Lesson 9

A pastor friend acquired a building for his church family. They had outgrown the place where they met and this building seemed like a great opportunity. It was, actually. But, as my friend describes the process of buying and refurbishing the building, he details a nightmare of resistance, where one thing after another popped up to threaten their success. These were not small inconveniences. At times, it looked like they might lose everything. The examples he gives are so bizarre, they sound too incredible to be real.

Finally, after enduring one battle after another, they finished the building and the first worship celebration was set. On the night before their first Sunday service in their new home, it rained like crazy and flooded their parking lot!

If you want a regional anointing, if you want dominion over the region God has assigned to you, you have to be ready for war. The enemy does not give ground without a fight. And, to have any chance of winning, you must get your soul healed.

Satan has spirits guarding regions of land, buildings, churches, prisons, neighborhoods or gang-related areas where you want to minister. He plans to ensure you don’t succeed. Those spirits guard entire regions to control, bring disease and destroy the people living there. That is their assignment. If you want regional and international dominion, you must get your soul healed first, or you are going to fail.

Jesus was a region-taker. In an earlier teaching, I showed how Jesus came to earth as a man who set aside and stripped himself of all rightful privileges he held as Deity. He entered earth with a body, soul and spirit just like us. However, Jesus was born with a perfect soul. Everyone else was born in iniquity, not Jesus. The Bible says he had no sin and, since sin wounds the soul, his soul had no wound.

Therefore, evil spirits protecting a region found nothing in common with Jesus and were powerless against him. The bible records several instances where spirits immediately recognized him and said, “Oh, Jesus, what is there in common between us? Don’t torment me.” Since Jesus came as a man, we can achieve the same power over powers of darkness, by eliminating the wounds that create common ground with the spirits.

Yes, Jesus was a region-taker. In Mark 5, we find the story of Legion. It says, “They came to the other side of the sea, to the region of the Gerasenes.” Jesus planned to minister to a region. Continuing, it says, “As soon as Jesus got out of the boat, there met him out of the tombs a man under the power of an unclean spirit.”

So Jesus goes to minister to a specific region of land, called Gerasenes and, as soon as he steps on land, a regional demon named Legion met him. This is significant. When you enter a new field of ministry, by planting a church or setting up a healing ministry or a “helps” ministry, or whatever you are called to do, count on a regional evil spirit to be waiting. The enemy does not just give up turf. You have to be ready because he has a million tricks he can use to discourage and defeat you.

Look at verse 10. The demon, knowing he was defeated, begged Jesus to not to send them (the thousands of demons) out of that region. Why is Legion begging Jesus not to send him out of the region?

Legion was a regional demon assigned to guard and control the region of Gerasenes and all the people living there. His goal was to afflict the people, torment them, bring sickness, disease, disorder and lack to all in the region. When Jesus stepped out of the boat, this regional demon met him. Jesus was an intruder. He stepped on Legion’s turf. What gave Legion dominion over that region? It was the wounds in the souls of the people who lived there.

In Mark 5, we find evidence. Jesus allowed Legion to go into a herd of pigs and the pigs went crazy and committed suicide (Sooey-cide. Get it?) Legion makes you lose your mind. When they occupied the man, he was out of his mind. When Jesus forced them into the pigs, the pigs went nuts, too. They dove off a cliff and drowned.

Right away, pig herders reported the news to people in the nearby town and the countryside. No doubt, they wanted to make sure they were not blamed for losing all that livestock! The people came to see Jesus and immediately noticed the man from the tombs, whom they knew to be crazy, sat quietly, dressed and in his right mind.

Were they amazed and happy that the man’s sanity was restored? No, they were mad about the pork. They said, “Jesus, leave our region!”

What did Legion request from Jesus, other than not to be tormented? He wanted to stay in the region. Now the people are telling Jesus to leave the region. Who’s really talking, both times? Legion is!! He wants Jesus off his turf!

Now, imagine that everyone in the region had wounds in their souls. Legion had a right to be a regional demon with regional impact and control. All the people in the region where you minister have wounds in their souls. Everyone in the world is dwelling among the tombs to some degree, which is why spirits like Legion are empowered to control regions of land all over the earth.

Remember the pastor friend I used to open this teaching? Over the first twelve months in their new building, nearly half of the old congregation stopped attending. But, even so, the church family grew to twice its original size, with young new families and hundreds of salvation’s and baptisms!

Stay on the path God gave you. You will encounter resistance from the enemy, but you can still prevail for the Kingdom of God. Get your soul healed and the job will be easier.

Big Love, Katie