul healed so I can be the woman God called me to be! Thank you and thank God for this revelation..it has SAVED my life and my ministry!  -C. L.

Never Stopping

I was at the meeting in NYC for 3 days and on one of the session there was a breakthrough angel that broke through the ceiling. Well, I went to a meeting last night and the pastor felt like break through was in that meeting. Then in church today, the pastor asked if anyone wanted to receive Jesus, some people stood up and he moved forward. Then he stopped and said that Holy Spirit said there was one more. We started praying and pressing in. I asked the break through angel to come as soon as I finished asking a man stood up then a couple more stood up. I’m believing that the break through angel, since I was in that meeting, that I can call on the break through angel that harkens to the word of God. I’m so grateful for being in that meeting and all the meetings. I’ve never left with such a tangible gift of God, for God’s glory!! I’ve always heard of impartation (in my 4 years of Christianity), I’m just so grateful for Katie Souza pressing in and never stopping till break through happened and paving a way… Glory to God!! SO grateful to this ministry for the mantel it carries and the tangible, not talk, but sound teaching that helps people break through!!! Bless you guys, on earth as it is in heaven 🙂  -A. T.

Never Give Up

I decided to put my house up for sale because I found my mom on the floor twice! So, I decided to sell the house and move into my sister’s condo building. Within a month I got the condo (Miracle 1), but it had no shower in her room, just a toilet and sink. I found a plumber to put in a shower. Someone in the government signed for the plumbing, but the city inspectors could not find the manager that signed the go ahead (Miracle 2). The contractor wanted more money, but I was waiting for the house to be sold, so he put a lean on the condo and was suing me for 27K. We (Katie’s ministry) prayed… his lawyers put the lean on wrong property (Miracle 3)! I asked my real estate agent for a new contractor. He got his good friend to help, knowing we were in a jam.

Due to all the stress, bitterness, and hatred, I was attacked in my body by what Katie calls “the Egyptian botch”! I had a rash from head to toe, lost half my hair and my face was almost unrecognizable. The skin specialist said it was Rosacea of some sort. So, I asked for prayers continually and confessed the word of God that somehow people would not notice (since I work with the public). Thank God for makeup and soaking to Katie’s teaching on bitterness! I played it 24 hours a day in my room. The healing of my skin was gradual. It was my mom’s dream to go to Israel, so we went there the last two weeks of June, 2017. The day we got there, my mother slipped in the bedroom! We were in and out of hospital for a week. The last week we were there, I told her, “We are going to the tomb!” I was like a crazy women, “Everybody step back, she’s going in!” A Mexican pastor was in there the same time she was. I said to him if she falls it’s your fault!” He said, “In the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,” and out he went! I prayed for my mom and she walked out of that tomb without pain! (Miracle 4)

On July 2nd, the day after coming home, I went to get groceries, and due to stress, I fainted at the steering wheel of my brand new car and totaled it! I was traumatized and in bed for a week. Again, I called for prayer. This time my body went through swelling and my legs and knees were injured. I was still experiencing body swelling when I had my picture taken with Katie in November. I was charged with careless driving and got a $500 dollar ticket, plus 6 points off my license! God gave me a strategy for my court date on December 18th. I went to court wearing my uniform (I work for the CATSA). The police officer and four witnesses were there. The crown called me up and said that I should seek counsel. I agreed and the case was postponed until February 5, 2018. Again, I called for prayer that the officer and witnesses would not show up for court. Once again I wore my uniform, but this time Holy Spirit said, “No, don’t show it, keep your jacket on.” The crown called me up and I said that I had my medical report with me. He asked if anyone else was involved or if there were any other damages. Since the officer and witnesses did not show up, my case was dismissed! (Miracle 5) So, to celebrate, I got this image photo-shopped! This really lifted my spirits…you can see I finally got all my hair back and I’m looking much better!

I urge whoever is reading this testimony to never give up and never give in! I remember closing my eyes in the shower and focusing on Jesus! I would confess the word while holding onto the grip bars and say, “My hair is blessed! By His stripes I’m healed! The blood of Jesus washes me!” I love Katie and her team so much and I’m so grateful to all of you …can’t wait for you all to come to Canada finally. – Rita

Freed From Mental Anguish

Katie, I am so grateful for you – that you listen to God and obey Him. Amen. Because of your teaching on how to get your soul healed, I am not in captivity anymore. Although I have never spent time in jail or prison, my soul man was bound in shackles for a very long time, but not any more. After many years of pure mental anguish, I’m free. Praise God. After listening to your teaching and learning to repent, apply the blood of Jesus and His dunamis power, soaking in His Light and Glory and putting the fire of the blessed Holy Spirit on my soul wounds I am being healed from the inside out. Praise God. God has moved me into a place of peace and rest in the supernatural that I had only dreamed about. In April, I was able to attend the Accelerate Into Abundance Event at Lee’s Summit MO on April 26-28, 2018. It was like a super soak. Do you remember telling us there was someone God wanted to heal who had an elbow injury? I thought it was me when you gave the word of knowledge, but since it was suppose to be someone who had played tennis and I’ve never played tennis (I’m a golfer) I didn’t respond. But when I came to the meeting I had tennis elbow that had nagged me for months due to injury and over use. You kept praying for people, and by faith I just stood where I was, turned my faith on, believed God to heal my elbow and received healing from Jesus. I came hungry, believing God for everything He wanted to impart to me that weekend. One week later I am pain free and using my arm and flexing my elbow as if I never had an injury. I am convinced it begin healing that Thursday night. Also during that event the Holy Spirit gave me the gift of tongues too. Amen. The other miracles in our home in the last year is that Father is restoring my marriage. My tongue speaks kind words to my hubby and I am more patient with him than I’ve ever been. My son is about to leave home for the Golf Academy of America in Farmers Branch, TX to follow his life-long dream. Relationships with my brothers is being restored. You asked me an interesting question when we came up. The day before conference I had painted my bedroom, but I didn’t remember that. All I could tell you then was that I had been soaking every night. I continue to soak in the Glory Light of Jesus, which I had listened to for several days before coming to Lee’s Summit. And speaking of body parts: I am decreeing my dad will get his new knees. I am soaking Dad, hubby, son and family and other loved ones in the Glory Light of Jesus. I am even a different para-educator to my students than I was 9 months ago. Today, I have the mind of Christ. All my ancient gates are opened up to Jesus. I am healed and I am whole in Jesus Name. Amen. -J. O.

Big Praise Report

Like to share a big praise report on last Saturdays meetings in Denver I was able to do due to the healing I received on the 14th – for you all at Excepted Ends that you all there might be interested in…. without that healing then what happened in those two meetings would not have happened… Saturday April 28, 2018 was amazing day for the Lord, I did two meetings in one day. No coughing full voice range and pitch – Praise you Jesus! God is moving in the miraculous! Two meetings: first was at healing room in Bridgeway Church in Denver in the afternoon in the Gym. Taught the team a bit and many of them needed their soul healed. After that, to the folks.  Five people, including one deliverance with manifestation occurred. The manifestation didn’t last long. Just under two minutes and then the restoration healing of the wound in the heart. I learned not to waste time with manifestations, just set the person free. Some of the folks on the team and the ones that came for prayer, believe it or not, wondered about the word of knowledge and discernment that the Lord flowed thru me.  I was kind of surprised that many of team there were praying for folks in a healing room that do not rely on the Holy Spirit but rather on techniques. Well, they got a dose of the Holy Ghost Saturday. They became pumped. Amen!
Next, at Living Word International in Wheatridge/Denver that evening. The Lord moved. Several notable healings happened.  After briefly sharing my own healing testimony, the Lord shown me a person sitting the audience who had some sort of hearing issue. So, a young guy came up with ringing so bad in the ears that he had difficulty hearing. Began to pray for him, the Lord read his mail, heart/soul wound tactfully graciously revealed, tears in his eye and, yes, ear healed. Then I asked him what was wrong with his shoulder- left side. Some torn muscles from an old injury he said. Healed. He was on fire, happy and anointed. I had him later help pray for another woman. I include people whom the Lord shows me to help pray for folks. Just the way he has me do things. A woman came up with generational sins following her, a walking accident, 5 car wreaks, injuries at home, etc, back fused, neck spine, rupture disks, could hardly move or stand. She began feeling the heat and limbering up and the pain decreased. So, I ask the guy who was healed to help pray for her and she received it – healing. There were several more healings too. But the last one was amazing, a woman who had five neck surgeries (accident) with the surgery scars on side and front of neck as well as a long deep one on the back where neck meets spine. She could not move her neck to the left at all and limited movement to right and up and down, back issues too, and recently torn her achilles tendon too. Well, she can now move her neck left and right up and down full range of motion, no back issue, and the tendon healed too. See left very happy! However, there was one individual at the Living Word meeting that evening that the Lord restrained me launching into a full soul healing-deliverance for.  She wanted freedom, but something was blocking it. The block, generational rejection that is following this person causing questions and rage. What I saw in the spirit was– lots of pain from hatred from her mom, dumping her into the foster system (which happened) abuse, you name in…and too much to list here. She verified all this as well too. Best I could do was pray as the Lord directed me too for this woman who I will call simply – J – to go directly before the Lord and have Him expose and answer the ‘big why’ she had that holds the rage in. She couldn’t see past it. I released the Co 2:10 for her as led by the Lord. J lives in Colorado Springs and works as an elder caregiver there.
I have encountered similar things before in people. It is as though they are there determined to prove that God can’t help them be free them, yet want God too help them so they come with a provoking attitude – and for her it was the ‘I have been rejected, wounded so bad, can’t help me attitude’ that causes a person wear the’ – I’m rejected so reject me – no one can help – I’m despicable clothes every day.’ So, if possible if the Lord permits, could you all please pray for – J -to have her soul healed and set free. J has blessings from the Lord but the ‘rage’ and the ‘why’ things she wears blocks J from entering fully into the Lord and robs her of her blessings. She needs her eyes opened and rest I leave in the Lord’s hands. The meetings were awesome last Saturday and God’s miraculous power in full display. Feels good to be back in the saddle again and I want to thank Katie calling me out and praying healing for me on April 14, 2018. If not, last Saturday would not have happened – so you all have a behind the scenes hand in God’s work at both Bridgeway Healing Rooms and Living Word Ministries international meetings in Denver! I spoke and prayed for people in two meetings so much that I am slightly horse from it, but it feels good because I can feel it. Need the callouses in the windpipes again – LOL.  My wife says I over did it but I feel great! People who haven’t had any ‘no’ feeling in the larynx can’t imagine what is like to be able to speak normal again and what this means. Ever Grateful for every-ones call and obedience and moxie for the Lord at Expected End Ministries! B.W.M