Lesson 4

Painful events can leave wounds in your soul. They might be from a tragic accident or a death of a loved one. That experience can leave a scar inside your inner man. Maybe your wound is from the loss of a job, or you lost your home, your car, or your children. Maybe you went through a painful divorce. Those can be particularly wounding. All traumatic events can wound.

Maybe you have somebody in your life that has endured an elongated period of sickness. That can be traumatizing for the person who is sick and their caregivers. I know. My family lived through many years of my mom being sick and we were traumatized by it. There are many things in our lives that cause trauma and those result in wounds to our souls.

A good example from the Bible is Job. Job went through some trauma. In the first chapter of the book named for him, the worst day of his life unfolds, verse by verse. Raiders killed his servants, steal his herds, oxen, camels and donkeys.

That was just the beginning. All his children were gathered inside a house which crashed down on them after being struck by a whirlwind, killing them all. Job was then struck with sickness. Satan hit him with boils from the top of his head to the soles of his feet.

That’s a lot of trauma. Would that amount of trauma wound you? No doubt it would. It definitely wounded Job. He mentions the word, “soul” twenty-three times. Twenty-three times. He laments, “I am vexed in soul, mourning in soul, I am bitter in soul. My soul is being poured out.” Every time he says these things, it is in connection with all of those horrible traumas he experienced. So those traumas wounded Job in his soul.

I think every person on the face of the planet has gone through trauma. Everywhere I go, I hear the horrible stories of traumas from people. I can see the effect as I’m listening to them. I can see the pain and the wounds inside of them from the trauma.

I think you can see how sin and trauma can wound your soul. What can these wounds do to you? This is where we will begin next week. But just keep this one thing in mind. You’re going to be healed. You’re going to get your soul healed! Big love, KS

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