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We pray you find these testimonials uplifting and encouraging. May the Lord use them to build you up and increase you in faith for your own miracle healing and victory! There is nothing more powerful than a miracle healing testimony! The bible encourages us to declare how much God has done for us! (Luke 8:39) Sharing your own story with other believers helps build up their faith and is a great encouragement to all.  We want to rejoice with you in what God is doing in your life. Visit our testify page, and leave a testimony to the mighty wonders of our God!


Free From Freemasonry

I have been listening to Katie for a little over a year. I have experienced so much healing and deliverance. God has been setting me free from Freemasonry that was very much a generational curse in my family line. There is one spirit that I continually have to stay in repentance for and that is Leviathan. That is a major stronghold in Freemasonry. I just purchased The Serpent and the Soul and I am so excited about the further revelations. I am trusting God that through this I will be completely set free from Leviathan. Katie thank you for laying down your life and this incredible revelation. Your boldness, humility and honesty have spoken to me more than anything. Once again thank you from the bottom of my heart.  – D. R.

No Anxiety No Fear

Katie, I wanted to reach out and tell you how I have been blessed by your ministry. I started watching your programs in early May of this year. A church friend posted a video on Facebook and as I was scrolling, I stopped on your video but it took few days later before I made time to sit down and watch. Rewinding a little bit, the beginning of 2017 my anxiety and anxiety attacks I felt like I could not control them anymore. I had suffered keeping them under control for nearly 12 years. My first attack happened behind the wheel of a car, I was alone and my entire body lost feeling and the extreme pain would radiate from head to toe. At that time, the heart specialist told me if I did not learn to control them I could have a stroke as I was having upwards of three major attacks a day even on medicine. The trauma from that incident stripped me of living a normal life as I was afraid to drive, be in small spaces, etc would trigger the attacks. It took me a year from the time of the first attack to be able to drive alone or even be in public places. Fast-forwarding to May of 2017 I had reached that point of no longer being able to control my anxiety, it ruled my life. My husband was out of town during the week and it was just me and my 7-year-old and 1 year old. I watched your first 3 programs on Youtube and ever since then, I’ve had NO ANXIETY! NO FEAR! I have the peace the Bible speaks of. Now that it’s been 5 months later I still wake up so grateful that it is gone and that is NOT the only thing that has been healed. My mind chatter is GONE, I cursed a lot and that left me INSTANTLY, depression left me, I chronically watched anything paranormal and the desire is GONE! I have dealt with anger issues all my life and that was INSTANTLY GONE! And now I have visions during the day! Katie, I love your programs and you are teaching me so much. I watch you every single day. Thank you for blessing us with the teachings The Lord has given to you. I can now live at peace and finally start my life at 35 without attacks. I always knew there was something more to God and this is it! – M. M.


Where to start.. I was recently incarcerated for missing 1 call to PO due to being in hospital having a blood transfusion after massively hemorrhaging. (keep in mind I have not been convicted of anything and trial could takes years and yet I was the one who blew the whistle when I found out what was going on and wanted to do the right thing) Unfortunately I learned the hard way NEVER speak to the feds without an attorney or God holding your hand first! I was taken and put into a infirmary cell no windows no light left hemorrhaging for 5 days with no pads no way to clean up .. not food no water.. I had blood clots in both lungs and had just gotten out of hospital a few days before all of this. I had almost died twice from blood clots moving into my lungs the month prior and then allergic reaction to xarellto in which I was passing clots the size of my liver and softballs. My blood count had dropped to 5.8 (5.0 is death) God kept me alive and saved me from all of this. Then I get incarcerated and chained and shackled and put on bus and planes immobile for hours (this alone would have killed someone in my condition) they transported me from California to NY (the long way) I was so angry with God and confused. I had used Gods law to fight back against the false arrest and filed under common law Gods law to protect myself. I could not understand why this was all happening to me I was numb and thinking God had abandoned me in one sense yet knew it my heart it was ONLY through God that I was alive after all of the above. I knew I should have died with the hemorrhaging and no food no water etc… I was dumb founded and God didn’t seem to be answering me. I was beyond miffed and angry with God and yelling at him one min praying the next and then crying and surrendering in the next. I was going from feeling blessed to feeling God had forsaken me. It was a true test of my faith on so many levels. I couldnt understand how doing the right thing landed me in jail. I came back from court after the judge denied my bail and wanted this that and the other thing.. (my lawyer did show up got stuck with public defender) and was just beyond words. I got back to the prison and just laid in bed for 3 days told God “im not talking to you, you didn’t deliver me home why am I here still why is this happening!! you have for saken me” on the 4 th day I got up and was just numb and I get a shower and then go to dry my hair and a woman I never spoke to comes to me and says. “God told me to tell you he has NOT forsaken you and that NO man can be against you because I am for you!” I just starred at her and tears welled up in my eyes.. and I still wanted to be angry with God and said “I needed that but Im still upset with you” . It took me til bed time later to finally let go of that anger and confusion and open up to God again.. and I heard him chuckle.. and say.. “you always the rebel when you feel something is unjust” that made me laugh.. I went through so many ups and downs for the next 5 months before being released. I begged God “what is your will for me please reveal this to me tell me” daily 10 x or more a day I asked and NO answer came at first.. then I heard “be Still” then I heard “give it all to me” then I heard “you will be a judge” I laughed and said cant do that with a felony record.. and then God said “am I not greater than man?” I said well yeah!.. and then i said that’s a lot to learn.. at my age (I’m 52 and have a paralegal masters degree) God said “Am I not greater than you?” I said how will you help me learn this? God said “I will download this to you” (FYI im still waiting been home a month now) I know its all in Gods time so I am waiting patiently.. then God told me that I would lead a great many people like Deborah in the bible. god exact words to me where “you will be like Deborah in the bible” (of course I had to look this up and found Deborah in Judges and was blow away she was a palm judge and lead a King into battle. (Never really remembered Deborah in the bible prior) then God showed me white plates being handed out.. ( I had asked God if it would still be ok to feed the hungry as its been my passion to not let anyone go hungry that I could help) I knew he was blessing me with continuing to feed many!! 😉 .. 2 weeks later I am praying started a bible study was talking to the other women and helping them with understanding their rights and knowing what to ask their attorneys and fighting their cases, when I came across “THE KEYS TO YOUR EXPECTED END” sitting on a table in the rec room I flipped through and thought oh its for recovering addicts (mind you I didn’t read it just assumed) so I put it back down. Next day it was on my mind again and I went in the room didn’t see the book on the table and forgot about it. Several days later it was back on the table and I again was drawn to it. I then flipped through it again and someone came in started talking to me and I put the book down again, and walked away. A few days later again I flip through it and put down again LOL.. yet I know I’m being drawn to this book. Finally Sunday services come and as I am ready to leave the room after services I see the book again and start to flip the pages and a girl says to me “that’s a really great book you should read it you will really like it” that did it and I took the book and read it and couldn’t put it down.. in it was the answers the KEYS to how to pray to be released!! NOW I AM HOME!! GOD ANSWERED MY PRAYERS CAUSE I LEARNED HOW TO ASK!! God put your book before me Katie to help me break out and break free! I used your book to do bible studies with many of the girls and now they are continuing on with the studies and many are reading the book !! 😉 Amen God is good!!

One more miracle 🙂

Wow! Wow! Wow! I was watching your series on Healing The Wounded Soul and getting supernatural healing for weight-loss and inflammation! and my stomach was sticking out inflamed with diverticulitis and I had (I declared I’m healed) and had Hashimotos auto immune thyroiditis yes lots of it! Immediately after the prayer my stomach went way down! The inflammation in my legs and arms and belly GONE! Instantly I was jumping around screaming!! I have done healing with others for so many years and NEVER knew about soul healing!! Wow Wow Wow.. Amen! Glory be to God and in the name of Jesus ! I am healed and my stomach is flat and the weight is melting off! I’m going to weight myself here shortly cause I feel like its just melting instantly and I am I’m beyond words elated!! THANK YOU KATIE!! XO – J. G.


My husband and I started to study Katie’s teachings last November. We started to get our souls healed and came under attack by the enemy. By April we got in a fight and a long story short my husband went to jail. We were separated for about a month. During that time we were seeking God and getting healing in our souls. God did a mighty work in our marriage as well as start healing an injury from birth that my husband endured at the hands of doctors. He was premature and the doctor used forceps to deliver him. He suffered with nerve damage to the left side of his face that looks like he has had a stroke. Most people mistake it for that. My husband is 52 years old. He could not feel anything touch the left side of his face and neck prior to this time. Nor did he have any lines in his face from musculature. I am a nurse and nerves do not grow back. It has been proven by medicine that once nerves are damaged that there is no chance of repair. WELL……..my husband for the past 3 to 4 months has had feeling in his neck, he is getting lines and smile wrinkles, his left side of his face now gets tired. He can feel that something is on his face without me telling him and the line in the middle of his lip is straightening out.  We came to the conference in Tampa and I am believing that the healing in his face will be a finished work by Holy Spirit. I tell my husband that his face will be so straight that it will be completely symmetrical. Most people have slight differences between the sides of their faces. I tell my husband that God will heal it completely and it will be “disgustingly” symmetrical. Katie prayed for my husband the first night and it was slightly straighter in the morning. We are heading to day two in a little while and I believe that the healing will be done. I will give update later. I believe that this will be used in our territory for a sign and a wonder. Go God!!!!!!!!!  -M. R.

Listening and Re-listening

My whole household has been listening and re-listening to all you teach and soaking to your ‘soaks’ for years!!!! Of course you don’t know us, but we always refer to you as ‘Katie’ when referencing soaking times or dreams and such. And the Lord affectionately will say (if he is wanting me to soak in particular), “Go to turn on Katie”, meaning on my computer. My husband and I just moved to Indiana, from Spotsylvania/Fredericksburg VA, and we just recently went to a Battle for the Soul Tour in Chicago in August. In 2013, I went through a terrorizing and torturous…I don’t know….infirmity or affliction or what, the doctors did not know either, ….I will just say a thing. In my hearing it sounded like I was standing next to jet engines, literally, so I could not hear . My eyesight had been broken up completely like a kaleidoscope, so I could not see. I felt like a human gyroscope, because I would be in total blackness being pulled backward through a black hole at lightening speed, upside down, and spinning in 4 different directions at once. I could not tell where I was. Of course I could only scream and throw up until I passed out, shut down and started dying or I was in an ambulance and sedated. These started as episodes that increased in length and intensity almost the whole year till they finally would not stop and I was then kept in the hospital, sedated on 12 medications. I was pretty much just skin and bones, as I could not eat, nor sleep, nor live. I knew I was pretty much gone, and was in the spirit, or at times aware of being in the spirit and talking to the Lord and ready to go home. He did not say anything to me, instead I was, or felt like I was hidden, like in a cleft in a mountainside or shallow cave and I was aware of and could only partly see some huge battle going on. Something so huge, cause it was thousands upon thousands of what I assumed were demons and angels. At times I would hear our Pastor singing the song, “you do miracles so great”. And I wondered what it was all about. Cause I was fine in the spirit. 🙂  After several weeks this battle had been won and I woke up and there was the most intense quiet and peace. Though the black hole and torture were gone, it would be another week or so until I was actually miraculously healed in Pagosa Springs, Colorado through a John G. Lake healing room. My husband had made arrangements at the beginning of that year at a time share and plane tickets for the family in November. So he put me in a wheelchair, still with some meds and got me on that plane, thinking the hot springs would unlock my muscles, that were now frozen from the terror. Only to find out you can’t put someone in that condition in even a mild hot spring! I had two other episodes of just the spinning part, the second one lasting 14 hours. I could not sustain that either and was dying yet again. So my husband went to call an ambulance but saw the phone number for the healing room, and the people came and prayed for me, and I was absolutely healed and none of it has ever happened again.  But I spent the next three years in bed, because of the frozen muscles, and overcoming all the terrors, trauma fears, oppressions, and the trauma and anger of my husband. Taking back my ground and my life, completely alone, as far as people went. My husband had to go to work of course, and it so traumatized our friends, they deserted us. The Lord used teachings and audio books, including yours of course in those years. I wrote prayers, I declared and decreed the word for hours and hours all day. I soaked, I prayed, I cried, I went to the courtroom, I repented, forgave. when I was awake enough..what else do you do in bed day and night?!?!?! I lived in level 15 pain days and days at a time, and was of course having to take a muscle relaxer and tramadol.  So In August this year the Lord did actually tell me to go to Chicago to actually be in the meetings. My daughter had just gone to see you in Denver a few weeks before, and her right leg which was crooked from the hip down, was miraculously straightened out!!!! She was beside herself, in awe and crying, she didn’t even ask for it or expect it or was even thinking about it…at least consciously that she knew of. It completely changed lots of things in her life, and the Lord told her he was straightening out her walk in life, not just her leg.  Just a few days before my husband and I left for Chicago, the Lord was showing me ‘tombs’ I was still hanging around in, though he called them ‘self importance’. Plus I had been working on the character bent of false burden bearing for several months. So during those ministry times I was intensely healed of them. I had the fire and heat, and electric going on for at least 15-20 minutes. But the best part was the last session.  When I was 5 years old I fell on an angle iron and ripped my face open. I was called scar face, literally, until I was about 15 years old. I lived pretty much isolated, outcast and never really spoke to anyone. You can imagine what all that did.  I have gone through lots of healing and everything for all that on and off for a many years…and really what came in through that trauma. What was so wonderful was in that last session, I heard Jesus say…Wendy, come, come, come, come with me. So I went with Him and was walking with Him for a bit and then we were on His white horse. There were triangle shaped banners of greens, teal, white, pink and fuscia over the horse and the horse was decked out in those colors. We were galloping and he was laughing. I am watching this, but also participating in it….and I am a 5 year old girl on the horse with Him, with this particular checkered dress on that I liked and my black patent leather shoes. I am scared, but not of riding, just of what was happening to me from the accident. We just kept galloping on the horse through time, until I was laughing, and as I grew up into a beautiful young woman…up to around 28 years old. In the natural, I was standing in one of the back rows with my husband, burning on fire, sweating, and having the most agonizing pain coming out of the center of my chest. I was told to stand, and keep standing, cause I just wanted to lay down on the floor or at least sit down. It went on through the whole worship, till I just could not stand anymore and I was told I could lean on my husband. At that moment he actually put his arms around me and leaned me up against him. Later on I could actually feel a lightness and brightness in the center of my chest. Then when we got home the Lord gave me a dream from which he revealed the inner performance I had to put on in myself, that I was okay growing up like that, being by myself, and being called scar face and an outcast.  And I got healed and freed from all that, which was another character bent.  And since 2013 I have ‘heard’ in my right ear, talking, and or commotion going on non- stop.Sometimes it’s just 2 talking, sometimes lots of …..I would say people, but they are not human voices, and it certainly isn’t anything of God…so I am assuming demons, or some device or something. I just don’t know yet. Sometimes so loud, it is hard to hear. I came to the meetings wanting that to end, as I am still not sure all that it is. But I have been soaking it and all the gates in the midst, and it has gotten half as loud since the meetings! I am continuing to soak of course, and and will till it is gone!!!!  We, my husband, 2 daughters, son, myself, having been getting our sousl healed, and freed as we soak and our lives changed, and most desirous, closer to Jesus, and our Father, and Holy Spirit. Becoming our true identity and walking in our true destinies!!!!  When around 30 years old…I think it was about 1988 there was a song out called “Shine Jesus Shine”. That song so impacted me. The Lord began to wake me up in the night at 2:00am. I would start singing that song, and just saying….Jesus, shine on me, shine,Jesus, shine, shine your light into my soul and show me any sin, or anything you want. It took about 20 minutes of that and He would indeed show up and I would be with Him for several hours. I would be shown a soul wound, I would repent, forgive, cry, break agreements and what ever He told me, and I would get healed and delivered. This went on every night for 2 years. That was the beginning of my soaking experience. But I did not have any of the word to back up anything I experienced. And did not know enough to look for it in the scripture. I just believed what the word said, and it said it everywhere. I got freer and freer…but no one believed me and couldn’t understand how that could happen, even though I was in a charismatic church.  So when I heard your cds for the first time,( this is years later of course), I was so overjoyed that the Lord raised up someone who was teaching from the word how real this was, and how much Jesus wanted this….he paid for it all….why would He not!???  I gave your cds to anyone I could at the time and told them….this is what I have been trying to tell you….listen…listen..listen…it is true and real. I am so thankful for you, your husband and all your team, and all you do, all they do, truly a beautiful and wondrous for runner ministry, beautiful in unity and the carriers of Jesus. I so bless all of you and thank our Father for all of you, and delight in Jesus’ delight of you. -W. W.

A Wonderful Adventure

I’d like to take some time today to share some of the bigger things God has done in my life. One of the things I had been dealing with was inflammation/edema. I actually have pictures where you can see that one day I had a lot of edema from head to toe and then just two days later I look slimmer because I don’t have edema going on. Once I learned about healing the soul through Katie’s show and I saw those pictures I thought, “Wow! This is proof that something spiritual is going on.” Basically I would wake up slim but by the end of the day I’d end up with edema. Now, for me it wasn’t that everyday I had new offenses, but I had old wounds that hadn’t been healed and so I was being messed with. I was working with a doctor and the symptoms kind of coincided with what he would do or say (in terms of getting better), but overall they’d still be there. So here I am listening to him about what foods I should be eating this and that. Now I know it is just a way to keep us fooled thinking that the problem is in the natural since I would see my edema go down only to come back. It was miserable. I am young, but that made me feel tired. I also had an issue all of a sudden where I couldn’t stand the heat. I grew up in FL, but all of a sudden I could no longer stand heat. This is something I also attributed to the natural. I thought well I adapted to northern weather since I lived in the Midwest for several years. So as everyone else would comment about being hot in the summer, I too felt it. I would wonder why sometimes given how it never used to bother me and all of a sudden I needed the house to be at a colder temperature than it had ever been in my whole life. Anyhow, I began to have dreams as Katie Souza explains about the wounds in my soul and every day I’d wake up repenting about those specific sins. I kept working diligently as Holy Spirit would show me now work on this or that. I didn’t watch the shows in order. I did the first few, but after that Holy Spirit would guide me about which I should watch first. I also have the Soul Decrees book and I would pray the offense prayers almost daily. After doing that and buying the bitterness CD I no longer ever have edema. Like ever. Before I was fully healed I could attribute it to things like “eating too much salt” or “eating out” which has too much salt usually. Now, on the occasion that I do eat out it never returns. I really used to be able to give this “natural” reasons for it, but now it doesn’t matter. It never returns. Oh, and while everyone is complaining about it being so hot outside right now. I am back to normal. Heat does not bother me anymore. Who would have thought even something like that could be connected?  Another interesting thing that I have no idea what particular video or soak healed me is that I used to be really afraid of heights. Then one day my husband and I were on a pier and I see a sea turtle and I am looking down and I am so excited and then all of a sudden I realize, “Hey, I am looking down and I am not afraid.” I keep doing it and doing it and I keep showing my husband-Look! I am not afraid anymore! I thought to myself, “Oh my! Even something like this is related to the soul?”  Now lastly, I assumed I had a bitterness bent and that certain things that were lingering in my life were from bitterness. Well, it wasn’t true. I kept repenting and repenting about things but repenting about bitterness and it wasn’t working. I would still feel it. I kept thinking I guess I am just going through all the layers. Well, I finally had my sister tell me through the Holy Spirit it isn’t bitterness. The bitterness is gone. It is resentment. So I prayed that and then it was gone. Then I still felt something else and I couldn’t pin point what that was either and she had another word of knowledge for me and it was remorse. Then I began to realize that for me my first reaction isn’t bitterness or anger, but sorrow. I had known that I was feeling hurt and sadness so after bitterness wasn’t working I kept praying about dwelling among the tombs, but that hadn’t been it either. So, it turns out there is a lot of different feelings we can be facing and we don’t exactly know what to call them, but Holy Spirit does and He will guide us because He wants us to be healed. I had to look up the words resentment and remorse and I guess they are different enough from other feelings that I had to be specific about them. Once I repented of those specific feelings it finally went away! One thing I love about getting our soul healed is that Katie is so compassionate and we understand that it has to do with generational iniquities and that even though we keep repenting and forgiving it hasn’t worked because we haven’t put the dunamis on yet. Prior to this, I kept saying “God, I have forgiven why do I still feel this way?” Now I know why. I love this message because I just think it adds another level of compassion to the real struggle that we’re all facing. There are real strongholds in people’s lives and it just adds another layer as to why we shouldn’t be offended when others hurt us.  One last thing. I began this journey three months ago and since I bought Katie’s CD’s she has helped me lift up generational curses and all sorts of things off my bloodline. Guess what? I have seen huge changes in my family too! Not only that but going through this has also opened up my family and I to hearing more from the Spirit and realize our callings, God’s predestined plan for our lives. It has been a wonderful adventure!  -S. M.

Pressing In

My daughter and I have been pressing into your broadcasts and watching one each night to get our souls healed and standing in the gap for our family restoration. Sunday night we watched one of the episodes and did the prayer together for Legion. I’m unsure which exact episode, it was in a string when you talk through your moms story. Something happened to me as I began crying (not a usual occurance). The next day my daughter came to see me and told me her nose was dripping all day with water and kept on dropping thru the whole next day and she had no cold symptoms or anything else that could explain it! She was so excited as she has health issues with her skin pretty badly even after medical and natural treatments that she still struggles with. Still awaiting for the manifestation of her skin healing but we know something happened! We just watched the communion episode last night and will implement that daily for her healing as well as healing of our family and my husbands salvation/marriage. Thank you for your obedience and teachings, they have uplifted me so much since I found you only about a month ago. Praise God! -N. N.

A Great Work

Dear Katie, I have been watching your TV broadcasts through your website a couple of weeks now and watched a couple of your webcasts. God has been doing a great work healing my soul. I even had a couple of dreams showing me what was wrong. Today I watched your miracle testimony video on healing bones and my back was healed. I have had slight discomfort in my lower back for many years and God healed it when  you prayed, thank you. You are such a blessing. -C. B.

House Call

Thursday I was on the telephone prayer call with Katie Souza Ministries team for their 2 o’clock conference call with KSM partners praying for me. Think about it. I am in severe pain with two broken teeth and cannot get out of bed. Question? How is it even possible to see a dentist and fix my teeth and get rid of this horrible pain? God is our only hope with the mightily power of the Holy Spirit intervening! The forgiving Blood of Our Lord and Savior the Messiah Jesus! So, Friday morning a team of dentists came to my house to fix my teeth. It is just unbelievable that a person could find a dentist in any city, including San Francisco. In God’s providence a famous dentist office is now practicing in a geographical location in proximity to me! Thank You Jesus for your Love and Care. The dentist fixed my teeth and relieved my pain greater than I had ever expected! -J. G.

Excited To See What God Will Do

Hi! Just wanted to share~ today my husband and I watched Katie speaking on the 1000x increase at Shiloh. About 3/4 of the way through the program we received a text from a friend who said he just remembered that he owed my husband some money and could he stop by our home tonight. We were just so amazed at that! Right during the program! When Katie asked viewers to listen to the Holy Spirit at the end, my husband knew he was to immediately sow that money! We accepted the mantle and are excited to see what God will do!! Thank you for your teaching!! It is changing our lives. We have both been Christians for a long time but wondered where the abundant life is. We are working everyday on getting our soul wounds healed. We so appreciate all of Katie’s programs on YouTube. Thank you! Thank you! -M. F.

What Goes Around

I worked the registration table for the recent Katie Souza conference at BridgeWay Church in Denver, CO along with my wife Carol and two other women. Carol and I have been attending Gateway on Mount Zion Church (GoMZ) on Lookout Mountain above Golden, CO for about a year and a half. A friend of ours named Joseph who has been attending GoMZ for seven years or so had purchased online two tickets for the conference shortly after learning about it. Not long after doing so, however, his wife informed him that she wouldn’t be attending due to a prior commitment. He thus asked me if he could give her ticket to someone else—the first person to claim it. I subsequently asked Janet Freiberg and Stephanie Schureman if the ticket could be transferred. They didn’t know for sure, but didn’t think there would be a problem in doing so.

Carol asked a friend named Kimberly if she would be interested in the ticket and she was, not being able to attend otherwise due to long-term financial difficulties. That Kimberly would end up testifying Friday evening of the conference after experiencing relief from pain relative to hip replacement surgeries. Katie might recall Kimberly wearing a blue and white patterned dress and while walking up to the stage, saying, “Wow”, prompting Katie to ask why she said, “Wow” and Kimberly saying she has a weak left hip that compels her to seek support for that side when going up stairs, but that she didn’t need any support in going up to the stage that night. Katie might also recall Kimberly saying that she took pain meds that typically last about four hours, but that it had already been about six hours since her last pain meds and she wasn’t experiencing any pain. Katie then had her walk down and back up to the stage before giving her a hug. Kimberly also attends GoMZ and yesterday was reportedly jumping during worship–something she hasn’t been able to do in a long time. As for Joseph, he told me during the service that he had been freed from Leviathan (because of the conference). He was so happy. In exchange for his kindness of having given Kimberly the extra ticket, I gave him the 2-CD set on “Communion” I had received for volunteering at the conference. He was so thankful. Yeah, what goes around. Thanks. -D. V.

Healed Knee

Hi Katie
I just finished attending your Denver Visit at Bridgeway Church and thank you for coming. During the last night of your visit…during worship my left knee started to swell and become painful and hot to touch. I had injured my knee one year ago and it has been weak and clicked and popped when I walked and climbed stairs. Anyway, during the evening my knee started the be painful and I had several people around me pray to put “fire” on it and to remove any snake that might be in the knee. I also felt heat that could be felt through me jeans. Anyway, I had to limp for some of the night but as I got home after the weekend was finished my knee started to feel better. The next day..Sunday, I awoke to no knee pain, no swelling and I am now able to walk around with my knee feeling strong and without any popping or clicking. The first time in a year. Thanks to Jesus for healing my knee and thanks to you for coming to help guide us in deliverance and healing. I am enjoying walking around and climbing stairs now with 2 strong knees again. Blessings, -T. N.