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We pray you find these testimonials uplifting and encouraging. May the Lord use them to build you up and increase you in faith for your own miracle healing and victory! There is nothing more powerful than a miracle healing testimony! The bible encourages us to declare how much God has done for us! (Luke 8:39) Sharing your own story with other believers helps build up their faith and is a great encouragement to all.  We want to rejoice with you in what God is doing in your life. Visit our testify page, and leave a testimony to the mighty wonders of our God!


It Is The Lord Who Heals

Praise the Lord for healing me! I listened to the testimonies on healing from inflammation and was so encouraged. I have had heel pain in my left foot and pain in my right knee and was eager for healing because I am going to Israel and we will do a lot of walking. I wear Orthaheels all the time to support my feet because in the past I had plantar fasciitis and that was healed in the past except for the residual heel pain which I experienced upon getting up and walking. So while Katie prayed, God revealed the idol to me and I released it. I did not feel any heat throughout the prayer, but as soon as it was finished, I jumped out of the bed threw my feet into my slippers and started walking. Hallelujah! No pain in my heel. I walked and walked around the house and no pain! I spoke aloud “I believe it!” over and over so my words would agree with my healing. The pain in my knee was still there, so I prayed and commanded every part of my knee to come into alighnment accd to the way it was created by the Lord. Then again, without entertaining doubt, I just got up and walked around. I am healed! PRAISE THE LORD! Thank you so much, Katie, for praying for me. I know it is the Lord who heals and you are His faithful servant. Thank you! -C. S.

Now A Part Of My Daily Life

Hello 👋 Katie and ministry team. I got a hold of your messages about a year and a half ago. I’d like to say that I was changed instantly well actually I believe I was. But I didn’t continue on the path to wholeness. I walked in the wilderness until about 2 weeks before the New Year. God lead me to a powerful woman of God from my church and I confessed what I was dealing with to her and God stepped in. I started a fast because I had it with how the devil had been treating me and I wanted God to know I was serious. I began to watch Katie teach again along with many others. But your teaching is so simple and direct that it’s now become a part of my daily life. I’ve also started to pray for about an hour a day just as you’ve said that you do. I can’t even begin to tell you how much the Holy Spirit has changed my life and it keeps getting better and better. I no longer feel trapped and bound by sin with no way out. I no longer feel defeated and stuck. I’ve been cooperating with the Holy Spirit and allowing Him to examine my heart so that I can walk with an excellent soul the way I’m intended to walk. I’m now making decrees with confidence daily and seeking forgiveness and repenting for sins daily. I’d seen the Deut 1:11 teaching on Facebook. I didn’t know what it was. When the Holy Spirit knew I was ready for the teaching I watched. I believe he opened up that anointing now because I’m free in my soul and able to handle the abundant blessings he’s about to pour in. I don’t have much but I sowed my seed and I’m expecting my 1000 fold return. Thank you ☺️ so so so much for allowing God to use you and for sharing in the blessings with everyone you see. It means so much to me and countless others. BTW after I had settled in my heart ♥️ what to sow I looked up and I saw that 2 people consecutively posted 111. God is moving on my behalf. I know if I’m faithful in the little He’ll do the much. I’m also a single mom of 2 amazing young guys. 15 and 10 and I’m expecting a home paid for in my name and my car and supernatural provision to pay off debt. Love you guys! Keep up the good fight for Jesus and the souls he wants in the kingdom! -P. K.

I Thank The Lord For Your Ministry

I would like to thank the LORD for your ministry. I had been praying to the LORD for inner healing from past hurts that I had suffered over the years and had affected my personality and I had become discouraged and depressed. I listened to your show on Faith TV and then downloaded more episodes from your YouTube channel. Over the past year I have seem tremendous haling in my life and that of my family. I have been healed by JESUS, I am full of joy, my marriage has been restored, I was delivered from frequent headaches, anxiety attacks and a recurring bladder infections and a pelvic infection. I thank the LORD for HIS goodness. Thank you Katie for being open in sharing your story and for being obedient to the LORD. You are truly a blessing. May the LORD continue to abundantly bless and increase you and your ministry. -T. M.

Spiritual Battle

This will be a condensed story. In 2016 I began a long journey with “gut issues”. Never sick in my life then all of a sudden it’s one thing after another. Ended up with Reflux, leaky gut, and this year a parasite (YUKE!!). In June of this year I was diagnosed with the parasite. That was it!!! I told my husband this has become a spiritual battle. We are involved with Ian Clayton and Grant Sam Mahoney (THE NEST). So it so easy to take Katie’s teachings and apply them. A friend gave me a teaching of Katie’s this year and I decided to start with getting my soul and body healed. NOW, I was also battling this in the physical. Totally changed my eating habits and I am still seeing a holistic person. So here is the spiritual journey. In June, We began having communion every night and still are doing that. The Ascending teaching TOTALLY has become a way of LIFE for us. I immediately started ascending and God began to show me soul wounds and I started LONG times of soaking, EVERY DAY!!!! I had several visions that the Glory Light of Jesus could not get in and I had to deal with that first. Then stated having visions of His Light being able to get in!!! All the while dealing with my soul. This began in June and in August went in for a check up and was not better. I knew because the symptoms were still there. Although I was having some good days. THEN A MIRACLE!!!!!!! THIS WAS AWESOME!!! On Sunday Sept. 3rd, 2017, day before labor day I went in our prayer room that evening to soak, listening to Katie’s soaking sessions. ( Let me just say this, I had received a prophetic word while listening the Nancy Coen that I would move out of my day of LABOR and into my day of destiny, not even connecting that Labor Day would be my miracle day. God is AWESOME!) Back to soaking. I’m soaking that Sunday night when (IN THE SPIRIT REALM) two women enter my prayer room. Seriously I said this!!! “HELLO, I’m soaking”. Like why are you here. Makes NO SENSE now but, at the time I guess I was in the spirit and it seemed normal.????? That’s all I can figure out. The two women came over and prayed over me. I couldn’t hear anything they prayed BUT THE LIGHT OF JESUS came into me and I immediately traveled in the Spirit Realm. ALSO my hands drew in, like electricity went through my body. I saw someone in heaven that had died and I traveled to another state and talked to someone I knew. Day after Labor Day all symptoms were gone!!!!!! I went back for a recheck and GOT a perfect report!!!! Also, we had the opportunity to see Katie in Tampa in August and that was so awesome! Katie also had a word for “gut” issues then and I received it!! I still ascend and soak. Now ascending for others and teaching others about how to get healing through soaking! THANKS KATIE!!!!!! Can’t wait to see you again. -S. F.


I am have been writing inmates and requesting Katie’s book, The Key to Your Expected End, for them along the way for a couple of years or so. Recently a lifer, Willie, in TN has begun writing and I have become his spiritual hospice nurse of sorts. When he first received his book, he read it and started trying to process all that was inside. I just received a letter from him that said that he had received another of Katie’s books, Soul Decrees. Here is what he wrote:

” I received another wonderful book from Katie Souza called “Soul Decrees.” It was an eye opening feeling about our souls and how we or others can wound them, but through Christ we have (dunamis) Power from the cross and tomb to make decrees in prayer to God to heal our wounded souls and change our ways even more like Christ in God’s eyes. Amen! I hope you have received and read Katie’s book on Soul Decrees…because it has power to open our eyes into our souls that most of us have never understood how the soul is so important to heal and change in our lives to be in line with the Spirit also that is within us. I have to say that Katie lady sure has such a wonderful way to explain how our sins are forgiven in a second when we ask Christ to come into our lives as our Lord and Savior…I am once again so very, very, very, thankful for you having my name requested to the Expected End Ministries… you have given me my hope and faith a booster shot of God’s Word into my life.”

Willie will in all likelihood die in prison, so these books are an incredible source of hope for a him as he struggles to have the strength to even live from one day to the next. Please pass this along to Katie. She really should know how much her words mean to the hopeless of the hopeless. They are more live-saving than even she can imagine.  -D. J.

Snow and Hail

I just wanted to share my story of Snow and Hail. About 22 years ago, my dad had a stroke and ended up in the hospital. He had been in a coma and on life support. I wasn’t able to go see him because my regional manager of the store I worked for had just fired most of my help. So, I was working open to close everyday. Several years before this time I had been studying the Psalms and started to ;use them as Spiritual Warfare. Especially, I used the Psalms from 140 – 150. I could see that it brought a shift into my situations so I would put peoples names in the verses. I started to see almost immediate results. I was under a lot of attack at that time as I had gone through a terrible divorce but even worse abusive marriage. I had 2 kids and we had moved in with my parents.  I took my Bible to work with me and read through those verses almost everyday. They were getting ready to take my dad off of life support and I was so upset because I couldn’t get up to see him. I finally did. As I was driving to the hospital I was reading these Psalms and driving all over the road. It felt like I couldn’t feel him any more. When I got to the Hospital the nurse was checking his pulse that wasn’t there any more. She didn’t see me in the doorway. I started to cover him in the Blood over and over and over and over. Within 20 minutes, color started to come back into him. Pretty soon he was moving and then talking. He came back totally restored and healed. It scared everyone, all the doctors and nurses and my mom who was a nurse. When he came back around he was telling all that he saw while he was gone. They all kept saying it was just the stroke talking.  He told about people that had died that he was talking to. Then he started telling about this fight that was in the hall way last night and wanted to know if we saw it. He said there were gang members in black jackets a lot of them were little kids. He said they were fighting and were going to kill him. Then he said it started to Hail and they all took off running for cover. He said he tried to get through a window and then called out to Jesus and he returned. I knew the minute he started talking about the Hail it was the scripture Psalm 147:15-18. “. He sends his command to the earth;his word runs swiftly. He spreads the snow like wool and scatters the frost like ashes. He hurls down his Hail like pebbles. Who can withstand his icy blast? He sends his word and melts them. he stirs up his breezes and the waters flow.” What a gift this was that God not only let me see the miracle of being returned from the dead, but that the scriptures I was using. He showed me what was happening in the Spirit when it was read. It was such and incredible feeling to hear Katie talk about Snow and Hail to bring another verification what I was shown 22 years ago. Thank you Jesus!  -D. R.


Thank you so much for everything. I am grateful for this ministry. I have been watching the TV episode videos online. I’m at episode 20. I have been doing the steps.  In the past I have been dealing with chronic illness fibromyalgia and debilitating exhaustion. Has felt like the flu inflammation low immunity sometimes severe ongoing pain in my whole system. I’ve had skin issues and wounds that have taken long time to heal. This year I have been receiving healing overall and I am much better than last year. I have been a believer for about eight years. Since about 2010 2012 2015 I have been moving forward and learning about health wellness &wholeness in body soul and spirit. I was diagnosed in 2015 with fibromyalgia at Mayo Clinic and have been through the medical systems.  My career path is visual arts and therapy and rehabilitation. I went to an art institute for painting and ceramics but I wasn’t able to finish yet because of health reasons. I’ve had different traumas like others have had. specifically last year I have been already miraculously freed from the experience circumstances and connections to the enemy’s involvement in my life through someone who ended up hurting and raping me. Now I feel God is bringing healing to the wounds in my soul. Last year I heard a video regarding leviathan and it really helped me get free. I feel that God has been helping sustain me and free me through this ministry. Ive been connected this month as I observed I needed freedom. In September. I hate Halloween and this year I’m glad I made it through this time of year and that it’s over. Even in the midst of things not going right God was working miracles on my life and fighting for me.  I’ve felt the Holy Spirit doing a miracle healing my soul, healing my wounds and keeping me alive. I had reoccurring flashbacks of past trauma before I watched the episodes and they have been disappearing. I had also bitterness and offense that I didn’t know had been there even if i had forgiven regularly. I felt my soul was getting well and was at rest. God has helped me even against current assignments of the enemy to bring me hurt and pain. I do think things are going to get better for me, but the enemy has not wanted me to be free and moving forward. Even through my immediate family. I am hoping for my family relationships and circumstances to improve as a reflection of Gods love, as my soul prospers. Thank you so much.  -S. L.

Sign of the Breakthrough

Katie, Just wanted to share what happened to me today. I listened to your 1000 fold blessing last week, and then decided to stretch my faith for the 1000 fold blessing for myself. We have $95,000 in debt, including our mortgage. I sowed a seed of $95.00 into your ministry last Thursday, believing for my blessing. The next day, I was praying and said, ” Lord, I want to thank you for my 1000 fold blessing, but I will need a reminder. It would be awesome if you would give me the 1:11 sign, like you did to Katie.” I have not noticed any thing for the last few days, then this morning I went into the bathroom and got on the scale, and the scale read 111 lbs. I am about 120lbs away from 111 lbs. (I will be listening to your weigh loss lessons next). I have been praising God all day for the sign of the breakthrough in my finances and wanted to thank you for your lessons on this. Can wait to see what other breakthroughs come from listening to your lessons!  -A. M.

Free From Freemasonry

I have been listening to Katie for a little over a year. I have experienced so much healing and deliverance. God has been setting me free from Freemasonry that was very much a generational curse in my family line. There is one spirit that I continually have to stay in repentance for and that is Leviathan. That is a major stronghold in Freemasonry. I just purchased The Serpent and the Soul and I am so excited about the further revelations. I am trusting God that through this I will be completely set free from Leviathan. Katie thank you for laying down your life and this incredible revelation. Your boldness, humility and honesty have spoken to me more than anything. Once again thank you from the bottom of my heart.  – D. R.

No Anxiety No Fear

Katie, I wanted to reach out and tell you how I have been blessed by your ministry. I started watching your programs in early May of this year. A church friend posted a video on Facebook and as I was scrolling, I stopped on your video but it took few days later before I made time to sit down and watch. Rewinding a little bit, the beginning of 2017 my anxiety and anxiety attacks I felt like I could not control them anymore. I had suffered keeping them under control for nearly 12 years. My first attack happened behind the wheel of a car, I was alone and my entire body lost feeling and the extreme pain would radiate from head to toe. At that time, the heart specialist told me if I did not learn to control them I could have a stroke as I was having upwards of three major attacks a day even on medicine. The trauma from that incident stripped me of living a normal life as I was afraid to drive, be in small spaces, etc would trigger the attacks. It took me a year from the time of the first attack to be able to drive alone or even be in public places. Fast-forwarding to May of 2017 I had reached that point of no longer being able to control my anxiety, it ruled my life. My husband was out of town during the week and it was just me and my 7-year-old and 1 year old. I watched your first 3 programs on Youtube and ever since then, I’ve had NO ANXIETY! NO FEAR! I have the peace the Bible speaks of. Now that it’s been 5 months later I still wake up so grateful that it is gone and that is NOT the only thing that has been healed. My mind chatter is GONE, I cursed a lot and that left me INSTANTLY, depression left me, I chronically watched anything paranormal and the desire is GONE! I have dealt with anger issues all my life and that was INSTANTLY GONE! And now I have visions during the day! Katie, I love your programs and you are teaching me so much. I watch you every single day. Thank you for blessing us with the teachings The Lord has given to you. I can now live at peace and finally start my life at 35 without attacks. I always knew there was something more to God and this is it! – M. M.


Where to start.. I was recently incarcerated for missing 1 call to PO due to being in hospital having a blood transfusion after massively hemorrhaging. (keep in mind I have not been convicted of anything and trial could takes years and yet I was the one who blew the whistle when I found out what was going on and wanted to do the right thing) Unfortunately I learned the hard way NEVER speak to the feds without an attorney or God holding your hand first! I was taken and put into a infirmary cell no windows no light left hemorrhaging for 5 days with no pads no way to clean up .. not food no water.. I had blood clots in both lungs and had just gotten out of hospital a few days before all of this. I had almost died twice from blood clots moving into my lungs the month prior and then allergic reaction to xarellto in which I was passing clots the size of my liver and softballs. My blood count had dropped to 5.8 (5.0 is death) God kept me alive and saved me from all of this. Then I get incarcerated and chained and shackled and put on bus and planes immobile for hours (this alone would have killed someone in my condition) they transported me from California to NY (the long way) I was so angry with God and confused. I had used Gods law to fight back against the false arrest and filed under common law Gods law to protect myself. I could not understand why this was all happening to me I was numb and thinking God had abandoned me in one sense yet knew it my heart it was ONLY through God that I was alive after all of the above. I knew I should have died with the hemorrhaging and no food no water etc… I was dumb founded and God didn’t seem to be answering me. I was beyond miffed and angry with God and yelling at him one min praying the next and then crying and surrendering in the next. I was going from feeling blessed to feeling God had forsaken me. It was a true test of my faith on so many levels. I couldnt understand how doing the right thing landed me in jail. I came back from court after the judge denied my bail and wanted this that and the other thing.. (my lawyer did show up got stuck with public defender) and was just beyond words. I got back to the prison and just laid in bed for 3 days told God “im not talking to you, you didn’t deliver me home why am I here still why is this happening!! you have for saken me” on the 4 th day I got up and was just numb and I get a shower and then go to dry my hair and a woman I never spoke to comes to me and says. “God told me to tell you he has NOT forsaken you and that NO man can be against you because I am for you!” I just starred at her and tears welled up in my eyes.. and I still wanted to be angry with God and said “I needed that but Im still upset with you” . It took me til bed time later to finally let go of that anger and confusion and open up to God again.. and I heard him chuckle.. and say.. “you always the rebel when you feel something is unjust” that made me laugh.. I went through so many ups and downs for the next 5 months before being released. I begged God “what is your will for me please reveal this to me tell me” daily 10 x or more a day I asked and NO answer came at first.. then I heard “be Still” then I heard “give it all to me” then I heard “you will be a judge” I laughed and said cant do that with a felony record.. and then God said “am I not greater than man?” I said well yeah!.. and then i said that’s a lot to learn.. at my age (I’m 52 and have a paralegal masters degree) God said “Am I not greater than you?” I said how will you help me learn this? God said “I will download this to you” (FYI im still waiting been home a month now) I know its all in Gods time so I am waiting patiently.. then God told me that I would lead a great many people like Deborah in the bible. god exact words to me where “you will be like Deborah in the bible” (of course I had to look this up and found Deborah in Judges and was blow away she was a palm judge and lead a King into battle. (Never really remembered Deborah in the bible prior) then God showed me white plates being handed out.. ( I had asked God if it would still be ok to feed the hungry as its been my passion to not let anyone go hungry that I could help) I knew he was blessing me with continuing to feed many!! 😉 .. 2 weeks later I am praying started a bible study was talking to the other women and helping them with understanding their rights and knowing what to ask their attorneys and fighting their cases, when I came across “THE KEYS TO YOUR EXPECTED END” sitting on a table in the rec room I flipped through and thought oh its for recovering addicts (mind you I didn’t read it just assumed) so I put it back down. Next day it was on my mind again and I went in the room didn’t see the book on the table and forgot about it. Several days later it was back on the table and I again was drawn to it. I then flipped through it again and someone came in started talking to me and I put the book down again, and walked away. A few days later again I flip through it and put down again LOL.. yet I know I’m being drawn to this book. Finally Sunday services come and as I am ready to leave the room after services I see the book again and start to flip the pages and a girl says to me “that’s a really great book you should read it you will really like it” that did it and I took the book and read it and couldn’t put it down.. in it was the answers the KEYS to how to pray to be released!! NOW I AM HOME!! GOD ANSWERED MY PRAYERS CAUSE I LEARNED HOW TO ASK!! God put your book before me Katie to help me break out and break free! I used your book to do bible studies with many of the girls and now they are continuing on with the studies and many are reading the book !! 😉 Amen God is good!!

One more miracle 🙂

Wow! Wow! Wow! I was watching your series on Healing The Wounded Soul and getting supernatural healing for weight-loss and inflammation! and my stomach was sticking out inflamed with diverticulitis and I had (I declared I’m healed) and had Hashimotos auto immune thyroiditis yes lots of it! Immediately after the prayer my stomach went way down! The inflammation in my legs and arms and belly GONE! Instantly I was jumping around screaming!! I have done healing with others for so many years and NEVER knew about soul healing!! Wow Wow Wow.. Amen! Glory be to God and in the name of Jesus ! I am healed and my stomach is flat and the weight is melting off! I’m going to weight myself here shortly cause I feel like its just melting instantly and I am I’m beyond words elated!! THANK YOU KATIE!! XO – J. G.

Promised Land

Katie coming to hear you preach recently in Telford, PA has been the last leg of the journey to crossing over to my promised land. Thank you so much for your powerful teachings. I am not even sure where to begin with this testimony but I will try to make it as short as possible even thought the Lord did so much over this weekend. Friday when you spoke on serpents I was so thankful for such a revelatory teaching. At the end during activation my friend saw a snake in my abdomen. She said it had diamonds/triangle on its back with a black head. She pulled it out and cast it into the fire. After that I spoke to you and told you about having chemo in the morning and beforehand the doctor saying he didn’t feel it anymore. He said there was fibrous tissue there but he didn’t feel cancer. You went to pray and the Lord said it was gone. Praise the Lord. You suggested I stop chemo and said it would take faith but also that I needed peace as to what to do. When I walked away I felt like I was to continue to finish it out because I couldn’t find peace and I was wrestling with what people would be saying. I just asked Father what He wanted. I went to bed that night and listened to “Set a Fire” over and over. I slept five hours without dreaming (I dream nonstop) and without getting up to go to the bathroom which after having chemo and the fluids they put in I’m usually up every hour. Saturday I came back to hear you preach again. You prayed for people with eye issues and I said Father I don’t want to even have to wear readers anymore so I”m going to sit here and receive 20/20 vision back. I testified that night that I could read the back of the CD cover without my glasses and today I was able to read directions on the back of something I would normally have to wear glasses for without them. Praise the Lord. You then called on the name Karen. Three of us were in the crowd. You prayed over me and broke a stronghold off me. You never mentioned what the stronghold was but I believe it has to do with reasoning and trying to figure out how and when God is bringing forth reconciliation in my marriage. When you preached on legion again that was what I have been dwelling on. Not on what has happened in the past as much as the questioning of what is to come. A thought came to my mind and I quickly said no I will not be a tomb dweller, I have dunamin power and excellence of spirit and it was gone. The water in my nose and throat started to flow. While we were all up for worship a gentlemen laid his hand on my shoulder and he was praying power and fire over me and the fire came so strong. And my breast started to hurt. Prior to this I prayed that the fiberous tissue would be completely removed and that my breast would be restored to its original form. I was standing next to Heidi and said Wow my breast hurts and I’m on fire. She asked me to share this testimony – so I am. This morning I checked my breast and I do not feel the fiberous tissue anymore and I have a complete peace in ending the chemo treatments. I cried and cried with gratitude and joy. I also don’t have side effects like I did in the past other treatments. When you asked us to ask Holy Spirit for a scripture I was like well Father you just gave me Psalms 126 two weeks ago so that must be it. No He gave me Isaiah 55. I didn’t read it until I got home and I was blown away. I listened to it a few times but didn’t know how to have it play throughout the night so I again put “Set a Fire” on repeat and went to sleep. At a little after 3 I heard you ask me “where are you from” I answered Philadelphia. Then I fell back asleep. I woke again at 6:00 am and I had a vision of a crocodile scareying away into a brush with rock and tree. Leviathan gone. Leviathan has so much to do with trying to destroy my marriage. A little while later I saw you coming toward me to say something but then you were so close and my ear was on fire. I knew it was the anointing. I kind of felt like that is weird maybe even creepy in a stalky kind of way but hey God does things His way not ours. Another thing that happened during the service was someone gave me your soaking cd set as a gift. Someone I didn’t know blessed me with it. And the best part of it is the crossing the Jordan CD. A little over two weeks ago I saw in a vision the words “Its Almost There”. I had a dream two weeks ago and Holy Spirit gave me revelation of it just this week. I was driving on a particular road called Ridge Pike in my area. There was a bar and so much destruction and chaos went on in this bar. As I approached there were insane people and police everywhere. Knives, guns, weapons and no order. I was questioning why the authority would allow this bar to stay open. I kept driving in the right lane even though cars were coming out me and chaos was all over the street. I woke up. When Father started to reveal it to me He did it in a conversation of asking me questions. He asked me about the questioning of the authority and said you are always questioning me but you are staying in the right lane and getting through unharmed. He then said what is at the end of that part of the road. The cross street is Joshua Road. WOW! I was blown away again. He then asked where did the dream end. It ended when I was “almost there” So the first CD I listened to over and over today was the crossing the Jordan CD and it is completing the healing work the Lord has been doing this year. Thank you Katie for your faithfulness, your teaching and preaching and for helping me into the promised land. Many blessings to you. Your sister In Christ.  -K. M.