We pray you find these testimonies uplifting and encouraging. May the Lord use them to build you up and increase you in faith for your own miracle healing and victory! There is nothing more powerful than a miracle healing testimony! The bible encourages us to declare how much God has done for us (Luke 8:39) Sharing your own story with others helps build up their faith and is a great encouragement to all. We want to rejoice with you in what God is doing in your life. Visit our testify page, and share your story of God’s mighty wonders!

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All to YAHWAYS Glory

I am a repeat viewer and I was watching your show on The Despot King of Babylon. At the end of the show, you did a super soak, during which time we had all the places of rebellions healed. When the show was at the very end, you prayed to remove all the spirits that were under the Strong Man. I have been suffering from severe neck and shoulder pain. I have not been able to move my head without suffering greatly. As you prayed and I spoke and meditated on the words you spoke, all of a sudden the pain eased up and now I can move my head with the tiny amount of pain. 95% and counting less. This is all to YAHWAYS Glory. I am a so grateful YAHWAY sent you this teaching. There is no one teaching the things that God has revealed to you and we know it’s from Him because only God in Yahshua can heal to the uttermost. Thank you  -W. H.

Surprised by God

In mid-July I saw a teaching from Katie about the spirit of infirmity. Something resonated in me when I read it, so I was able to watch the entire program. Usually I get too uncomfortable sitting very long at the pc. Since 2015 I have been diagnosed with tendonitis in both ankles, lymphedema of my legs, no cartilage in knees, and osteoporosis at the base of my spine. Since the beginning of this year I have felt God calling me to do something, be something, more than this life of unable to stand or cook or clean because parts of me swell and stay swollen for days. Somewhere partway through the video I realized I was sitting better, straighter, and felt no pain. I got up and did not need to push up or support myself with the cane or table top. I believe the osteo has been healed and bone restored to me. The shaky shifting of my left knee is much reduced also, prompting me to walk in the house without the cane. I have been able to do more tasks at one time and not collapse in pain or spend 2 days with my legs elevated to recover. I thought my doctor would send me for another bone density test this year, but he did not. Last week I attended an informational meeting about stem cell injections for my knees. I was planning to pay for them from my saving, $4000 per each body part for umbilical cells by donor. I came home to pray about it first though. When I asked God, He said “How ’bout I make you a deal?’ (Yeah, that surprised me, but….) He continued, “Instead of $4000 to man, you give 10 percent to Katie? Sound good? Whaddya think?” Trust me, I felt a bit stunned, thinking ‘You only want 10 percent??’ So I asked “just $400 God?” And He said, “That’s enough.”

The next day the friend who had gone with me to the info meeting asked if I would do it, so I told her God’s offer. It made her angry. “Why does she need your money?” she snarled. I explained that any worker is worthy of a good payment, and God makes offers it’s foolish to refuse. I also have known this ministry and trust it since first seeing Katie on Sid Roth’s show. She hasn’t asked me anything since then, and I realized she is watching me to see if there is anymore physical changes. She would not admit I am walking more normal. I don’t care how the money is used, I’m willing to be obedient, it’s much more fun than ignoring God. Oh, I forgot to mention all my allergies are now gone! Something was making my nasal passages swell shut more and more at night, so I don’t get deep sleep and feel groggy and mean the next day. Since I saw that video, there is no swelling that constantly wakes me to sit up and breathe, no excess mucus, no constant coughing or sneezing. I have spent thousands through the years, and God set me free by your obedience. Thank you. GOD BLESS YOU ALL. -C. C.

Livestock Delivered of Legion and Healed

Hello.  Before the testimony, let me give you a little background: I’m a sixth year PhD student at Yale University in the Molecular Biology department. I do genetics and embryological development research in axolotls, a species salamander from Mexico. The reason we study axolotls is that they are extremely gifted at regenerating most parts of their body. They can regenerate complete limbs, tails, and up to a third of their brain scar-free! Part of my project is to answer the question, “what kinds of genes enable them to regenerate so well?” To do this, I perform a small set of genetic and tissue grafting procedures on axolotl embryos in order to prepare them for a final, non-lethal experiment six months later that lets me answer that question. Since January of 2018, nearly every single embryo that I’ve produced for my research has mysteriously died a violent death that resembles a bacterial or fungal infection. Of course, being a Spirit-filled Christian, I was constantly praying for my embryos. Before January 2018, viability was around 25%, which meant I had to put in four times as much work in order get what I needed. This year, the two times that I prayed in agreement with someone over the phone for the embryos and animals, there was a sudden burst in viability. However, the bursts in viability only seemed to last about a week. Overall, viability has been below 5% for the last 7 months. No change in protocol and no amount or combination of powerful antibiotics or antifungals has made any difference. Thousands of embryos have died and hundreds of hours of work completely wasted. Many 70-hour work weeks were completely lost overnight.

On top of that, in January of 2018, several friends suddenly betrayed me and left me completely heart broken. The memories and bitterness of conversations of their betrayal were so vivid that it was as though someone were playing an HD recording in my mind all day, every day. Devastated after years of loss and increasingly closer to not completing my PhD, I screamed out to God to tell me what was going on. A few nights later, in March 2018, I had a dream in which I saw the incubator holding all of the axolotl embryos. Inside of it, I saw a dark sheath with evil eyes envelope the baby axolotls. It choked, squeezed, and crushed them all until they were dead. I woke up and I knew what God is saying to me. He was saying that it was a spirit killing my stuff! On July 9, 2018, I came across Katie Souza. I really liked her teaching and prayer style for inner healing because it was exactly what I needed. I needed REAL answers from God. I started to look into scriptures on prosperity, because everything I had seemed destitute…especially with my thesis, which I knew God had personally called me into. Why would He call me into this PhD only to leave me to flounder, fail, and be embarrassed for years among my peers? Would God do that? Now, I don’t think He would. Through Katie Souza‘s revelation on “prospering even as one’s soul prospers,” God began immensely healing my unbelief, my mind, and all of the disappointment in my soul. I couldn’t even recall one of the scriptures on prosperity without crying for hours. I followed along with all of her prayers and would often spend entire days crying as God healed me. Interestingly, I had already listened to Katie’s sermons on Legion. Nothing really clicked for me, but I knew that I had had the spirits of Legion at least one time in my life; just a couple of weeks before I was baptized in the Holy Spirit. In July 2016, a massive wave of demonic force came upon me and into my house. Dozens of voices plowed their way into my mind and spoke to me simultaneously for weeks. It was absolute torture, and it’s a miracle itself that I didn’t literally lose my mind or do something worse. The voices all claim to be the Holy Spirit, and when I became sure that they weren’t the Holy Spirit, I asked them what they were. They all responded in unison, “LEGION.”

On July 17, 2018, after a very unsettling meeting with my boss about my lack of progress, I was immensely grieved in my spirit. I couldn’t understand why God still wouldn’t prosper my lab work and I was contemplating dropping out of the program because it was so embarrassing. To be honest, I wasn’t sure if it was God allowing this to happen or solely the enemy after me. I tried to put this situation into as biblical of a context as possible. In a scriptural context, my lab embryos would be the equivalent of my livestock. I take care of them, raise them, feed them, and they are my source of livelihood. That night, before I went to sleep, I asked God, ‘what kind of curse or spirit would be responsible for killing my livestock?’ I tried to sleep that night, but was so vexed in my spirit that I woke up every hour and had to pray in tongues and to ask the same question again and again and again. I could not stay asleep until I persisted in prayer and continued asking the Lord what kind of spirit would do this. When I woke up the next morning, a very prophetic friend of mine that very rarely reaches out to me sent me a message. It was a four-minute video clip by Pastor Steven Furtick on why Legion killed the pigs after they were cast out of the demoniac. As I listened, it finally clicked with me; Legion killed livestock after he was cast out of a man. I was once very tormented by Legion, and now my livestock were dying. He had been (mostly) cast out of me and went straight into my animals for the last two years. After watching the video, I opened up my email and saw a new email from the Elijah List, a prophetic email list that God had been using greatly in my life. The email just happened to be from Katie Souza and it was ALL about Legion. God answered my prayer! I knew that He was saying that it was Legion killing my poor animals!!! The next day, I spent my entire day listening to and re-listening to all of Katie’s sermons available on YouTube about Legion, walking through the prayers, and doing exactly what she told me to do. I wept uncontrollably at times as I revisited tombs of my friends betraying me earlier that year. I was also unaware of how many tombs of trauma I had developed from all the schizophrenia, bipolar, and witchcraft that used to regularly visit and afflict me. (I was completely delivered of schizophrenia, bipolar, and those other spirits just a couple of months before, but that is another testimony!)

I continued to listen to and walk through the prayers with Katie the next day as well. After praying like this for two days, God COMPLETELY healed me of ALL the flashbacks about my friends and TOTALLY healed me of the trauma from the spiritual warfare and bouts with mental illness from the last two years! Praise God! Finally, at the end of the day on Friday, I brought one of my friends into the lab room where we housed all of the baby axolotls and embryos. We prayed together, commanded healing to enter our soul tombs, and then I commanded Legion to get out of my embryos, go into the roaches in the basement floor of the building, and never come back! A couple of days went by and none of my embryos had died. However, they usually don’t perish until about the third or fourth day after I acquire them. I asked God to please send me confirmation that everything had been taken care of, because I needed to know if I should get more embryos or not. I needed to prepare for the onslaught if there was going to be one. I just didn’t have the time to wait. Over the course of three nights, I had three dreams sent from the Lord to tell me what had happened. In the first dream I was sitting in the lab room with at my microscope. I saw all of the embryos that I had worked on that week sitting on the lab bench next to me. They were very big and very healthy. I looked at them and knew that every single one was going to survive. My boss, sitting next to me, looked at me and said, “I want you to work on this this week! “ (God wanted me to focus on my work).

The next night, I entered into a dream in which I walked out of my house into a GIANT pig barn at the local fairgrounds. As I walked into the pig barn, I saw that all the pigs have been taken out for show. The entire barn had been swept very clean and gates were put up to make a pathway for humans to walk through the barn so that no pigs would gain entry to the barn again. All of the pigs (representing Legion), had been removed. The demons were cast out! The next night I entered into another dream in which I sat up in my bed, looked over to my side and saw my friend Ruthie sitting next to me. I spoke to her and said, “I cast out the demons from my lab, and every single embryo is now going to survive! I want to cover all 60 of the genes for my project, but it is difficult because of the exhaustion from getting attacked between 2 and 4 AM every night.” During the week in which I received these dreams, the mental battle was great. I was constantly being assaulted by spirits telling me that my embryos were going to die and that Legion was going to come back. Instead of agreeing, I took the prophecies that I had received in the dreams and continued to declare them all day over my animals, just as Paul instructed in 1 Timothy 1:18. I also asked God for a scriptural promise for the health of my animals, and he very promptly gave me Psalm 107:38 – “Also He blesses them so that they multiply greatly, And He does not let the number of their cattle decrease.”  By the end of the week, it was just as the Lord had spoken: not a single embryo died. Over 120 healthy embryos were produced in those two weeks leading up to this deliverance. In two weeks, I made more viable embryos than I have in the last two years COMBINED. It is the most miraculous thing that I’ve ever seen in my entire life! …and I’ve seen a lot of physical healings! I won’t get into the science about it, but God made the conditions of the embryos so completely and perfectly sterile, that certain cell culture phenomenon that would be extremely difficult to achieve even in the most ideal conditions were occurring abundantly with my embryos. These embryos grew up into strong and exceptionally healthy tadpoles. Even the lab tech, who daily feeds all of the tadpoles and adult animals, asked me, “why is this batch of tadpoles so healthy and strong???” And that was without me saying anything to her about the deliverance!!!

Now, I’m finishing up trying to get the rest of the project in order and getting the rest of the embryos/animals that I need to essentially redo my entire thesis project in just a couple of weeks. I really need a lot of God’s help…I know that it is possible with God, and He has spoken several exceptional things to me in dreams. Now I know that all of the years of resistance in my research was spiritually rooted. I need a couple of more miracles to make up for the years of work that the enemy has stolen from me… and I know that God won’t bring this project halfway through the delivery and then abort it. I’m still facing a lot of spiritual resistance that is trying to hinder my work, and I would definitely appreciate any prayer for the rest of the miraculous work to be done. I hope this blesses you and the several farmers and animal breeders that I know are suffering massive losses of their livestock due to random sicknesses and diseases that can’t seem to be treated…The biology is rooted in the spiritual; not the other way around. You need to seek God for inner healing from your past and then cast the spirits out of your animals!  -L. S.


I just wanted to let Katie know that since I began watching her TV Episodes on the 11:11 & 1:11 revelation that not only have I been seeing these numbers everywhere but that I also had a miracle! I had not spoken to my mom & sister in over ten years, and we were reunited in December. To me, it means that I am prospering & healing from many of my wounds. Thanks so much, Katie. -D. S.

I Was Healed!

I was healed! My back pain and the pain on my right side along with the inflammation I had is all gone! My pain decreased by 85% while watching Katie’s video teachings on Youtube, I still have a little tightness on my right side muscles but I’m gonna continue praying and I am sure I will receive complete healing! Thank you Jesus!! -B. V.

On Fire for God

Dear Katie, I wanted to write and connect with you since I was unable to do so at your conference in Fremont. My name is Renee.  I was the partner with pink/red hair. We’ve also met at a Glad Tidings Women’s retreat about 4 years ago that was held at Lake Tahoe. I was one of the pregnant women that prayed over you at the beginning of the retreat. I have always wondered what happened to your dream from God that prompted Pastor Cheryl to ask us women to pray over you. I wanted to tell you how important and life changing your soul wound revelation has been to my life and how glad I am that you work as hard as you do to get your message out there. In 2014, I had my eldest son (the one I was pregnant with at the retreat). His birth was incredibly hard and difficult and we both had serious complications. His father and I had/have a turbulent relationship and split in 2015. That summer I met a Christian man who was running after Jesus, or so I thought. He was an ex-con and drug addict and fell back into the lifestyle even after we had countless prophecies of our ministries and the global effect we would have as a couple/family. I let the devil take me out of the race. I became so angry at God that I basically threw the towel in. I refused any Holy Spirit filled destiny that he wanted to give me. Fortunately for me the anger simmered, I returned to God and I become more filled with his love, grace and compassion than ever before. I believe that this split lead to a stronger, more intimate relationship with God actually saved my life. In January 2017, I lost my youngest son in childbirth. If I had any less family support, or didn’t believe in the goodness and grace of the Father I surely would have died from a broken heart. In the first 6 months after his death, I was covered with amazing healing grace. I had visions and dreams of my son. I know that he is safe in the arms of Jesus as well as one of my aunts that died from breast cancer. She was there to greet him when he passed on to heaven. I saw them actually twirling together in a hug. His death should have negatively impacted my life, and even though I miss him, his death has changed my heart and soul and now I’m on fire for God. As you can imagine, I have several traumas that I am working through. I fully believe that some soul wound that I acquired before having my children has made it difficult to birth my children. I wish I had dedicated myself to getting them healed before I lost Eli. But all evil things are turned in God’s hand and he has used them for his good. I fell into gardening after I lost Eli and have become flower obsessed. I started up a flower farm on my homestead in the hopes of spreading love and joy in the form of flowers. In May, I received a prophecy that the flower farm will be my platform for my ministry and that through my own ministry I will receive healing. At your meeting my offering was sown into my flower farm with the hopes that I will receive direction/funds to keep the flower farm going as well as expand its reaches. I once again thank you for following God’s direction and for being a pioneer in the message you preach. I hope someday you’ll return to Yuba City and Glad Tidings.  XOXO -R. T.

God of Miracles

Dear Katie, I just got back from the conference in the San Francisco Bay area. Wow! My wife have been partners for almost ten years with your ministry. However, we have never gone to a conference together. I went to one you did at Truth or Consequences, New Mexico years ago. Well, this weekend you share a lot about legion and his methods related to Mark 5 that brought some real deliverance. My wife Rosa and I are both ordained ministers. We are also good friends with Jeff McClelland family in Idaho for years.

We have been going to Peru on Mission trips since 1992 and have made about 15 trips since then. We get very little if no help to go on those trips and we took our family as soon as they were old enough to get passports. We have two boys who have gone over there with us many times. Every trip is unique and we move quickly and quietly and we show up in areas the adversary does not expect to do some serious spiritual warfare from deep in the jungle to under ruins like Indiana Jones. This trip we had been invited to teach a family conference in the city of Arequipa, Peru high in the Andes Mountains. This was the home of “Shining Path” which was the number one terrorist group in the world prior to 9/11. We had never been and were looking forward to it.

We were to leave at the end of October but before we left, one day I decided to go trout fishing north of where I lived one last time before the trip after my work day ended. I did pretty good, but the bugs were thick and misquotes were buzzing my ears at the end of the day. Two days latter we were on the plane headed to Lima. We arrive and met by my wife’s family as my wife is Peruvian. We go to one of my brother-n-laws homes who was hosting us. When we arrive at his home, I unpack and tack a shower and then a nap. That is all I remember because when I wake up three days latter I find myself in a hospital with an IV stuck in my arm and I just go nuts. You see I fighting candida before I left on the trip and now I have sugar water being pumped into my veins.

I am delirious. My wife tries to explain to me that I was zombie for three days not wanting to eat, talking gibberish and sleeping. Finally, the family had to take me to the emergency room. The doctor’s cannot find anything wrong with me. A believer friend who is a retired Peruvian Navy Captain sneaks me into a Navy base and has the top Navy neurological specialist look at me. First, they gave me a dementia test and I recognized and thought oh shit! MRIs showed I had calcium spots on my brain and that my brain was swollen. They told my wife no going to Arequipa as the altitude would kill me. They advised her to wait a few weeks and get me back to the States as soon as possible. During the next three weeks, I would sleep for days straight without getting up at all. When I did get up, I was ofter very emotional and could sob uncontrollable. Subconsciously, I knew I was dying. I spent hours at a keyboard pecking out a goodbye message to my two boys in the States. That freaked them out. When I was awake I could talk to you and then 5 minutes later not remember a single word. I lost my memory. I knew some people but that was it. My wife gets me to Los Angeles and we spend one night there before going to Boise. She takes me to our family physician who is a spirit filled believer who sends me to a neurologist. This is not any ordinary neurologist but a former Colonel for the Center for Disease Control (CDC) in Atlanta. He believes I had West Nile Virus as there was an outbreak of it at the place I went fishing before the trip. Another patient of his went there the same week I did and was a little younger than me and he got it. He was a zombie and there was nothing the doctor could do for him at all. At the same time I broke out with blisters, bumps and rashes like Job from the top of my head to my feet. I was covered with them. In the middle of the night the ones on head were the size of a dime and would ooze fluid out all over me. I was a mess. I went to a dermatologist, for this and he looked at me and said “you have encephalitis.” He was also a believer.

I still was very emotional at times and slept for long periods of time. Then, just the opposite as I would be hyper as all the adrenaline stored up in my brain broke like a dam and flooded my body. Demons would speak to me all night long and at one point I didn’t sleep for about 4 days straight at night. My wife warned my boys one who was away at college that I could not handle long conversations or loud noises. Well my oldest son, overwhelmed me when he came to see me even after the warning I went off like a crazy man. That was Xmas eve. A believer called me that day to minister to me and I told him I did not think I would live to see the next day. I knew I had hours left to live. My wife put on her game face and we had some friends come over the house for the holidays but I knew I could not handle the company. I went to my bedroom, put on one of your soaking CDs and cried to God and applied the blood to whatever I could think of. Then all of a sudden, dunamas hit my brain like a laser beam and I went down on all fours. That was the turning point that night.

Next week I was back to the neurologist. He sent my blood to the CDC in Atlanta and they could find no bug virus from their data base. I asked to my doctor use a number and not send my name. Whatever I had, the best minds in medicine could not figure it out. Yet, I had great mental progress. The doctor was amazed because his other patient would never improve and was going to be a zombie the rest of his life. I kept soaking and taking handfuls of every vitamin I could get. All in all, I was off three months before I went to work with a conditional work order. Eventually, my memory came back but I have a gap for that month in Peru. I remember hardly nothing from that trip.

I asked God what it was and He showed me some things medically but I knew there was more. Than you taught about the regional spirit trying to sink the boat before the apostles and Jesus every came over to Gaderines. What I failed to mention earlier was that every missionary guest teacher who was asked to teach in that city always got sick and none of them ever were able to keep their teaching commitment. Not one of them ever! Well, guess what, my wife and I going back to Peru and we planned to go to that city. I felt like Samson who sought occasion with the enemy. I still have some residual skin issues from that time and sickness too. But, I knew I had soul issues what I did not know was they were related to legion and how that not taking care of them would have caused me to repeat those things all over again. My wife was a tiny lady who was the first one you asked if she had any water come out. She was a little too meek and you scared her but she did have tears. I was next to her side. I had no water tears or discharge from the ears or throat but after you were sharing about immorality issues, I had to run to the bathroom and pee. It was enough for me to realize legion was a true issue. Thanks for listening to the HS. Please pray for our trip as we leave 9/17 and come back around 10/27/18. In addition, please pray for my wife who has stage 3 bone cancer. We are going because we believe our God is a God of miracles and this is kingdom work. Blessings, -B. C.

Admonition to Parents

Several months ago I had written for prayer for my 6 year old grand daughter who was suffering from demonic oppression, sexual visitations from a spirit and speaking horrible things about herself (that she is trash and should not live) and also violence against her siblings, also including catching her privately bowing to Satan. We had been fasting and had asked everyone for prayer and had been binding the enemies authority over her with not much success. The Lord gave my 8 year old grandson (her brother) a dream and in that dream all the Disney princesses and Marvel characters came parading into their living room, and after assembling they tore off their costumes like paper and became black spiders, jumping all around and on everyone and inflicting horrible bites. My daughter purged their home of every connection to these characters, every toy, article of clothing, blanket, absolutely everything, and with 5 children that was a lot and very costly. They asked the Lord to forgive them for allowing these connections to the demonic world into their home (Disney princesses practice magic and Marvel superheroes are idol gods). Immediately, ALL the behavior my granddaughter had been exhibiting ceased and she has returned to the sweet little girl we know who has a heart of exhortation and encouragement.

I am passing this testimony on to your site, as an admonition to parents on the dangers we expose our little ones to, not even realizing the demonic connection we are allowing into our homes. After this horrible thing happened to my daughter’s family, I became very aware of how many little children wear items of clothing with these characters, sleep with and play with these things, not to mention allowing them to watch what seems like innocent cartoons or movies, everything has these symbols on them and are giving Satan “something in common” with our families and then are perplexed when the children have problems. God bless you and Expected Ends ministries. I love your blog and pass them on to family and friends. -C. S.

Going to the Prisoners

My husband was introduced to your teaching in prison. He is still there. I started listening at home. Thank you for obeying God and going to the prisoners. -B. J.

Healed of My Issues

I requested pray for a couple of health issues and after submitting my prayer request, I was healed of my issues within less than a week! Praise God. I was especially thrilled that my lower back was healed. It had been hurting for several years and I woke up today and it was healed in Jesus name! Amen! Thank you Jesus and thank you Katie Souza!  -V. R.

I Believe and I Receive

Good Day Katie. Last week I was watching DayStar and you were on teaching and in your message at one point towards the end you said let’s pray because there is somebody who has the severe pain, a toothache and I said thank God thats me! I said “I believe and I receive” and after you prayed the pain was gone for good. Thank you Katie, I know that it is through Christ it happened. I am grateful. Stay Blessed -S. Z.

Totally in Control

A few weeks ago I decided I was really lacking the fruit of the Spirit in my life, so I began a journey of taking 9 months to really focus solely on the fruit and experiencing it in my daily life. This week I was focusing on peace, asking the Lord what resources He wanted to use to reveal His peace to me. He said, “Katie Souza’s deliverance of Legion.” I listened to it and as you were praying, I could feel two angels, one on either side of my brain, touching it. I felt peace overwhelm me, so I thanked the Lord and went about my evening. I went on a walk later and as I was walking I felt something different. I tuned in to see what had changed, and I realized that as far back as I can remember, probably 25-30 years, I have had a constant, unceasing feeling of pressure that there was something I wasn’t getting done that was urgent. I’m trying to explain it but it’s been happening so long it started to become a part of my personality and I don’t know how to put it into words. I felt like I wasn’t allowed to relax, ever. If I relaxed my world would come crashing down and something bad would happen, so sort of like carrying the weight of the world. It was so miserable I tried everything over the years to escape it including alcohol, marijuana, excessive television to zone out, binge eating, etc. So yesterday as I paid attention to what was happening after your video, I realized, “Lord, for the first time I don’t feel like there’s anything that needs to get done!” It was brand new. I felt totally in control and had no problems relaxing and enjoying my evening walk!! I had a couple incidents this morning where I experienced the beginning of feelings of rejection and the voice tried to come back and tell me not to rest, that there were things I needed to do to take care of the perceived rejection, but I had that experience of peace to go back to, and I rejected those thoughts and maintained my peace!  -A. K.