I was in jail charged with a felony and I had done nothing wrong . I was going to get out and take my revenge, then the Lord spoke to my heart and made me realize that I was going to ruin my entire life. Well after a couple months of zero progress with my case, I happened by chance to come across your book “The Key to your Expected End.”  I read it at least a dozen times. Well the Lord didn’t vindicate me and I ended up doing 2 full years in prison for actually doing nothing. During my time I suffered from multiple strokes/seizures and other health issues like an aneurysm in my heart. Yet I remain obedient and I have fully forgiven the person who got me charged as well as the county that prosecuted me. Your book so inspired me to finally live a righteous life, even after being saved for almost 20 years. I do plan on ministering at the jail as soon as my year of parole is over . I encourage other believers daily and believe that’s my expected end. I CANNOT THANK YOU ENOUGH FOR THE INSPIRATION YOU GAVE ME IN YOUR BOOK, I FEEL LIKE WE ARE ALREADY FRIENDS. KEEP UP ALL YOU DO FOR HIS GLORY. CONGRATS ON ALL YOU ACCOMPLISH!! Contact me anytime. Bless you and yours. -D. E.

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