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We pray you find these testimonials uplifting and encouraging. May the Lord use them to build you up and increase you in faith for your own miracle healing and victory! There is nothing more powerful than a miracle healing testimony! The bible encourages us to declare how much God has done for us! (Luke 8:39) Sharing your own story with other believers helps build up their faith and is a great encouragement to all.  We want to rejoice with you in what God is doing in your life. Visit our testify page, and leave a testimony to the mighty wonders of our God!


Only the Beginning of Miracles

I would like to thank you so much Katie for the miracle that has occurred in my life. Amazingly the Holy Spirit led me and your teaching appeared on my lap top. I have had years of counseling and prayer ministry but never before have I heard teaching on the healing of the soul and having something in common with legion, also explaining Leviathan was amazing teaching. I was married to Leviathan and listening to your teaching explained a lot of things to me. On four separate occasions the Holy Spirit led me through healing and using your steps I received inner healing. It was amazing and creepy as I was crawling on the floor like a snake as the Holy Spirit brought to mind many situations in my life that I was guided through and then released from. It was so powerful, I had a communion cup which I ended up spraying around the room as I felt Satan’s presence but Jesus presence was stronger and I overcame ! Then most amazing of all even though my lap top was shut, suddenly your prayer just started speaking out even with the lap top off! It happened twice!! I never want to forget how awesome God is to heal me like this and I thank you so much for your faithfulness to share your story and teachings. This has also carried through in physical healing for various issues and I got revelation on why other things have happened in my life. I have had lots of healing in my life and my spirit is strong but my soul was left behind. I was abused at aged 5 on the way home from school which caused me to shut down emotionally for many years and also to have many dysfunctional relationships finally ending by me actually marrying a paedophile who abused my children. I had no idea that I attracted this man because my soul was not healed after the pedophile abused me. Scary stuff. The healing took quite a few hours in total as I prayed through each situation that the Holy Spirit reminded me of and I believe there is no way I could have received this amount of prayer and attention on a prayer line. I used to wonder why my face always looked sad and I had to pretend to put a smile on but after these healing sessions I could feel different expressions appear on my face that I had never experienced before! I smile more often now and at first I kept checking the mirror amazed my smile was still there. I also felt taller and stronger in my muscles, I just can’t explain how significant this felt. It was like I learnt to walk again and then I had such a boldness and authority in my step. Sadly I can now see wounded souls on the faces of other people. This has given me an insight how to pray for people. I am eternally grateful, I know that this is only the beginning of miracles I will experience in helping other be set free. Yours sincerely A. H.

Amazing Lord Wonderful Healer

Testimonial of actual healing, April 14, 2018 Conference Denver, CO  – I was diagnosed with a partially paralyzed Larynx, right side, by my Doctor two years ago. The paralysis began before that and slowly intensified leading to the diagnosis. I do ministry work and recently am a guest on a radio show since December 2017 on Friday nights, teaching on spiritual warfare and healing of the soul.

On April 14, 2018 my wife and I attended the Dominion Conference in Denver, CO. My condition was certainly worsening but like a typical guy did want to worry my wife or bother anybody. My wife knows my harsh coughing attacks and how I choked on food when swallowing. My voice was losing its oomph too. According to the doctor, I was told this could happen as the paralysis spread. Prognosis – not good – no cure.

The cause was unknown but clearly seen in-back-of my throat as there was no muscles movement on right side. I knew what it meant if the numbness began to spread. I had been warned but was simply determined to continue to serve Jesus Christ no matter what. Was not thinking of myself but others who need ministered too.

I was not expecting anything at the conference. I did not realize how bad of shape I was progressing toward till a day after healing. I did not go there to be prayed for but hear whatever Katie Souza was going to share. I have been in the ministry spotlight for years now, radio, TV, docudrama, preaching all over the USA, author, and currently working with Firsts Nations People in Cheyenne River and Standing Rock Reservations in SD, and was enjoying gelling out, relaxing incognito, and learning from Katie whatever she was teaching because we teach on similar things, however, in different ways. Always good to get new tools for the l tool box you know.

During the morning session, Katie called out a word of knowledge concerning a larynx problem and issues speaking into a microphone for someone in ministry. Well, that happen last February preaching six meetings in four days, coughing, with a head mic on (Not Good) then went to hand held, etc.

I was not going to raise my hand but something, well and angel, pulled my hand up, and I said, “Okay, Lord guess that is me,” Katie called me to the stage.

On stage, Katie had a word of knowledge concerning the use of a police baton used in choke holds to describe the what the injury felt like. When she said that, the 1 Co 2:10 prayer she had us pray kicked in full gear for me. You see, I ran a very successful prison ministry for ten years from 1988-1998 in Larimer County, CO and was eventually hired to work in the sheriff’s dept in the program’s unit after that.

I ran commissary and had same clout as any CO did. I ran programs, such as Guitar Jam, Comedy Night, worked booking/finance intake, etc and put on many concerts shows performed by inmates. Never were there any riots or codes during my programs. However, a former co-worker who later became Officer over programs unit always had codes and fights in this person’s programs. Rumor had it this individual practiced the occult.

This person hated Christians and myself particularly. I resigned my position, 2004, due to being harassed out of a job, and about 4 years later called in to testify to IA about this individual seeking to wrongfully fire the Chaplin there. Yes. spiritually this officer put a choke-hold on me. You guessed it, this CO wanted me silenced. The paralysis began sometime after that ever so slowly, and I mean slowly and intensifying especially after entering the ministry realm.

I forgave that supervisor many-many years ago and even came to appreciate made to resign because it kicked me into the ministry full time and write my first book. I hold no ill will toward this officer at all, just compassion. Rumor had it this person was a practicing ‘witch in a choir robe type,’ can’t prove that, but then this individual’s hatred of Christians does indicate witchcraft involvement nevertheless. Hence, the chokehold word from Katie kicked in full gear for me. This explains why this recent Passover my larynx condition suddenly worsened, and my voice weakening further…

Then, there I was my hand raised and walking out of the middle of row knocking into people’s knees.

Even before getting to the stage, I began to burn up, I mean, I was getting very warm. I was sitting on the second row with the AC, or fan, blowing on all of us there. I had to take off my coat. On stage Katie prayed, and my throat began to feel better and itch like crazy. After this, was the afternoon break and my wife and her brother and his wife and friends went to lunch.

I had soup, salad, and corn chips at local restaurant and noticed I was beginning to feel the left side (most recent spot to go numb) located in my lower throat. Then feeling spread to the right side. Ice cold water never felt so good Why? Answer – I could feel again.

It is hard to explain what it is like to adapt to a point where about 70-75 percent of your larynx area grows totally numb in a short two years from where it was at when first diagnosed at around 30%. With this condition, you are not aware of swallowing saliva, or any post nasal stuff while sleeping. The cough I had was terrible and breathing was indeed getting more difficult. You do adapt to numbness. Then, to feel the center of your throat when you swallow cold water – felt so good made tears swell in my eyes. I drank a lot of water that day.

Now, I can most certainly, without any doubt, feel the lower right and left side of my throat once numb. My partial paralyzed larynx is (most) certainly gone. There is some itching currently, but this is lessening and even this feels really-good. I have regained my voice in full. Even the expelling of the fluid in the lungs feels good. Could not do this before. Now the fluid is almost gone. My voice is stronger now than it was on stage being filmed.

I am still drinking water and enjoying how wonderful it feels to hit the center lower part of the throat. Amazing Lord, wonderful healer! Thank you, Jesus for this gift of grace and may you all reading this testimony gain faith because, often when you least expect it, your miracle comes! Sincerely, B. W. M.

P.S. I am also with a band and scheduled to do praise music as a volunteer at a local Christen senior center the day after being healed. The band members noticed my voice was back before I mentioned anything to them. With this, several other people who know me very well, who also did not know anything about April 14, 2018 mentioned how my voice was stronger, clearer, and was wondering what happened. We’ll they found out! Thank you, Lord Jesus, for having Katie give that word out! Keep up the great work Katie and God bless!

Set Free From The Enemy

I know I am very blessed and grateful for Katie’s faith and obedience to God which has helped me and countless others be set free from the enemy. Thank you Katie, and all of your staff who work with you to help make this happen, but above all thank you Jesus for making this all happen. I love you all. God Bless!  -C. S.

The 11th Hour

I was battling with my lender to modify my loan and my sale is Monday the 12th. I had done everything right and my wife and I had been praying and praying over all of this. I was about to file a bankruptcy to save my home. The lender had done so much wrong and our attorney was ready to file suit against them. He told us no way will they work with us. My wife said, “God can do anything!! Let’s wait for His answer, yet be prepared in case he wants us to file this bankruptcy.” So, I was trying to file but we weren’t getting any resolution or cooperation and were just miffed. I called to tell my wife that the lady was not very nice and told me things were checked off or filled out wrong on the forms (not possible I triple checked all that was done)! But then she checked on her computer again and said everything was checked and signed off correctly. How can this be? Then they said I didn’t have the right amount to file (my wife got the information off the internet from FEDERAL BANKING site. I tried to go get a money order and was told banks won’t take them. Everything just seemed to hit one wall after the other. I didn’t tell her I found a post office to get a money order in the meantime she cried out to God and said, “God you’re telling me to tell him NOT to file! Please I need a clear sign this is You and NOT the voice of a stranger.” The day before we sent someone money to save their home (as God had directed) then my wife called me and said God told her, “Don’t do it!! Wait! Trust Me!” We had just gotten an email from our attorneys that the bank’s attorneys wanted to work this out and were trying to postpone the sale! I was literally standing at the window and the clerk had my documents and I asked her for them back! Funny how the clerk kept taking others and delaying me…this was pretty miraculous! My wife said, “I TOLD you God always waits to the 11th hour when it seems impossible and then He delivers! How else would you know it was God and not your own doing?” (She has the faith of a mustard seed!) Right before my wife called me, God told her 11:11 and she opened facebook and saw Katie Souza’s 11:11 Partner Mentor Group and God said, “DO IT!”, so she joined and called me. Now everything is falling into place…God is so GOOD and we feel blessed that God put you and your ministry in our path!! XOXO  -G.B.

White As Snow

I suffered from a really uncomfortable discharge. I was always using pantyliner’s and when I went to the doctors they always said there is nothing wrong with me. I always listen to Katie and on one particular Friday while watching her through her television show she said she also suffered from this heavy “menstruation” followed by disgusting discharges and I immediately thought this is me. Katie related it to the Word and bitterness, initially I thought to myself this is not possible I don’t have bitterness but what I didn’t realize was that I had her cousin jealousy- and this was causing all my problems,  Katie related her testimony and said after 3 days she was healed and she concluded the program by praying for all women. I listened and received the prayer and immediately during the prayer I felt discomfort in my abdominal region. Come Monday my pantyliner’s were white as snow! NO DISCHARGE NO BLOOD nothing! Glory be to God. I still put on pantyliner’s not because I want to prevent staining but because (when I look at the clean liner) I am reminded of Yahweh’s goodness and mercy. Thank you. -M. M.

I Am Grateful

Hi, in April of 2017 I came down with a rare Ecoli infection, while attending my graduation in Phoenix and by the fourth day of intense diarrhea and vomiting, with stomach pain, I went to the ER when I returned home. They did a scat can and it came back a very bad case of colitis. They admitted me because this time I was dehydrated and wanted to do further testing. They then found Sagella a rare ecoli that attacks the colon and stomach. They had started prior to diagnosis anti-biotic and when they found what it was, stopped anti-biotic, because it doesn’t work and makes things worst. There is really nothing they can give you to cure it but try to flush it out with IV. I then started loosing blood and their diagnosis was blood disease, which could then affect my kidneys. The doctor wasn’t sure of my outcome and it became very scary. Weak and scared, also quarantined, I wasn’t able to have visitors or my family, without full protection gear on. I didn’t want my kids contacting it so I kept everyone away. I was laying in my bed and got a call from your ministry. I couldn’t reach my cell phone, so the person a male, left a message. They wanted me to know that Katie asked them to call and pray for me for healing and prayed a awesome prayer, which I felt the anointing. I never thanked your ministry but I soon recovered, which they told me if I wasn’t in good shape, it probably would have killed me. Usually those over 50 and young kids, die from it. I am coming to Port Huron for Katie on the 17th and would love to share a testimony! I am grateful for God and healing and Katie for taking the time, to pray for  me. -C. G.


Mrs. Souza, Thank you for your work in Jesus name. It is thru your “The Key to your Expected End” book that I have been able to talk and deliver the words of our Lord God to the “inmates” in our facility. I have read your book and thus prayed for the inmate population. I’m not a devoted Christian as I should be. I have my burdens of sin upon me that weigh me down. Nonetheless, I always ask the Lord to strengthen me and provide words of encouragement for our inmate population. Recently I approached an inmate out of the blue and I believe the Holy Spirit moved me to him. I asked the inmate, “Why are you here.” I asked him 3 times before he flat out told me, “God put me here.” Then I went on to talk to him about sin and repentance, and about obedience to Gods Word. This young man was set to go to trial and was being offered 20 years of prison life. But I think because of my talk with him, his kneeling down and talking to God that night, he went to trial the following morning, he received only 2 years probation on ALL his charges. It was a week later that I saw this inmate again and he told me, “Boss, I want to thank you for talking to me that night, I knelt and prayed, and turned over my life to God, my family and Jesus. And because of your talks, I will be a free man.” I responded by telling him, “God has shown you his power and love for you, now it’s your turn to go out there and show God your love for Him.” I have continued to preach to those that want to hear the word of God. Often I pray before work and ask the Holy Spirit to speak thru me to these inmates because God knows I’m not a ministry man nor am I a devoted Christian. But I have always asked The Lord, Please Lord, use this poor soul of mine as an instrument of your peace to spread your message to those in need and those that have wondered away from you. I suppose that is what He is doing. My life is less than perfect. I ask you say a little prayer for my lost soul and again I thank you for the inspirational book that has opened up MY eyes to the poor souls in prison around me. God Bless. -A. F.

The Final Key

Hello, my name is Darryn, I am 29 years old and live in Cape Town, South Africa. I would like to share with you what I have experienced after the holy spirit led me to your teachings. The Lord called me at the age 18 to the prophetic which I have experienced so many difficult seasons in my life. I have been in ministry for 11 years now but always felt something is missing, a missing pierce of the puzzle. I’ve come to a place in my walk with the lord asking Him to reveal to me why I can’t move forward, why I can’t seem to move into the place that I know and been confirmed so many times. One day while watching Daystar, your program was on, and you were speaking about healing of the soul, Dunamis power and the importance of it in restoring your soul. While watching, the Holy Spirit told me that is the final key for complete freedom and liberty and for where you are going. Immediately I downloaded the teaching and soaking for “Live Free Escaping Bitterness of Soul”. I took off from work and I laid on my bed playing the teaching. While laying and listening to your voice, Jesus walked in the room and sat on my bed, taking my hand, and in spirit I saw myself as a little boy and Jesus was there taking me through every door in the temple of my soul, each door held a very painful memory I have forgotten or buried very deep in my soul, woman of God, I wept and wept for hours, and each time we go to a door, the painful memory would play out and when we left the room, the light of His Glory would shine in that room in the temple of my soul. After this was done, I felt delivered, free, liberated…. I could breathe again, I felt like going to my parents and just hugging them (They are the main reason of the pain due to rejection etc.). All praises to Jesus. I was invited to minister last night and while preparing, I’ve asked the Lord what do I say to your people and He told me to take His people through the same teaching of Live Free Escaping Bitterness of Soul and I obeyed, wow the feedback after the service and healings, deliverances and the power of God showed up in the meeting. Oh yes before I left for the meeting, He told me I want my people healed. Woman of God, I say this with tears in my eyes Thank you for your ministry, your life, for allowing our father to use you as an end time key to the body of Christ to bring healing and wholeness. I am so blessed and overjoyed. Your ministry changed my life. I want to honor you and thank you again, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. I am telling all my friends and family to get your teachings, its life changing. Please if you could share this with the woman of God. I would appreciate it if she can read this email. Blessing, -D. D.

28 Year Pain Gone

Hi Katie !! I want you know I believe I was healed recently because of your teachings!! I have been suffering pain on my left side for many years .. I thought urinary tract, kidney, cyst on ovary , many things came to mind .. now when I pulled a serpent off I felt 2- what I think felt like- fangs!! come out of my side .. it hurt !! and the pain is gone for a few days now and I was experiencing this for 28 years or more!! I think he was poisoning me and taking my nutrients.. I am a midwife and deliver babies safely in homes … I knew Satan was after me and he nearly got me as I was getting weaker and sick … now I can see my soul is healed and he must go !! I pray over many of my patients now I’m glad to use the power of the resurrection too !! I’m so excited 🙂 blessings to you !!! -P. G.

A Revolutionized Life

In 2013, I started writing to a prisoner (murder) in an Ontario jail. Books were not allowed to be sent in. I got permission from your ministry, to copy and send portions of the book The Key To Your Expected End to the prisoner (via a PDF copy). It revolutionized his life. He got back with Jesus. He taught other prisoners. He shared it with the prison chaplain. The chaplain approved Katie’s book for Canadian prisons. Thank you!  P.S.  I hope to attend your Port Huron MI meeting March 16,17 as I am a one hour drive away.  -R. M.

Conventional Treatment Not For Me

On January 26, 2018, my husband and I attended the meetings in Maricopa, Az. While there, Katie gave a word that someone was being healed of hot flashes and menopausal symptoms. I had been having SEVERE hot flashes and menopausal symptoms. So, I grabbed a hold of that word and claimed it!! I have been under a naturopathic physician’s care for these issues. I was on several supplements/medications, but they were not working. I went to my Dr. on Feb 6, 2018, I told him that I haven’t had any hot flashes and about the meetings we attended. He had me discontinue the supplements/medications and I still have not had any hot flashes or menopausal symptoms since Jan. 26!! Praise God!! In June 2017, I was diagnosed with Invasive Lobular Carcinoma (Breast Cancer). Mayo Clinic wanted me to have a double mastectomy and be on a clinical trial for the rest of my life. I am a former chemotherapy nurse and knew that conventional treatment was not for me!! My husband and I fasted and prayed. We felt like I was supposed to do naturopathic treatments. In Dec. 2017 my MRI showed no mass and no sign of cancer, I have not had any surgery for the breast cancer. We are praising God!! It has all been a process to walk thru and I am still working with my Dr. to make sure cancer stays away. I follow a strict diet and take supplements and have IV Vitamin C among other things. I have learned that sometimes healing is instant and sometimes we have to walk it thru until the healing manifests. I am so thankful to God for all he has done and all that he is doing!! Thank you Katie. -V. T.

Thank God For The God In You

Good morning Mrs. Souza, I want to thank God for the God in you and your obedience to share: “It’s All About the Soul – Have Nothing in Common with Satan” on Jan 31, 2018. I also HAD Lupus as well as rheumatoid arthritis, extremely bad back and spasms, Reynauds disease, alopecia, pituitary tumor, high blood pressure and the butterfly rash on my face, all from the Lupus. The Lord healed me completely in 2006. As I read what you had written, I began to look back to when I was first diagnosed up to the day my doctor told me that they saw no sign more signs of lupus in my body nor could they even see where I had the pituitary tumor because it was completely gone (the only way those can be removed is through surgery and they go in through your nose to remove it ). At the point of my healing God had separated and told me “Until I accept His love and love myself, I won’t be able to love anyone else.” I knew I had to do it because I had been abused by a loved one for 7 years as a child, an ex husband who showed me no love the last 6 years of our 9 year marriage,and a gentleman I dated after my marriage was not faithful to me. I harbored a great deal of hurt and pain that was hidden. When God separated me, I spent almost a year just with Him spiritually. I released those hidden feelings, forgave those who hurt me, and forgave myself. My love for God grew and the love for myself grew. At that point is when I was completely healed. I was placed on blood pressure meds in August of 2017. I had myomectomy surgery in 2001 to remove fibroids and in December a doctor told me they had return and they found a spot on my liver that’s non cancerous. As soon as I received that information from the Doctor I reflected back on a prophetic word from my Pastor that the Holy Spirit gave her for me, ” Everything God has already healed me of will not return. God is not an Indian-giver, He doesn’t heal then take it back.” I have been speaking God’s word over me. After reading what you wrote I began to place the Blood of Jesus and pray God’s dunanmis power over my soul. As well as praying against legion to heal those soul wounds. I was already praying 3 John 1:2 and the Holy Spirit had my husband and I reading and studying Malachi 4 for the past 2 days. The word you shared has just confirmed what God has been trying to tell me and now I know the Sun of Righteousness is shining on me to heal my soul so I may prosper and be in health even as my souls prospers. I thank you again and thank God for you. God bless you. -R. T.